1. camflan

    Mikros 90 are painful, need something around $100, isolation, portable.

    Picked up the Mikros 90 on Amazon for $85 and was extremely excited to get them after all that I had read about them – seemed to be a great buy at the discounted price. VERY uncomfortable after about 30 minutes, and I'm not sure it's the clamping force that everyone says – the pain I had was...
  2. Bassdabomb27

    AKG K619 vs Beats Solo HD

    Bring on the hate for the beats, but I need durable and portable and comfortable decent sounding headphones under $200. Other recommendations are welcome. I guess I just need a pair to take everywhere and leave my ath-m45's at home-too bulky and not comfortable. Thanks for your help! Also...
  3. McNikk

    Headphones are being released by the band Motorhead. Thoughts?

    I was reading a Yahoo article covering CES ( http://news.yahoo.com/smart-potty-dumb-idea-wacky-gadgets-ces-214446443--finance.html ) and saw that there were headphones there. They are officially called "Motorheadphones" and are being endorsed by the band Motorhead. Apparently they are the...
  4. PgDn3

    What buy : AKG K619 vs Brainwavz HM5.

    Hi , i would like to buy one of them . Mostly i listen rap / hiphop and i very like nice bass . Use simple english becouse mine is not that good :C  . 
  5. Gwaffed

    Which is more suitable, Shure srh750, AKG k540/k619, or Audio Technica M50?

    I am looking for a new pair of headphones and can't seem to decide on a single pair.   I have read a few threads on this website and while its helpful, I keep shifting from one headphone to the next.   I am no producer or mixer or anything like that, but I do want good quality headphones...
  6. felix161

    Help me deside

    Hi, im pretty new here. always been into music. but lately the crappy ear bud or cheap headphones aint cutting it for me. how ill be using which ever headphones i chose with your guys help are either from my tablet (with an audio mod) and with my cell, usually on commutes on the bus or just out...
  7. Erasius

    Stylish headphones for on the go, Suggestions ?

    Hello, I'm currently looking for some headphones for every day use and on the go.   I'll use the headphones mostly for my iPod while travellig by train/bus and while I'm working on my laptop. So a small/normal size cable and small/normal size on or over ear cups without sound leakage would...
  8. AKG K619 Premium DJ Headphones with Mic (Black)

    AKG K619 Premium DJ Headphones with Mic (Black)

    The premium addition to the AKG® DJ range, the K619 is a professional-grade headset without rival. When it comes to sound quality, a long-lasting, comfortable fit and on-the-go portability, this DJ-style headset delivers. An in-line microphone and volume control are built right in, so you won't...