Mikros 90 are painful, need something around $100, isolation, portable.
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Jan 13, 2011
Picked up the Mikros 90 on Amazon for $85 and was extremely excited to get them after all that I had read about them – seemed to be a great buy at the discounted price. VERY uncomfortable after about 30 minutes, and I'm not sure it's the clamping force that everyone says – the pain I had was right on top of my head where the band is.
I've been able to wear my Sony MDR-V600s for hours on end with no comfort issues and with the M90s being so much lighter, I'm not sure why they hurt so much.
Looking for something that is neutral, with an emphasis on vocals / rock. I don't need big bass. I do need isolation, as I'll be wearing these in an office without cubicles. I'd like a mic/volume control on them, but that's not essential. I'd like them to be portable so I can take them with me to coffee shops, on airplanes, etc. A nice case is always nice for a portable set of headphones, and I'd like a detachable cable. Oh, and it's gotta be comfy, obviously :)
I'm trying to figure out what is out there, and what people think about these options:
AKG K619
AKG K450
Beyer DTX 350
Beyer DTX 501p
Philips Fidelio M1
Sennheiser HD 239
Shure 440
I like the looks of the K619 and DTX501p the least of this group, but maybe the sound is worth it.
What do you guys think? One of these clearly the best, or am I missing an option?

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