1. Zaiver

    Comfortable and Cheap Circumaural Headphones

    Hello Folks,    I am looking for cheap ($20-$30) and comfortable circumaural headphones. I am planning on using these headphones for watching TV and for sleeping, so I must be able to wear them for long periods of time. Due to the shape of my ears, on ear headphones (lke AKG K81DJ or Grado...
  2. mistarobotics

    Cheap but Great Sound Quality Headphones

    Well I'm planning on buying my friend a pair of headphones for her birthday. I don't want to spend a lot of money so probably around $20-$30. She doesn't want Earbuds. She's been mostly looking at on-ear headphones. I want it to have good sound quality and good isolation for the price. Please...
  3. rainlion

    whats the best alternative of ATH-ES7, need suggestion~~

    Since it is discontinued.....   Jay v-Jay? AKG 450?    i only listen to ipod without an AMP. and i basically listen soft rock, and pop.. i have a koss port pro,, like it at very beginning, then found it too bassy also not comfortable to wear (or, maybe my head is too  big). Thats also...
  4. roark37

    JVC HAS700 versus JVC Flats-HAS150?

    Hi, I was wondering if the JVC HAS700 has the same type of sound as the JVC Flats-HAS150 or 160.  I have the Flats and actually like them and think they are a good low budget choice but was looking for similar but hopefully better with much better comfort.  For those that have heard them both...
  5. OMGLadyGaga

    Bose AE2 vs. Sony MDR-ZX700, Help??

    Im curious to see if anyone has had extensive time with both of these headphones. I want something super comfortable to wear for long periods of time and to listen from my laptop(no amp) and occasionally from my phone(Evo 3D, unamped).   I wouldnt even consider the Bose since they have such...
  6. roark37

    JVC HAS700 or HAS600?

    Hi, does anyone know if there are large differences between the JVC HAS700 & HAS600?  I have not heard either but from the pictures they look extremely similar.  Has anyone heard these and would they recommend one over the other?  Thanks.
  7. wrathzombie

    Urgent Advice Needed

    I am a beginner with limited equipment and unlimited music. I have put down the things I have:   Headphones/IEM:   MDR-ED12LP/R  Brainwavz M2 JVC HAS700 XB300 SR-60i HD518   Source:   Laptop Ipod Nano/Classic(Cant be rock-boxed) E-72- Primarily for FLAC   Speakers...
  8. Kalookakoo

    Can't decide between Sennheiser HD 201's and JVC HAS700

    I can't decide. The 201's are 8 dollars cheaper, but apparantly the S700's are better quality. I'm on a budget so, any money saved is great, but I'll spend it if it's justified for the S700's.   I plan to use them for everything (music/movies/games) until I buy specific headgear for...
  9. roark37

    Is JVC HAS700 the same size as Bose AE2?

    Does anyone know if the JVC HAS700 is about the same size and weight of the Bose AE2?  I also want to know if the earcup size is the same.  I am not interested in getting the Bose AE2 but I do find them very comfortable and just from looking at pictures alone the HAS700 looks almost like clone...
  10. nishan

    Audio Technica ATH-WS 70 and WS50 ???

    why is there so little info on these? has any body here tried these AT phones? are they too new to the US still? They have a full aluminum body, according to this info: AudioCubes.com - Audio-Technica ATH-WS70 Solid Bass Headphones - any info on these will be appreciated...i am really...
  11. Sulawesi MK

    JVC HA-S700 vs MEElectronics HT-21

    Sorry if this thread is in the wrong forum -- I wasn't quite sure where to put it :P   After hours of research, I have tentatively decided on these two sets of headphones...JVC HA-S700 & MEElectronics HT-21. I was looking for something which is cheap (less than USD$50), well-constructed...
  12. cratskomodo

    JVCHAS-700 vs. AKG K 81 DJ vs. Creative Aurvana Live!

