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New Head-Fier
Dec 9, 2012
Hi, im pretty new here. always been into music. but lately the crappy ear bud or cheap headphones aint cutting it for me. how ill be using which ever headphones i chose with your guys help are either from my tablet (with an audio mod) and with my cell, usually on commutes on the bus or just out and about. so noisy enviroment. i listen to hiphop rap and some rock. ive tried out the house of marlys and the beats and a few others in that line just dident cut it. i dont mind full closed or half cans, need them to be comfortable since during the week i have a 5 hour commute two and from where i go each day.
so with all those which outta these would u recommend for me?
Shure SRH750
AKG K142
AKG K619
Sennheiser HD 280
or any others u guys might have in mind for the criteria i use my headphones
Thank you.

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