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JVC HAS700 or HAS600?

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by roark37, Oct 3, 2011.
  1. roark37
    Hi, does anyone know if there are large differences between the JVC HAS700 & HAS600?  I have not heard either but from the pictures they look extremely similar.  Has anyone heard these and would they recommend one over the other?  Thanks.
  2. Dsnuts Contributor
    I like the HAS600s better in every way.. It is more fun listening phone.. The Carbon Fiber diaphram on the HAS600s throws out not only better bass but over all sound is cleaner, smoother and imaging better Imo. The sound on the HAS700. The mids on them I find kinda weird almost a scooped out sound to it..The bass is no where close to the HAS600s. The HAS600s after a good 80 hours of burn sound great and the bass a lot more pronounced. The drivers vibrate violently  when them bass notes hit the lows. I find the HAS600s much more musical and better sounding over the HAS700. One of the best portable isolating phones for the price. Many skip on the HAS600s just because of the number scheme.
    Everyone thinks the HAS700s are better because of how it is named but I find the sound of them dull in comparison to the HAS600s. I was very surprised when I got my HAS700s and they didn't sound better to my ears in any way..The HAS700s have same specs as the HAS600 but use standard Neodymium Drivers.. This makes the phones sound kinda dull in comparison. Not too many guys will tell you about the HAS600s but they were a complete surprise to me when they beat out my HD238 and HD203 Sennheisers in sounds with better dynamics and clean balanced sound for music...Out of the 2 I would definitely try the HAS600.
  3. roark37
    Thanks for the reply.  One follow up though; are the HAS600 equally as comfortable as the HAS700?  I am guessing they are as from the pictures they look identical and I think have the same weight and are around ear, memory foam etc.  If they are I likely will go with the HAS600 as the comfort is what first led me to the HAS700 as I was looking for a less expensive Bose AE2 type which I find very comfortable.  I saw also from your post on the other thread I started about the JVC Flats that you felt the HAS600 is the ideal step up with a similar sound signature(but better) and that is exactly what I am looking for.  Thanks again.
  4. Dsnuts Contributor
    No problem. I just copy pasted the other thread as it is almost the same as this one..No body here at headfi has ever tried the HAS600 I think. I am probably the only person around here that has one. They are better in every way over the HAS700.. I was expecting the HAS700s to be better but to my surprise they weren't at all..Try them out and let me know how you like them. .They do require some burn in. They sound better once the drivers are loose.  Around 50 hours I would say..They are exactly the same as the HAS700 but with one very important detail. .The Driver material is better on the HAS600s. Carbon Diaphram is unique and you wont see too many HPs use these but they throw out some really good sound.. Give them a go.
  5. divideby0
    Do the HA-S600s fold flat like the HA-S700s?  Looking for a portable set of circumaural 'earmuffs' for winter commuting with my laptop bag.
  6. Dsnuts Contributor
    Yup. The build quality, isolation and usability, how they fold are both one in the same.. The big difference is in the sound quality however. The Has600 is not just a little better but substantially better. .
  7. divideby0
    Great, Thanks Dsnuts!  Might have to grab a set then.  Just finished modding my RX700s, but they're really bulky for commuting.
  8. Dsnuts Contributor
    I think I am perhaps the only person that has both the HAS600 and the HAS700.. I can tell everyone that are interested in these portables.
    They are awesome but absolutely need burn in.
    There are some that don't believe in burn in but I will just say both the HAS600 and HAS700s sound cruddy out of the box.. We are talking 80- 100 hours of solid burn on these.. After they sound awesome..Skip on the HAS700. Go with the HAS600s.
  9. Achmedisdead
    I just got a set of the HAS600....I'm at maybe the 40-hour mark, and they do seem to have opened up a bit. A nice fun-sounding headphone, and an absolute bargain!
  10. musiclover666
    I picked up a pair of 600s today for 35 bux. I wasn't expecting much but for the money these are pretty decent headphones. The bass can be a bit overwhelming and can bleed into the midrange depending on the music. I only gave these phones a 5 minute listen before my wife and I had to head out. But so far I like what I hear and they are definitely a fun sounding headphone. I will put them through their paces in a bit. 
  11. musiclover666
    Has anyone opened the 600s up to see if the bass can be tamed a bit?
  12. musiclover666
    Having listened to the 600s quite a bit over the last day I have noted that the bass seems to clean up a bit with amplification, but it is still a bit wooly and overbearing at times depending on the source material. Overall these are fun phones to listen to and good for me for commuting. I think I'll keep them for a kicking around can.
  13. musiclover666
    I have been listening to the 600's quite a bit, however, I still find the bass a bit overbearing. So like any good Headfier I decided to open them up and have look and see if there was anything I could do to tame the bass. Once inside my suspicions were confirmed as there are two open holes on the back of each driver. I decided to cover one of them up with double sided tape. It was better than stock, a lot less bleed into the midrange and much less sloppy and overbearing. So I thought if covering one was good then covering both would be even better. So I covered up both holes, put everything back together and had a listen. Nope. Too much of a good thing. Covering both holes killed a lot of the bass, took away a lot of the fun factor of these phones. I liked them better with only one hole covered. I removed the tape from one of the holes and confirmed what I had originally thought, one hole is the best. Bass is much punchier, less bloated and sloppy. They are by no means perfect, these are $35 phones. But they are fun to listen to and have become my commuter phones. 
    So if you do own a pair of the 600's you owe it to yourself to open them up and play around with taping up the holes. It might surprise you.
  14. Achmedisdead
    I just give them a slight boost in the upper mids with EQ......safer for me than opening up since I'd probably break something if I opened them up. [​IMG]
  15. musiclover666
    That works too.

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