1. N

    Do I need an AMP/DAC for the Focal Clear MG?

    Hi all, I'm new here and I don't want to come off as ignorant so ignore me if I say anything stupid. I'm not too knowledgeable when it comes to AMPs & DACs but I have received some suggestions from a reputable person at the Podcastage Discord who knows about this stuff. I'm looking to get some...
  2. Y

    Best bass texture on iem without breaking bank?

    I'm looking for an iem with the best possible bass texture at the price point (>500$). I've yet to own a single DD iem, so I'm unsure if those are the best in terms of bass quality? I listen to a variety of genres, like almost anything you can think of. any recommendations are welcomes, thank you!
  3. A

    Help Comparing UM Mest OG VS MK and IER Z1R

    Hi, I just recently got a UM Mest OG and I’m liking it a lot so far. I enjoy the bass but i also feel like it could slam a bit more. I’m wondering if the MK2 has better bass then the original? On the other hand since bass slam is mainly what I’m looking for if I should just go after an IER Z1R...
  4. A

    Looking For Endgame IEM Recommendations

    Hi, I’m relatively new to the hobby but have quickly fallen down the rabbit hole. I’m currently stuck on looking for new IEMs to try out. My current ones are Monarch MK2, Dunu SA6 Ultra, and 64 Audio U4S. I’m looking for IEMs that are mainly all rounders but would also like a recommendation for...
  5. A

    How to fix IEM Shell

    Hi, I recently bought a used monarch mk2 and it came in with a small crack on the shell. Over time the crack has gotten bigger so I wanted to figure out how to repair it. One way I've heard to fix it is to use Loctite plastic bonding. When googling I also came across sgaudiohive and saw that...
  6. T

    Audio Recommendations for Classical

    Hello! I want to hear what people think are good pieces of gear (IEMs and headphones alike) specifically for classical music. It's made a resurgence in my life, and I've been enjoying the instruments used in classical music a ton, and would like to know what gear people think would maximize the...
  7. T

    budget portable dac/amp for Sennheiser HD 560s

    At the moment i am using Philips TAPH802(with wired cable most of the time), but I finaly decided to treat myself to some good headphones and since the HD 560s had great reviews and were 100€ on their outlet store i went for them. Since this is my first real step in the hi-fi world i don't know...
  8. DelayedEnd

    What to Upgrade to From Blessing 2 : Dusk

    Hello, I currently have a pair of Moondrop Blessing 2 : Dusk and I am considering an upgrade! Ideally, it would have a similar tone to it, with more resolving power and a larger Soundstage. I have a Cayin iHA-6 + TEAC UD-501 stack, so powering them should not be an issue. Thank you in...
  9. MhanzABON

    Etymotic ER2SE cable on LunaShops

    Hi, I've seen previous messages on this forum but I wanted to ask once again since there any many discounts around this time. I wanted to buy a replacement cable for the ER2SE, Lunashops seems a reliable site and searching I found two around 20-30£ seemingly supporting this Etymotic type, the...
  10. C

    Something More Fun Coming From H660s

    I've been using the HD660s for more than a year, and I want something a little more interesting. I bought the Meze 99 Classics, and honestly they had too much bass, and weren't super comfortable. I got headaches while using them. Definitely too much bass- I'm still interested in a nice closed...
  11. S

    Closed back headphones for on the go

    Hiya, I am looking for a pair of closed back headphones, meant for listening otg. My source is my phone which is a LG V40 so no issues with low efficiency headphones here. So far I used my trusty DT770 32 ohms, replaced the pads with velour pads for less bass heavy sound. I also am a happy...
  12. Chimmy9278

    Alternatives to alo audio litz cable?

    Hello and thanks for dropping by. I find myself able to hear the difference between a linsoul HC-08 and a alo audio regular litz cable. Both 4.4mm termination and same DAP. (Yes, I know it is a $80 difference, but it is what I have to compare.) The $100 price range is a sweet spot, as it has...
  13. tamir124

    Upgrade from v-moda crossfade m100 less then 1000$.

