Nov 8, 2011
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Consumer Installment Debt Finance

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    Consumer Installment Debt Finance
    Critical listening
    "playing" with computer
    home automation
    storage arrays - now 57 TB
    Headphone Inventory:
    -Audez'e LCD 3 (new 11/2012) w/ Moon Audio Silver Dragon v3 cable
    Sennheiser HD-650 w/ALO SXC 22 Larait cable and Silver Dragon v2- (MoonAudio, DIY, switchcraft 4 pin xlr and oyaide mini (modular to accept various configs)
    -Fit Ear ToGo 334 w/ALO SXC 24 IEM Cable
    -Shure SE535
    -Senheiser IE-8
    -Etymotic ER-4P
    -Beats Pro
    Headphone Amp Inventory:
    -Bryston BHA-1
    -Headroom Desktop DAC/AMP
    -ALO RX Mk3-B
    -Cypher Labs Solo
    -FiiO e17 (Alpen)
    -iQube v2
    Source Inventory:
    -Bryston BDA-1
    -KingRex UD-384 DAC / usb-spdif with battery
    -iBasso Dx100
    -iPhone 5
    -various iPods
    -Cowon J3 - 32gb
    -iPad 3 (new iPad)
    -iPad Mini
    Few Android devices
    Cable Inventory:
    (home system)
    Audience au 24 "E" RCA/RCA
    Audience au 24 "SE" RCA/RCA
    VPI Tonearm cable
    Cardas Neutral Reference Digital Cable
    Moon Audio Silver Dragon USB
    Cardas Clear Light USB

    ++++not in use+++++
    Transparent Audio Interconnects
    Transparent Audio Speaker Cables w/Furutech FP202 (R) banana
    Audio Quest King Cobra RCA interconnects
    Wyred for sound USB , purple. ( came with Audiophellio)

    (headphone system)
    ALO audio Furutech u-X AG SPDIF cable

    *DIY* - Cardas Crosslink Interconnect Balanced with Cardas XLR
    Moon Audio Silver Dragon V3 Balanced Audez'e (mini 4pin xlr at phone and 3 pin XLR on amp side)
    *DIY* - (experimenting with Moon Audio Blue Dragon headphone cable as USB (so far not bad, going to add shielding and possible use a second cable to isolate the power and signal paths!0

    not currently in use
    ------headphone cables--------
    *DIY* - Moon Audio Silver dragon V2 HD650 -> male "tini" 4pin xlr >--< female "tini" 4 pin xlr -> oyaide 3.5mm Rhodium AND >--< female "tini" 4 pin xlr -> furutech 1/4 " stereo
    ALO audio SXC 22 Lariat HD650 (see headphones above)
    ALO audio SXC 24 for IEM (see headphones above)

    Audio Quest "Carbon" USB
    Audio Quest "Carbon" iPod -> USB

    -----apple line outs--------
    Double Helix Shortened Apple USB -> Lightning
    *DIY* - Shortened Apple USB -> Lightning
    ALO Audio Copper 22gauge Ipod >USB

    *DIY* - DH Labs D-75 75ohm Digital Cable w/Furutech FP-120 Rhodium Filament RCA
    *DIY* - DH Labs D-75 75ohm Digital Cable w/Furutech BNC

    Audio Quest King Cobra RCA interconnects
    Audio Quest Black Mamba 2 interconnects
    Kimber Cable PB&J (mini -> rca)
    Moon Audio Black Dragon XLR -> rsa/alo 4 pin connecter
    ALO Audio Copper 22 gauge min-mini
    DIY copper from double helix mini-mini (oyaide)
    Qables iPod ->Mini for IQube
    Power-Related Components:
    Blue Circle Audio BC61 GIPCO
    Blue Circle Power Cable (main)
    Oyaide Tunami Bulk Power Cable with Oyaide C-004 palladium-platinum-copper IEC and Male AC Plug CRYO
    Acrolink 7N-P4030 II Bulk Power Cable with Furu FI-25(G)IEC and Male
    VH audio Flavor 2 Power Cable
    Moon Audio Black Dragon Power Cable

    Furman Elite 15 PFi power conditioner
    Pangea Audio AC-14 power cable
    Pangea Audio AC-9 power cable
    PS Audio PerfectWave AC-5 power cable
    Furutech GX-G dual Outlet
    Other Audio Equipment:
    +++++home system++++++
    Rogue Audio Cronus Magnum Integrated Tube Amp (NOS mullards)
    VPI Classic 2 Turntable w/ Dynavector 20X2m cartridge
    A.D.A.M. Audio Column V3 loudspeakers
    Audiophellio1 usb/spdif converter w/Pure Power
    Vaunix 4-port USB Hub
    Mac Mini Dedicated Audio Server (w/audirvana and puremusic)
    Dedicated Windows 7 Audio Server with J River Media Center
    Synology nas for media storage
    Mapleshade Audio Double Helix Speaker Cable with PLUS Upgrade

    Fosgate Fozgometer Azimuth Range Meter
    Vincent Audio SA-31MK
    Creek 5350 SE integrated
    Audio-Related Tweaks:
    diy wires and connctors
    tube rolling on home system
    Maple Shade Micropoint Megafeet
    Maple Shade Micropoint HeavyHat
    Maple Shade Hemispherical Heavyhats
    WA Quantum Chips -Speakers and Cables
    Synergistc tube fuses in Rogue cronus
    Music Preferences:
    almost everything
    classical, rock, jam, classic rock, heavy metal, some r&b, some rap
    Phish is a favorite of mine
    Grateful Dead is always good too
    Canon 5dmk2 camera
    Canon 7d
    Various Canon "L" series lenses
    many apple computers (air, macbook pro, mac pro, iMac -- 1 of each!!)
    Motorola Xoom
    Home Automation - Insteon technology
    I void warranties.


    current: macbook pro w/audirvana or pure music or amarra > Cardas clear serial bus usb > Vaunix USB Hub > Moon Audio silver dragon usb > Audiophellio1 > Cardas Neutral Reference Digital Cable > Bryston BDA-1 > DIY Cardas crosslink interconnect w/Cardas xlr > Bryston BHA-1 > Moon Audio sliver dragon balanced xlr headphone cables > Audez'e LCD-3
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