1. Ozilla

    What are the best headphones with padded earpads ?

    Hi, i am looking for headphones that have padded ear pads, or something like it. just not leather cause i don't find it comfortable wearing headsets with leather for longer periods of time. i have been trying to look around the internet for options, but most headphones have leather earpads. and...
  2. david8613

    Anyone go to CES? I'm interested in any new bluetooth headphones coming to market.

    Anyone go to CES? I'm very interested in any new bluetooth headphones coming to market. If you see or hear anything cool please give details post some pics...
  3. alienden

    Looking for <400$ portables with good mids and comfort

    Just a copy paste from reddit :)   Budget: <400$ Source: Nexus 7, Galaxy S4 ATT Isolation: Reasonable isolation of portables Past Headphones: Cheap-open senn, 363d for gaming, X10 IEMs Preferred Type of Headphone: Closed portable Preferred Music: Some vocal heavy genres with little bass...
  4. rhys1989

    B&W P5, Sennheiser Momentum On-Ear, Or Philips Fidelio M1 (or other suggestions)

    Hi Guys, I have been looking into which headphones to buy for the last two weeks (mainly for on the go) and have narrowed it down to the above (also saw some Denon headphones that sounded quite good but forgotten the make). After trying on the P5's, the sound seems a little canned, closed but...
  5. camflan

    Mikros 90 are painful, need something around $100, isolation, portable.

    Picked up the Mikros 90 on Amazon for $85 and was extremely excited to get them after all that I had read about them – seemed to be a great buy at the discounted price. VERY uncomfortable after about 30 minutes, and I'm not sure it's the clamping force that everyone says – the pain I had was...
  6. slowpickr

    Philips TX1 / TX2 Impressions Thread

    These have already made it onto Innerfidility's "Wall of Fame".  They look like they are going to be another "bang for buck" performer in the sub $100 category (similar to Ostry's, Tenores, etc.).  Anyone have any impressions of these yet?  Supply looks very limited right now.  Hope they become...
  7. jude

    Philips Fidelio NC-1 announced today--the first Fidelio active noise-canceler

    Philips announced the Fidelio NC1 today, which is the first active noise-canceling headphone in the Fidelio line. I am a big fan of the Fidelio line, so I have high hopes for another solid travel headphone choice. In terms of styling, the NC1 looks to me to be inspired by Aedle's gorgeous VK-1...
  8. puck82

    AKG K451, Philips M1 and possible alternatives.

    Hi guys,   just wondering if could give me some suggestions. I need a new pair of "slim" headphones and I am undecided between AKG K451 and Philips M1. I am considering these two as the first is pretty much what I want in terms of size with a good price, the second one because is under a big...
  9. Wildgift

    Philips Fidelio M1--worth it?

    I can get these new for $45.00. Are these worthwhile for use with iphone or other DAP? I have X1s for in home use. Thanks for any input.
  10. Wildgift

    Philips Fidelio M1--good deal at $45.00?

    I thoughts for mobile use at this price?
  11. seag33k

    AMP/DAC Recommendations for DT990 Pros

    I am looking for a full size headphone AMP/DAC for my DT990s.  I currently have a FiiO E17 but am looking for a full-size amp I can keep at my desk.  My budget is around $500.  I've read some nice things about the O2 + ODAC combo but have never heard it or know if it would be a good match.  I...
  12. Rijnton

    Will a bluetooth transmitter with apt-x improve the sound from the iPhone 4S ?

    Recently I bought the Philips Fidelio M1BTBL (Bluetooth) headphones for use with my iPhone 4S and, at least for me, they sound great. They support apt-x, but unfortunately the iPhone does not have apt-x. Meanwhile I saw that there are bluetooth transmitters available, e.g. the Kokkia i10s, that...
  13. bravo4588

    Any news about the Philips Fidelio M1?

    Hey guys, any of you purchased the new Fidelio M1? I'm curious because the Fidelio L1 which was announced alongside the M1 is already on sale in some parts of the world and got rave reviews but meanwhile no news about its little brother!  So heard anything guys...?
  14. FreshSounds

    Philips Fidelio L1/M1/X1 or ATH-ESW9 or V-MODA M-100?

    I'm looking for something with outstanding sound (primarily) and portability (secondarily). I'm leaning towards M-100 unless someone can eloquently talk me out of it.
  15. shanebp

    Looking to buy a pair of headphones

    I am looking to buy a pair of headphones.    Price range around 150 I would prefer a pair of portable headphones I would like punchy crisp bass and still have great highs and mids I listen to more of this type of music   As you can probably...
  16. Nylerb

    Beyerdynamic DT 1350 : suitable for the gym ? / + how does it compare to Philips M1 ?

    Hello !   Sorry if this is kind of a random thing to ask, but I haven't read anything about it on the forum or in the reviews out there.   So, are the DT1350 good for the gym ?   In addition, I ve read only good things about the DT1350. Are they better than the newest Philips M1 ...
  17. manveru

    [New] Philips Fidelio X1

        This is a thread for discussion concerning Philips' new headphone, the Fidelio X1, which first appeared at the 2012 Hong Kong High End AV Show and shortly after at IFA 2012 in Germany. The X1 will be the new flagship of Philips' Fidelio line. Unlike the M1 and L1, it is designed primarily...
  18. phoneE

    seeking recommendations: B&W P5, Philips Fidelio L1 M1, Sennheiser Amperior, Focal Spririt One, AKG K550

    I am looking for headphones that meet the criteria listed below: - $200-$300 - can be driven directly from iphone/ipod (no amp required) - warm, musical sound (booming bass not necessary) - suitable for wide variety of music - comfortable - moderately portable - decent looks  ...
  19. Thesonofkrypton

    Philips FIDELIO M1 v Sennheiser HD25-1 II v Sennheiser Amperior

    Hello gang!   I'm sure like a lot of people, I was intrigued by the Philips Fidelio M1 and L1 when they were shown off at CES.  Having scoured the net for some reviews I was disappointed not to find many reviews.  The L1 and M1 are available at John Lewis and I tried both at the booth and...
  20. nasilemak

    Fidelio L1 or the V-Moda M100 to match with Fiio X3?

    Greetings everyone!   A newbie here wanting some advice. I've recently pre-ordered a Fiio X3 and was thinking of getting a set of cans to go with it since I am currently using IEMs only.   The cans must to be portable, stylish and works well with a broad range of music though with good...
  21. ashy77

    Help matching a DAP and Dac/Amp with my headphones (Philips Fidelio M1)

    Hi everyone,   I recently wanted to get a better sound from the music from my phone, so ripped all my CD's into Apple Lossless and bought a pair of Philips Fidelio M1 on-ear headphones.   Really like the headphones, but want to now get a seperate DAP to seperate the music from my phone, and...
  22. hoppenma

    Get Philips M1 or AKG-K450/451 or stay with Shure SE215 with Fiio E17 combo

    Hello,    At the moment I've a shure SE215 in-ear partnered with a Fiio E17 USB/DAC/Amp. Would upgrading to a portable Philips M1 be better partners for more listening pleasure?    Or is the E17 together with the AKG K450/451 a better match with regard to component price-quality match. ...
  23. Philips Fidelio M1

    Philips Fidelio M1

    Key Features 40mm driver Removable cable Closed back Handsfree housing Memory foam faux leather pads