1. eushvedov

    Two triple plinth turntables Music Hall mmf-9.3 review and cartridge comparison

    Hi folks, there is my experience with two absolutely identical turntables but with different cartridges:
  2. justcurious

    I think I broke the cable... But is it??

    I currently own a Ortofon eq-5.. It has a pretty impressive build and it feels solid... I usually store it in a small pouch... Therefore, I have to roll it up into a nice circle before inserting it into the pouch... A few days ago, I didn't really roll it up nicely and put into the pouch...
  3. BRSxIgnition

    Does it exist? Earbud or IEM ATH M50 / AKG K545 Equivalent?

    A pretty self explanatory title.   Are there any buds (or IEMs [Non-Custom]) that seal well to most ears, are built well, and have a similar sound signature to the above? I've found that I've been using my Apple Earpods quite a bit more than my M50's recently due to their highly portable...
  4. Planar_head

    Phono system problems

    I'm having an unusual problem. If anyone could point me in the right direction, that would be greatly appreciated. I bought a used Technics SL-1200 MK2, with broken output wires. I replaced the wires with new single conductor shielded cable similar to the original wire. I was unable to test my...
  5. danska

    Need help with Little Dot MKIII after cartridge change.

    Hey everyone,   I'm someone who listens to my cans (HD-650) mainly with vinyl being my source. My system consists of a Linn LP12/RB700/Benz Micro Silver, to a Rega cursa 3 pre-amp, then my Little Dot MKIII. I'm a 90% or so analog listener, and I listen to headphones about 75% of the time. I...
  6. cramkay

    moving from sleek audio sa6 - vsonic gr07 or something else...help!

    hey guys,   i have been a sleek audio sa6 user for about 7 months now. i like the sound quality and prefer to listen it with bass= and treble+ ports. i find that the sound quality over all is quite good.    ive had major cable damage issues. i had to change 3 cables in 7 months. its crazy...
  7. estreeter

    New toy joy and the agonising wait for 5pm ....

    Hey, we've all been there, but its been so ^$^! long since I've had any sort of new toy joy that I just want it to be 5 so I can get out of this hellhole :)   New amp and new IEMs arrived this morning - very excited. If nothing else, they can sort themselves out for a few hours here on my...
  8. ohhgourami

    Ortofon Replacement Tips?

    I absolutely love the large tips that came with my e-Q7s.  I wonder how I can get more tips.   Thanks!
  9. syed786

    Ortofon e-Q5 Impressions Thread

    I just recieved the new e-q5   just played for 15 minutes and the sound is in one word  ( Amazing )   It has Excellent Bass Extension and Transparency I used the Silicon Medium ear-tips that it came with    so the treble is just right meaning the way it suppose to sound  not sibilant...
  10. ClieOS

    [REVIEW] Ortofon e-Q7 (56K!!!)

    Before the review, I want to thank Ortofon Japan for loaning a pair of e-Q7 to me. Spec Driver: Single Balanced Armature Frequency Response: 10Hz – 20kHz (+/- 3dB) Sensitivity: 120dB SPL/mW Impedance: 40 ohms Maximum Rated Input Power: 5.0mW Weight: 16.9g Cable: 1.2m, Silver Plated...
  11. chinesekiwi

    What to do.... recable FX500s / buy new FX500s vs. upgrade to FX700s vs. Ortofon e-Q7 or others? (omg the choices! >.<)

    So unfortunately my FX500's has suffer a snap in the cable near the right side connection today = rather annoying but hey, good excuse to push up that upgrade I was planning anyway. I was planning to to upgrade to FX700s, however the Ortofon e-Q7 has intrigued me. I love the bass of the...
  12. Noobiiee

    Recommendation for bang-for-buck IEM?

    Hey guys,   I need some recommendation on a pair of IEM to use on-the-go and in library when I'm studying. Here're some of the criteria wanted: - Decent isolation n comfort - Sounds: Balanced with emphasised vocal and lean present bass instead of bloated bass like in the CX300-II or...
  13. Trisk3lion

    New Ortofons: Ortofon e-Q5

    So i was just casually surfin around and then I stumbled onto Ortofon website for a routine check ,as i have and love Ortofon e-Q7, to see if there was something new coming up and to my pleasant surprise it seems they are doing a sequel to them! Ortofon e-Q5  ...
  14. Nachash

    Details battle: Ortofon O-One vs Phiaton PS320. Which one is better?

