1. grape ape

    What Happened to the JVC Marshmallow?

    I bought about 5 pair of the old style marshmallow when I found them at Ross Dress For Less at 5 dollars a pair.    I loved them.   However I've either broken them or given them away over the past 5 years and I just bought a pair of the new style and my god they are awful, muddy mess.   ...
  2. goldfilm

    Best cheap earphone to go

    It looks like the JVC Marshmallow has no competition under $20, but what about the best earphone under $30/$35? Would you still buy the cheapest? In other words, is it worth doubling the budget?
  3. DoomD

    Best in ear headphone for under $50.(Basshead)

    So really the thread says it all.I want the headphone that are going to have the best bass.I have tried both the JVC marshmallows and the Creative ep630.The bass of the creative is much better.But i want to know is there anything better than the ep630 for under $50?Oh and i also liked the SQ of...
  4. keanex

    [Multi-Review] Examining the JVC Marshmallow, HA-FX33/34/35/30

      Years ago I was searching for a cheap headphone that I could use for running. I didn't care much about the sound quality I was mostly looking for something that would hold up to some serious abuse while having some bass for the electronic music I run to. My search led me to the JVC...
  5. Frozenclaw

    Good earbuds for under $50

    I need some good earbuds with the best bass possible for earbuds in my budget. The main genres I will be listening to would be music such as dubstep and hardstyle. 
  6. challapradyumna

    JVC Marshmallow Opinion

    What do you guys think of JVC Marshmallow compared to Soundmagic P11. I am on a very tight budget so this is all i can get now and my stock ear phones are gone.
  7. keanex

    RE0 and why I can not recommend them to anyone

    I'm not huge into IEMs or portable headphones for that matter, I'm rather happy with an $80-$120 pair I can beat up and not worry too much, without sacrificing on sound quality. I had a pair of Apple Dual Driver IEMs which were pleasant to the ears and held up amazingly through my 8 mile bike...
  8. jreme

    $100 CAN suggestions?

    Source: Laptop, iPod Touch 3G Genres: Alt/"Indie" Rock, Folk Rock, Electronic(a), Some Hip-Hop. Preference: Decent bass, good mids/highs. Usage: Mostly home, some school use. Price Range: $80-$100 (some flexibility) Current Phones/IEMs: JVC Flats, JVC Marshmallow, Sony NC7   I'm...
  9. h8uthemost

    IEM's to fall asleep with

    Hey everyone,   I'm looking for a good pair of IEM's that are comfortable to sleep in. Like, when I"m laying on my side my ear is directly on the pillow. I'm wanting something that are comfortable for that. I was looking at the Shure SE215's, but I read someone saying that they were...
  10. havishpatel

    Over Ear Headphones- Help: Confused!

    With so many conflicting reviews, I can't make my mind up!   I am looking for a set of cans that are comfortable (extremely- I have big ears) and portable (like the Beats solo- folding design sort of thing).     I listen to RnB, Pop, Hip hop, a little rock and a little dubstep. I use a...
  11. LiamJP

    KEB40's Earbud Tip problem

    So I just bought a pair of Koss KEB40's from suckbuy today and I didn't get the extended warranty, I didn't think I would need it. Turns out that I got home, started listening to music, and found out that if I make the slightest movement with the left Tip the sound cuts off. So I took the tips...
  12. Xaborus

    Bass Cannon + Overall Quality IEMS For < $100 (B-Day Present)

    Need some good quality  IEM's for a birthday present for a friend. Big, quality, DEEP, emphasises bass is needed, yet without a loss in audio quality in mids/highs.   Any Suggestions? He currently has JVC marshmallows and is loving them, but is looking for more audio quality.
  13. isashach

    Best suited IEMs for me?