    I can dish out 1000$ although ideally I would like to be in the 600$ range, and I highly prefer closed back or at least semi-closed back over ear headphones. My m100s are reaching the end of their life, breaking apart after many good years. I wouldn't call myself an audiophile and can't...
  14. Kagerou

    DAC recommendations for Campfire Audio Andro 2020

    Hi everyone, as the title says, I'm looking for DAC recommendations for the CA Andromeda 2020. I've been exclusively using the Witch Girl 12 now for a couple years and am ready for a change, and I've always admired the Andromeda's aesthetics but never really liked the sound until the newest...
  15. M

    HD 599se or shp9500.. any worth upgrading over Samson SR850s?

    Hey guys, I'm currently using the Samson SR850s and they sound okay. However I feel they are very uncomfortable and heavy even with the brainwaves padding on. I was thinking of getting a new pair of headphones and considering Sennheiser's HD599 se and the Philips shp9500s. In my country 559s...
  16. A

    Earbud wired or bluetooth with good mic

    Hello everyone, I need help to choose an earbud for work., it can be wired or bluetooth. I already tried - Anker Liberty Air 2: good microphone and sound, but unfortunately the one that I bought presented a problem with hiss , so I returned the product and I don't want any more products of...
  17. gettinhedfi

    Looking for Recommendations-DAP For Large Music Collection

    Hi all- I was looking into a DAP to replace my iPod Video and became aware of a surprising issue: many modern "MP3 players" won't support more than 20k songs at most (Hizids AP80pro, Shanling Q1, most Walkmen). Rather than a storage limitation, the music library size is limited by the firmware...
  18. R

    Recommendations for me?

    Hello Head-Fi community, Recently I acquired an IFI HIP-DAC, and was using it with my 80OHM 70pro which has stopped working after 7 years usage My Music Tastes have changed since then towards Metal, Rock, And on occasion Electronic Music genres (House. Trap, DN) Its fair to say detailed and...
  19. D

    AKG K72 vs Shure SRH240a vs Shure SRH440

    Looking for a cheaper headphone that is not too bassy and is comfortable, which one is the best to pick out of these three?
  20. T

    Looking for reccomendation Earbuds or Inear 40-80€ replacable cables

    Dear Audio-Fi-Heads, can you recommend a pair of headphones in the price range between 40-80€ with detachable /replacable cables? I like a neutral sound similar to the Sennheiser HD-25. Build in microphone (Headset) would be a plus. durability would also be a plus. I was looking at some...
  21. admaciaszek

    50mm Driver Recommendations

    I have a 50mm headphone shell and am looking for some drivers off aliexpress my budget is $60-$120. Hoping to make closed-back headphones with a wide sound stage with v-shaped signature crispy treble and warm bass, without having awful vocals. Has anyone had a good experience picking up drivers...
  22. B

    Newbie Advice

    Hi all, I'm looking to buy a new pair of closed back, wired headphones. I've been doing my research, but I keep seeing contradicting opinions and I'm kinda lost. I'm looking for and everyday pair that I can use for music and games. I'm looking to spend less than $300 USD and as I said above, I...
  23. T

    AKG k371 good for first set of headphones?

    Hello! I’m looking at getting my first set of quality headphones. I’m after something that will suit a fairly eclectic taste in music, but a lot of rock, jazz and blues. budget is around $500AUD ($350USD/300EUR) but happy to go over if it’s really worth it. I’d like them to last quite some...
  24. admaciaszek

    Recommend Soldering Iron?

    All my projects I have used my university's soldering irons and other equipment but As graduation approaches, I'm trying to flush out my own workbench. I have crappy 12$ kit I got off Taobao I've used for larger projects but absolutely too large and unwieldy to work on tint Knowles drivers. What...
  25. Javild

    Help Choosing The Best Audio Interface For My Use

    Hello, everyone! I am starting to get into audio and am currently buying audio gear for my setup. For my next purchase, I am looking for an audio interface. My budget is around $200 USD. I will be running my Philips X2HR headphones, a pair of monitors, and an XLR mic. I will sometimes record...