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  1. D

    In-ear headphones compared to Beyerdynamic DT770

    Hi, Currently I'm using Beyerdynamic DT770 Pro (80 Ohm) and Custom Studio as main headphones at work. Paired with Creative E5 on PC and iBasso DX50 at home / mobile use. I really like how they perform from the price I paid for them ($120-150) - they sound great, VERY comfortable (I can keep...
  2. Cloudtastrophe

    KANOA Bluetooth IEMs Impressions and Appreciation Thread! 2017

    KANOA Bluetooth, Sweatproof, Wireless, Balanced Armatures.. IEMS! Lets hope they dont just LOOK good, but sound good too. Especially since they updated to a beefier knowles BA driver a couple months back. Its been a year and a half in the making but they are finally here! Just got news from...
  3. Meetite

    Need Help Chosing New IEMs

    Hello all, So I am currently considering buying a new pair of earbuds/IEMs and don't know what to get. There are numerous options out there and so many of them seem to just barely fit what I need while others not so much. I currently use a pair of RHA MA750s (no "i") with Comply foam Sport tips...