1. InFn-0

    Musical Fidelity M1 DAC - Any Impressions?

    New from Musical Fidelity is a a four-input upsampling digital to analogue converter, the M1 DAC, and a novel headphone amplifier, the M1 HPA, which has both analogue and USB inputs, and can double as a simple preamplifier. The DAC goes on sale at around £399 early in July, while the...
  2. OGTL

    My Musical Fidelity M1 DAC appears to be crapping the bed.

    Hi guys. I'm really worried about my M1, as today, unexpectedly and with no cause it has stopped working. It gets power, and the lights on the front turn on, and my computer still recognizes it, but it will not output any sound. Here is an error message I get if I try to use WASAPI.     ...
  3. O

    HPA Suggestions

    First post....great forum. Looking for an Amp for my Q701's So far I have read that the Schiit Lyr is an excellent choice. What others would you recommend ? Liking the SPL auditor,Musical Fidelity M1HPAP, Burson Soloist and the Beyerdynamic A1 Thanks
  4. those_stairs

    Looking for highly comfortable and neutral headphones that goes well with my amp and music

    Please recommend me a pair of highly comfortable, neutral, fast, effortless, non-fatiguing, high resolution headphones that work well with: The amp that I use: Musical Fidelity M1 HPAP The kind of music I listen to:
  5. MangoMonkey

    Musical fidelity M1 - HPA opinions or Graham Slee Solo/Novo or Burson Audio HA-160 or Woo Audio ?

    I'll be running Denon 5000s and Sennheiser 650s with the amp. Any recommendations between these two amps? Any other amps I should consider that are better value (same quality, cheaper price?).
  6. dmac03

    Musical Fidelity M1 Dac or PS Audio DL III

    I'm in desperate need of a balanced DAC to pair with my wa22 amplifier. My set up will be Essence STX -> DAC -> wa22 -> PS1000's. I am extremely close to purchasing the m1 dac, but I can't help to notice some great deals on the DL III that put it in the same $700 price range. Unfortunately, I...
  7. Tuberoller1

    musical fidelity M1 HPA

    Has anyone compared the new musical fidelity M1 HPA to any of the usual suspects at around $1000.  I will be using the amp with denon D7000's if that helps.   Thanks, greatly appreciated
  8. those_stairs

    Musical Fidelity M1 HPA? Good enough for Sennheiser HD 650?

    After reading alot about HD 650 and how they need a proper amp to reach their full potential, I've been looking for a (just as neutral) ss amp. Would M1 HPA qualify? Is it powerful enough to drive HD 650? Does it greatly improve the headphones speed so that they'll act like reference cans even...
  9. DjAmTraX

    NEW! Musical Fidelity M1 DAC "A" for Asynchronous USB Input, Unboxing Video

      Just got this today.  It's the brand NEW model with better power supply and asynchronous USB input.  That means it has the Musical Fidelity V-Link inside ($169).  Hope you guys like the unboxing video.  
  10. DjAmTraX

    the NEW! Musical Fidelity M1 DAC-A vs. V-DAC MK-II, my impressions.

    So some of you may know that I bought BOTH the V-DAC MK-II and the M1 DAC-A.  Both of these DACs are brand NEW with asynchronous US?B input.  Both up-samlples to 24/192k on all inputs.  The V-DAC MK-II is $349 & the M1 DAC-A is $749.  So is the M1 DAC-A worth that much more $$$?   I ran both...
  11. cactus_farmer

    Musical Fidelity M1 HPA with Hifiman HE-6?

    Just wondering if this amp has enough beef for the HE-6?
  12. DjAmTraX

    Musical Fidelity M1 HPA Headphone Amp Unboxing Video

    Just got this to see how it stacks up to my Lehmann Audio Black Cube Linear.  I will update this thread with my impressions.  The amp should pair well with my M1 DAC-A.  Stay tuned.  
  13. preproman

    T1's and the Musical Fidelity M1 HPA

    Can this amp drive these phones effectively?  If not what is the best amp for these phones in the same price range?   Thanks..
  14. cuonghuutran

    Buzz with Musical Fidelity M1 DAC Async USB

    Hi, I am using this DAC with Dell XPS435 MT desktop. Once in a while, the music was buzzed (no music, just buzz) that lasts seconds. I returned the unit and got a replacement and got the same problem. Is this an issue with DAC or with my Dell? Did anyone run into it? Musical Fidelity is in UK...
  15. Senn-Fi

    Musical Fidelity M1 HFA/DAC, Burson HA-160D, Woo WA6/WA2 or Schiit Lyr/Bifrost?

