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Schiit Gungnir DAC

Discussion in 'Dedicated Source Components' started by warriorant, Mar 29, 2012.
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  1. WarriorAnt
     Estimated shipping date August 2012.   
    $749.00 / $849 with USB
  2. MorbidToaster
    I might end up with this pair when the DAC hits in August.
    Good track record from Schiit and this just looks fantastic...The lack of AES is a little disappointing, but screw it...I want one...
    EDIT: Completely Buzzword Compliant (I laughed)
    Also...The amp has a pre-out -squee-
  3. clarknova
    I just ...Schiit my pants.
    Can't wait.
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  4. elwappo99
    Interesting... looks like theyll have a balanced amp to go with it. This is quite a hefty price point for a DAC. Schiit has done well in the midrange, let's see how they do in the upper tiers.
  5. DarknightDK
    Schitt is heading in the right direction, I can't wait to see what they bring with their statement line of DACs / amps.
  6. sonq
    I'm getting one. With audio veteran Mike Moffat helming the design, sound quality should be top notch and reliable.

    The industrial design is top notch & is important to me too. I just find it difficult to pay for tacky looking stuffs - over the top styling or graphics, and dated design passing off as retro.
  7. Mauricio
    XLR line out?
  8. Maxvla Contributor
    Also getting one when they release. Will upgrade from Bifrost or perhaps will have something else in the mean time that is a step up from that.
  9. Mauricio
    There's always the Musical Fidelity M1 DAC-A.
  10. Vargtass
    No one has heard it yet, righto? 
    I'm SO on the fence between this one and the Nad M51 dac. Can get a damn good deal on the NAD, but it's still more expensive than the Gungnir. To add to this, I've got a Mjolnir in the post coming my way, and it would be damn nice to have a matching set of amp / dac. Not that the M51 is ugly or very far from the Mjolnir in design, but it's not the same. 
    So ... sonically, can we expect them to perform pretty equal, or would you guys think that the Gungnir will seriously outgun the M51? 
  11. nigeljames
    I don't know how any one could expect the Gungnir to outgun the Nad given the difference in price and the very good reviews the Nad has been getting but the Gungnir should be a sure thing with your Mjolnir with regards synergy.
     Have you had any Schiit before?
  12. Vargtass
    Hey Nigeljames - and thanks for the response. 
    I've previously owned the Lyr - an excellent amp paired with my LCD-2's. Only sold that to make way for the Mjolnir, really. 
    And well, I guess there is still a price difference between the M51 and the Gungnir, but couldn't that be attributed to all the (in my opinion) silly bells and whistles on the M51? I'm pretty much after good stereo sound, that's it. Not HDMI, not a preamp - nothing of that. 
    If you're saying that the NAD actually delivers at least "on pair" with the Gungnir I'll have to sit down and ponder. Can get rid of my DacMagic right now, but that would mean I'd need another dac - and the M51 is available now. Hrmf - hard to make a decision. 
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  13. nigeljames
    If you don't want the 'bells & whistles' then I agree I would not spend the extra on the Nad.
    I was in the same situation when I was buying a DAC. Was considering the Anedio D1 and Audio-gd NFB7. Even though the D1 was slightly cheaper it also had extras like pre-amp and headphone amp neither of which I wanted or needed so I went with the NFB7 and could not be happier. So I agree don't waste your money on features you don't want or need.
    I would at least wait until some opinions on the Gungnir are available. I am looking forward to the Schiilt statement gear especially the hybrid amp, could be interesting.
    Have you considered any other DAC's?
  14. Vargtass
    Thing is - I can (as I may have stated previously) get a pretty good discount on the M51. We're talking 20% off, making it just a tad more expensive than the Gungnir. 
    I can't really see any other dacs I want per now. It's either the Gungnir matching my Mjolnir amp, or it's the M51 because it seems to get raving reviews, is available in a store 10 minutes away from me by foot and because I can have 20% off at that store. 
  15. grokit
    From where I sit 20% off is still $1600, more than 2x a Gungnir. I like the aes/ebu input and the volume control of the M51, but not that much.
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