    I'm looking for new headphones around this price range. Saw these 3 and am interested in all of them, mainly the JVC's because they look nice and are also so much cheaper than the other options. Bang for my buck here is key: are the JVC's the best choice or are there better choices around...
  13. cratskomodo

    JVCHAS-700 vs. AKG K 81 DJ vs. Creative Aurvana Live!

    I'm looking for new headphones around this price range. Saw these 3 and am interested in all of them, mainly the JVC's because they look nice and are also so much cheaper than the other options. Bang for my buck here is key: are the JVC's the best choice or are there better choices around...
  14. sepandee

    Bose AE2 vs Shure SRH840 vs Other

    My brother and a friend of mine have decided to pool their money together and buy me a headphone. Something under $200. But I have to choose it :)   Now, I have to say from the start that 1) I'm not an audiophile. 2) I'm not impressed with a loud bass. I listen to all kinds of music, but...
  15. 12150w

    50 Dollar Headphones

    Hey! this is my first post on head-fi. So as you can guess I am very new to this headphone thing. I am looking for the best headphones for hopefully under 50 dollars. I am looking for good sound quality but I am a little more interested in comfort. I have been looking around a little bit and the...
  16. mindsg

    Newbie need advice. Noise-isolating headphones for studying use.

    I am looking for something with good noise isolation, but is comfortable and not too warm on the ears after a few hours. Used primarily for studying in noisy environment, and also watching movies on laptop. Preferably cheap and durable too as I am a student on a tight budget. I am currently...
  17. Max Power

    Anything else that offers the comfort level of the Bose AE2?

      Yes, I know Bose is considered a joke among audiophiles, but I really love the comfort of these things. Bose is one of the few brands you can actually try on in a store somewhere which is a big advantage IMO. I previously bought the Denon D1000 based on recommendations from this board, but I...
  18. saywhuut

    Budget Headphones

    I need to find my mom some budget headphones but real good music quality mainly for ipad/iphone, would like some good bass but more importantly good balance.  Any suggestions?   Thanks
  19. NoSo

    Headphones for School <$50

    After quite a long time of researching which headphone would fit the best for school, I have yet to come to a conclusion. It is difficult to choose from the amount of headphones available due to their pros and cons that I have read throughout the internet, and especially Head-fi.   My first...
  20. ggajako

    looking for headphones for everyday/library use

    I'm pretty new to all this so bear with me I'm looking for a set of headphones for library/study/everyday use under $100 and will be running it out of my laptop and ipod nano   Looking for: sound quality comfort portability/durability isolation/no leakage no IEMs (they get...
  21. DevilDogge

    Need expert advice!

    I'm planning on buying some headphones, and I'm after the best sounding, sealed, quite on the outside (work in an office so no open air phones), comfortable, and price. I'm looking to spend around $40 and I need your advice on which to get.  After research on cnet and some here, I've narrowed...
  22. JamesMcProgger

    [help] Full size very portable headphones

    Good day everyone. I want a set of closed back portable 'phones, as an adept reader to this forums and after searching and reading for similar threads, I thought it'd be a nice day to register and post. I want: Full size (if possible, if not earcup on the ear would be enough) Closed...
  23. swbf2cheater

    Such a thing as a portable over the ear set with huge stage?

    Are there portable sets that are small but still over the ears ( jvc has700, phiaton ms400ish, bose )  that have a great soundstage ?
  24. halifax70

    headphone search!

    hello all! i'm fairly new to quality audio, and i'd like to get a nice and cheap set of headphones (about 60 USD and under, but i'm flexible.) because i'm really sick of my ipod in ear POS'.  originally, i set out to buy some headphones i will not name, but after searching here i changed my...
  25. BlackSushi222

    Torn between Senn 428 and JVC HA-S700 for winter.

    Hey guys. As of now, I am stuck between some Sennheiser 428s and the JVC HA-S700.   I have read both sound great, and probably HA-S700 isolate better, but main point is... I need the best one to use during German winters. My ears are very sensitive to the cold, so I thought maybe a headphone...