1. 3DGrace

    Need to Replace Maxell DHP-IIs

    A couple of years ago I picked up a pair of Maxell DHP-II's. Like many of the reviews state, they were very fragile and the headband eventually snapped above the earpiece. Despite the design flaw, I loved the sound of these headphones, especially for the price paid (believe I paid somewhere...
  2. noct

    Looking for a portable similar to the AKG 240 studio in audio quality

    Hey all, As the title says, I'm looking for something comparable to my AKG 240 studio headphones, but more portable.   That doesn't mean I'm necessarily tied to the AKG 240 sound.  I've owned them for about 3 or 4 years now, and enjoy them very much,  but I don't have much to compare them...
  3. bukujutsu

    Has anything come out that's better than the HD668Bs for the price?

    The SR850s too, since they're rebranded, but with only one cord, no removeable cord, and the impedance is 32 ohm instead of 56.    The SR850s are 34$ on eBay, the HD668Bs are $50.    There are so many headphones out there and as the time goes by things can go unnoticed.    Some...
  4. tdockweiler

    Make a headphone that sounds like the HD-598 (but even better!)

    My three favorite headphones of the last three years have been the HD-598, Koss Pro DJ 100 ($80!) and K601. As most of you know, I'm a huge fan of the Koss Pro DJ 100. I love it's fun signature with it's forward mids and good bass. For over a year I was so impressed with this headphone that I...
  5. Sere83

    Budget DJ headphones?

    Hey guys, been coming on the forum for a few years now but never had reason to post. Until now....   I'm looking to buy a set of budget headphones for DJ'ing since my last ones broke. I have a set of Reloop RHP-10 that will cost around £35 to repair so I thought instead I would just buy a...
  6. Germancub

    Shure SRH240 First Impressions

    Hey everybody,   Just picked these up a few days ago and wanted to write down my impressions for you guys.   First off, the build quality is quite solid given the price point although they won't be mistaken for something expensive anytime soon. I find the fit pretty comfortable, the...
  7. pandareds

    Maxwell DHP-II vs. Sennheiser HD428 vs. Beyerdynamic DT 235 vs. Koss UR55

    Out of these 4: Maxwell DHP-II Sennheiser HD428 Beyerdynamic DT 235 Koss UR55     Which one would you guys choose based on sound and comfort?  
  8. pandareds

    Alright, need help with final list!!!

    So I made my final list for the headphones I'm getting   Koss UR 55 ($50) Sennheiser HD 205 ($43) Sennheiser HD 238 ($55) Sony MDR XD200 ($23) Philips SHP8500 ($40) Beyerdynamic DT 235 ($55?) Maxell DHP-II ($50) Denon AH-P372W ($45) --> white ones look sick     All of these...
  9. Ragincajun713

    Didn't Care for XB500, what to get instead?

    I recently purchased a pair of XB500's from BB since they were on sale this week.  They were great for house, techno, and dubstep.  But they were horrible for ska, pop punk, punk, hardcore, and any other rock I played on them.  I could not hear the vocals in most songs.  When I could, they...
  10. LostinTrance

    Need some good headphones for trance

    I'm looking for some headphones around $50 (though i am willing to go more) for listening to trance/rock/mainstream stuff. I listen to trance the most, then rock, followed lastly by radio stuff.   Looking for circumaural headphones. I don't really mind closed or open either. And I listen to...
  11. roma101

    Maxell DHP II vs. Panasonic RP-HTX7

    Hey guys - so I'm stumped here. I'm not sure which to purchase, since both headphones have great things going for them. From what I've read here the dhp ii sounds better than the rp htx7 but the rp htx7s are good all-rounder in that they isolate much better as well having reasonable SQ. Does...
  12. tdockweiler

    Koss UR-55 Soundstage and Grill MOD

      I'm not aware of many people owning the Koss UR-55, but I just did a mod the other day and I liked it so much that I felt I absolutely MUST share it with everyone. It turns a good headphone into something really great and improves many things. I always liked the UR-55 but sometimes I felt...
  13. metllicamilitia

