Headphones are being released by the band Motorhead. Thoughts?
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Jul 31, 2012
I was reading a Yahoo article covering CES ( http://news.yahoo.com/smart-potty-dumb-idea-wacky-gadgets-ces-214446443--finance.html ) and saw that there were headphones there. They are officially called "Motorheadphones" and are being endorsed by the band Motorhead. Apparently they are the metalhead's response to the Beat's by Dre headphones.
I'll paste what was said in the article:
Bass-heavy headphones that borrow the names of hip-hop luminaries like Dr. Dre have become extremely popular. Rock fans have been left out of the party — until now. British metal band Motorhead, famous for playing gut-punchingly loud, is endorsing a line of headphones that "go to eleven" and are hitting U.S. stores now.
Says lead singer and bassist Lemmy Kilmister, explaining his creative input: "I just said make them louder than everybody else's. So that's the only criteria, and that it should reflect every part of the sound, not just the bass."
The Motorheadphone line consists of three over-the-ear headphones and six in-ear models. The initiative came from a Swedish music-industry veteran, and distribution and marketing is handled by a Swedish company, Krusell International AB.
WHO IT'S FOR: People who don't care about their hearing or of the sanity of person sitting next to them on the subway. According to Kilmister, the headphones are ideal for Motorhead fans. "Their hearing is already damaged, they better buy these."
My thoughts:
I honestly don't see how you can have quality headphones where loudness is "the only criteria". Do you guys think that they might sound good? I know that celebrity endorsed headphones tend to be epic fails but I've never heard of headphones being endorsed by a metal band. What do you guys think?
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Based on the description from Motorhead they will be terrible. Based on the track record of celebrity endorsed headphones, they will also be terrible. Who knows though? Maybe they will buck the trend, it's not impossible! Even if it is unlikely...

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Looks like the site with their full range of products is already up: http://www.motorheadphones.com/en  At least they list complete specs, lots of marketing garbage thrown in though.
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Interesting, I'm a big Motorhead fan, but don't have my hopes too high for celebrity branded headphones.
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So it is. I wasn't aware. There's one line in particular that sort of bothers me.
"Thanks to this you can enjoy the music as professional musicians do in the studio..."
You know that they're overselling it when they say that $120 headphones (I looked it up on Amazon) provide studio quality.
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Not sure Motorhead is a big enough name for the gimmick to work; Metallica might be able to pull it off. Also, there is a reason "rock has been left out of the party." Look at the charts.
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Man,i am a great Motorhead fan,but obviously we know it's not gonna be a worthy product ,especially for those who frequent Head-Fi.I'll try to forget they have a headphone now.
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I think it's interesting that frequency charts are posted for all three headphones (didn't look at the in-ears). Also it's interesting that they designed one of their headphones to have a flat response versus all these new headphones, celebrity or otherwise, that have excessive bass. I don't see these being too popular outside of die-hard Motorhead fans though.
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I have a pair of Motorhead Iron Fist, they are not bass heavy more like  a studio monitor.
I use to them for all kind of music, sounds great. Also use them when I play my bass guitar in the evening.
They are in the same price range as my AKG k619. They also sounds great, but with too much bass and poor build quality.
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Listen to them first, my friends. These are not like the Great Ones, but they are definitely miles better than Dre's Beats.
They are surprisingly good, airy & articulate enough to be passable for all but the most demanding, detail-obsessed audiophiles.
And I tested them un-amped through my iPhones.

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