    Hi guys/gals!  Long time lurker here coming out of the woodwork to get a few opinions.  I have been listening to headphones for a 10+ years, but recently have gotten the upgrade bug.  I had a pair of Sennheiser HD-590's for a long time and added a Firestone Fubar IV+ DAC/Amp about 3 years ago...
  16. shuttleboi

    Musical Fidelity M1 DAC, headphone amp, and CD transport stack

    I've been looking for a DAC, headphone amp, and CD transport combination for a long time, and I think I've finally found a good solution in the Musical Fidelity M1 stack. Any opinions?   I like the fact that they're all the same size, so hopefully I can stack them one on top of the other...
  17. jt25741

    Musical Fidelity M1 SDAC vs Other ideas

    Hi all,   I'm pretty new to the dedicated headphone amp world, with a higher end-two channel main speaker system being my main focus.   So i am learning.   Trying to learn more about the M1 SDAC, and cannot determine with certainty if the unit does digital volume attenuation, or analog...
  18. lovleylady

    Sennheiser HD800 compared to Grado PS-1000, with Musical Fidelity M1 HPA.

    Introduction:   I'll be comparing a three hour listening session with the HD800 in a quiet store to over a thousand hours of home listening with my PS-1000. I'm only considering the songs I heard on the HD800, which are songs I'm very familiar with on the PS-1000.     Equipment:  ...
  19. stingers96

    please help me decide on new amp (and maybe dac) for my new LCD3's

    I recently purchased a pair of Audez'e LCD3 phones, and wow, they are really that good. I need to upgrade my hardware to let these phones give me their full potential.  Right now I am considering the following equipment, but am open to suggestions from those with experience with their suggestion...
  20. cyyoung749

    Which preamp/dac and speaker should i go for?

    Im really a newbie to pcfi and i actually did alot of research but its really hard to find the right pcfi for the buck with little knowledge. My budget is about $2000 dollars and some one suggest me this devices. kef x10 speakers with onkyo a-9070 Is this a good combination? Before...
  21. carlove

    Philips Fidelio L1 any good for jpop jrock ?

    Hi! I'm looking into these headphones by Philips. Does anyone here know about them?  Do they have a lot of bass? (I'm not a bass lover, and don't really like hearing the bass guitar play loudly. (Loudly as in; as if it's  like a lead-guitar) And how will they do in (j)rock and (j)pop?  ...
  22. W

    Schiit Gungnir DAC        Estimated shipping date August 2012.      $749.00 / $849 with USB
  23. Jazz1

    Simaudio Moon 100D DAC vs. Musical Fidelity M1 DAC?

    I've been searching for a reasonably priced DAC that would compliment my PS Audio Headphone amplifier, iMac, and RDV1040 CD/DVD player. I jumped on a Musical Fidelity M1DAC because I found a demo on sale. I haven't received it yet, but in digging further I found a Simaudio Moon 100 DAC for not...
  24. Tuberoller1

    Musical Fidelity M1 HPA and Audeze LCD2s

    I currently have a musical fidelity M1 HPA driving a pair of Denon AH-D7000s.  After reading all the buzz I'm thinking of getting a pair of LCD2s and trying them out.  Will this amp adequately drive the LCD2s?  MF claims it can drive headphones of any impedance "The HPA enjoys the lowest 1ohm...
  25. wind016

    Why do people buy expensive DACs?

    Before you say anything, yes I used the search. I came up with this link.   It seems to say expensive DACs still sacrifice something... Now why are people spending $1000+ on DACs when there are supposedly...