    I am looking for some decent quality yet cheap noise isolating IEMs, priced up to 100$ shipped to Switzerland. I used to have some JVC marshmallows, then some fake CX300s and since they broke recently, I've been using a friends' AKG K 450, and I was quite ashamed of my self when I learned that...
  14. vapman

    Budget-Fi Connoisseurs: Secrets of the cheap headphone world

    a thread for discussing cheap headphones (sub-$20).   i sold my etymotic hf5's for jvc marshmallows and olives, and i liked them way more than the etys. lost the marshmallows (which i paid $6 ppd for) last week, so i got some jvc flats on ebay, also for $6 ppd. i think they sound at least as...
  15. TheEldar

    A small thank you to the community

    I wanted to say thank you to everyone who has posted reviews in this forum.  I have been using JVC Marshmallows at my work for the past few months and was looking to upgrade.  After spending a day looking online, i was going to buy some cheap Skullcandy earphones based on Amazon reviews...
  16. gngf123

    Ultra-Budget IEM's

    The JVC Marshmallows seem to be mentioned quite a lot, but I was just wondering. Are there any others in this same kind of price category that give a surprisingly decent sound?   I haven't had much experience with IEM's, but I really need something nice and cheap for the train journeys to...
  17. mojoe24

    Cable length of JVC Marshmallows and MEElectronics M9?

    My Skullcandy Ink'd pair broke and I need a new pair of cheap IEMs to replace them.  I was stuck between the two because they seem to have the best isolation; I'll be using them while I mow the lawn.  I really love the pair of sennheiser c300 that I have, but their cable is too short.  How are...
  18. saxo

    which one earphones could be the best for sansa clip + ?

      JVC In-Ear Marshmallow HAFX34 http://av.jvc.com/product.jsp?pathId=162&modelId=MODL028440&page=1   Sony MDR-XB20EX In-Ear Headphones - http://www.advancedmp3players.co.uk/shop/Headphones.6/Sony.76/MDRXB20EX.AE/Sony_MDR-XB20EX_In-Ear_Headphones.3809.html Sennheiser CX 270 Headphones...
  19. Tuneupmysound

    Looking for new earbuds.

    Hello all, this is my first time posting on this site, and I just want a simple opinion on earbuds.   I have tried skullcandies, and well...........Let's just say, I've been through 3 in the last year, and I'm done.   Now, a friend of mine recommended JVC Marshmallows, I would like to...
  20. ffdpmaggot

    Best earphones for 20,40, and 60 USD?

    My friend's having some issues with his iBuds, they aren't loud enough for him, so I advised he purchase some entry level earphones. His budget is 60 bucks, but he's spent around 120 bucks on headphones that have either broken or didn't work, so he'd prefer to save money. He listens to a wide...
  21. Anno

    Best earphones under $30?

    Hey, I'll be using them with a portable player most of the time. Good build quality, comfortable. I live in Australia also. Whats the best in this pricerange? Thanks
  22. NejiXSan

    Need a good pair of earphones asap, suggestions on what to get?

    Hey   So recently I've lost my pair of JVC Marshmallows and have been using the apple stock earphones. I don't have too much money but I couldn't stand the quality of the apple earphones much longer.   I've previously had a Sennheiser model but those broke out on me ($80ish) My...
  23. nuubian

    IEM to be worn under motorcycle helmet

    I'm looking for an IEM to be worn under a motorcycle helmet.    What I need: 1) Good isolation. Don't really care that much about sound quality (for obvious reasons). 2) Low profile. Can't stick out too much. 3) Durability. Wires will be under considerable stress. 4) price < $40  ...
  24. stonecaper

    Some Budget Queries

    Hi all, want ur insightful remarks for my following confusions :   1>  Please recommend 2 IEMs. I [the better one] For My Clip+ 8GB, another for my nokia 5130 XM.   Budget for both is $25 TOTAL.   Please recommend .   i like Normal Clear Sound with Normal Bass   PS. is...
  25. J.D.N

    Cheap IEM's for the gym...

    I've been looking around for some cheapish IEM's to use down the gym since i took my old Sen OMX 50's down and cringed at the terrible sound! A couple that have caught my eye are the Jay j-jays and the OVC TC-20's. Both are pretty low cost and seem have got good reviews etc. Does anyone have...