    All right, need some help choosing budget headphones

    I'm much more for IEM's, and I'm currently waiting for soundearphones to get their stock in to ship me a preordered set of some IEM's. But I also like to listen to headphones from time to time, but one of the main issues is that I wear glasses and most headphones start pressing my glasses into...
  14. shnitz

    Portable Circumaural for girlfriend

    Cliff's notes: What are some solid contenders, up to $150, that are portable yet circumaural?     My girlfriend and I were at the Apple store a few weeks ago, and as always I wandered around the iPod section first, checking out the headphones.  She played along testing them out, and she...
  15. hojomojo96

    beyerdynamic dt 235   How are they for the price?   I'm a bit of a basshead, but really, I don't care about the quantity so much as the quality. Mind you, I would like portables that are "fun" sounding. How do...
  16. jingles

    Advice/Decisions decisions on (low priced) headphones

    I've been browsing through these and other forums quite a bit and have not been able to decide on a suitable pair of headphones for under $50. I don't know what i'm doing so you'll have to bear with me, but two phones that i've found decent are the JVC HA-S700 (like, $30 shipped) and the JVC...
  17. etragedy

    Cheap, CHEAP Headphones for Movies and Online Streaming?

    I know this is kinda an out of place question around here, but I'm looking for the best money can buy (< $30) for casual movie watching and online streaming.     Sound, comfort, and isolation ( I have roomates) are my priorities. These would be staying at home and used for their ease of...
  18. swaffleman

    Maxell DHP ll. Are you serious Maxell?!

    Just gotta say that I've been on the hunt for a new pair of closed headphones. I previously didn't really own any good ones (Besides my Sennhesier HD203s, which sound good but aren't as accurate as I'd like). I still have my Koss UR 55, and I still love them, but I seem to prefer closed...
  19. geoxile

    What are the best portable headphones on a 50 USD budget?

    I'm a wannabe audiophile, but I'm way to poor/cheap to spend money on the better stuff. >_>   Can I get some advice?
  20. bassballboy

    Sub $50 headphones... Porta Pros vs. RP-HTX7's vs DHP-II's vs UR-55's vs. ???

    I read over the stick up top, and those are the three that stood out, but I also know there are a bunch of headphones I don't know about.   I listen to hip hip / pop / modern rock (three day's grace, disturbed, shinedown etc).  I want something comfortable first and foremost, but I also like...
  21. trancetunes

    The BEST full sized headphones for $30 USD or less (updated Nov. 27 2013)?

    Hi everyone, this is my first post!   Like the title says, I need input on the best headphones I can get for $30 USD or less.  So far I had/have narrowed it down to the Koss PortaPro or Sennheiser HD 202/203  (203 is actually $35).  However, it seemed like the Koss PortaPro could not possibly...
  22. legcramp

    Maxell DHP-II Driver Coil Loose?

    Well I am on my SECOND pair of these Maxell DHP-II headphones, both sealed brand new sets. The right driver's coil is not sticking to the magnet, thus killing the sound. When I gently press the driver so that the coil is onto the magnet, they sound great. Is there a quick fix for this problem...
  23. beehgly

    Good Headphones?

    Just joined head-fi after browsing around a bit. Anyway, getting to the point, I just got my first pair of headphones earlier today, AKG k450. I'm finding it ok so far, however, after some mixed reactions from my dad about it being very "muffled", I decided to do some research online and ended...
  24. Duncandun

    Maxell DHP-II impressions/review ?Giant killers? Answer : contenders

    After reading a thread on these cans a few weeks ago, I decided I'd take the plunge and try them out. I needed a portable anyway, and I thought "what the hell, couldn't be that bad."   Well, I'm glad I was right.    I've had them less than a day so far, so not much burn in. So far I'm...
  25. CaptainLorax

    What's the case for and against neutral sounding phones? (maybe its more than that...)

    I recently purchased the Superlux HD 668B which has been continually described as neutral sounding which seems like it would be a good thing since neutral means that the sound is more exact to the original recording. After many hours of burning them in, I would say that the Bass sounds amazing...