    Ok, so... i'm really confused, i don't know which one should i choose. I know that the O-one is less expensive, and i know that both of them are detailed/analytical. But i don't know which one has the most detail. Any suggestion?
  15. zx3steve14

    Need new sound isolating in-ear headphones

    Hi all first post here.   left my headphones out of the case last night, they got knocked off the table onto the floor and the puppy chewed them up. I need a GOOD set of noise isolating in ear headphones ( I am a professional DJ and I DJ/mix entirely in my headphones) I previously had...
  16. Armaegis

    [Review] Ortofon HD-Q7

    This little powerhouse is almost unheard of here on headfi, which is a shame. Reviews online are practically nil*, and to the best of my knowledge ALO Audio is the only distributor in North America. edit: Headfonia posted a review a couple weeks ago: http://www.headfonia.com/ortofon-hd-q7/  ...
  17. IanM

    comfortable fit + comfortable sound?

    Hi all, I've been lurking here for a while trying to build up a short list IEMs that might be suitable to replace some disappointing Sony's. After reading some of the recommendations on the higher end comparison threads I have something of short list, but still quite a few reservations about...
  18. hayzai

    Ear tips for Ortofon E-Q7?

    I've acquired a pair of ortofons recently and am enjoying it a lot  but the issue of fitting has came into prominence recently, I tried all the SML sized stock silicone tips that came with the earphones and I find that the large tips seem to fit my ear the best, but then still vacuum cannot be...
  19. headfone

    Best IEM for video (movies, TV, etc)

    Price not being a factor, what is (are) the best IEM(s) for video (i.e., DVD, TV, movies, camcorder, etc)? For full-sized cans, I prefer beyer 880s to Sennheiser 650s. I think the a head/earphone has to be pretty fwd sounding to do best with video. But that may be a personal choice.   What...
  20. ppau0822

    help with RE0 or ER6

      Hi guys,   I'm looking for an earphone that is < 100. It should have good highs and nice smooth mids similar to the se 530s which I had before the cable broke. Instrument separation is a big plus and since I use it on the train a lot isolation is pretty important. I listen to western and...
  21. iDance

    Good headphones to dance with

    I have a pair of Klipsch S4s and Sony MDR-NC7s (which are surprisingly good just fold too easily). I prefer over-ear but they tend to fly off easily and the S4s don't have enough low-end frequency response for my music (rap + hip-hop). Any suggestions? (less than $300 please unless they look...
  22. headfone

    Quick decision needed: Sennheiser IE8 or Ortofon e-Q7

    I need a simple response to those who have heard (preferably own) both. Which of the two -- Sennheiser IE8 or Ortofon e-Q7 -- would you recommend? Or are they different enough to justify owning both? Thx! P.S: Yes, I have gone thru most of the related topical posts at this site and other...
  23. mythless

    REVIEW: Ortofon O-One (Updated: 840, M50 vs O-One Comparison)

    Brief Introduction:   The Ortofons O-One is part of the company’s new line up for DJs.  Also included on this new lineup is the O-One’s younger brother the O-Two.   The O-One are considered for studio and mixing uses.  I am not a DJ so don’t ask me anything DJ related as I would not know.  ...
  24. david1978jp

    Ortofon O-One is which Ultrasone S-Logic?

    Ortofon O-One looks so pretty, and it uses S-Logic. I wonder which Ultrasone is it ? I emailed them, but my email was returned. O-One
  25. Braver

    Rega P3 and Ortofon om20... Should I shim?

    My total satisfaction audio wise has kept me from the forums for while. However, lately the wiring on my Dual 505 started giving out. Since for some reason summer means vinyl, also the limitation of the om10 needle started to bug me. So it started, I bought an om20 needle last weekend, and I...