Alternatives to alo audio litz cable?
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Oct 21, 2019
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Hello and thanks for dropping by.

I find myself able to hear the difference between a linsoul HC-08 and a alo audio regular litz cable. Both 4.4mm termination and same DAP. (Yes, I know it is a $80 difference, but it is what I have to compare.)

The $100 price range is a sweet spot, as it has good copper and possible silver plating, both for looks and potential performance.

May I have some recommendations for cables that is competitive against the litz? I prefer the following characteristics, going down in importance:
1. Under $200 total please
2. 4.4mm termination, gold contacts; mmcx
3. light weight cable, wound instead of sleeved is best
5. silver plating

I hope to compare some options before buying a soldering iron and learn cable making.

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