New IEM for 20/30 bucks

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  1. nxnje
    Hello, new here but not in audio
    I got used to high end products but atm no money to buy other good products so i moved my attention to budget IEM.

    I always listen to EDM music with many melodic and vocals parts so every frequency is important.
    My attention was on the KZ ZST and UIISII T8S but i've heard ZST has actually no bass and t8s sounds pretty metallic.

    The important things for me are :
    - isolation
    - fitting and comfort (no fatigue while listening for many hours)
    - balanced audio with good sub bass and punchy kicks, depth is important

    I know i can't pretend universe with like 30 bucks (on amazon dot Italy) but i would like to know if i could have a good IEM at this price point.

    (Curious thing : replacing the cable to the zst from zk, does it improve something in terms of audio?)

    Hope i get some tips here..
    Thanks a lot!
  2. cossix
    I recently found a pair of soundMAGIC E10c which sound pretty damn good for their price. Good across all frequencies but with bass emphasis
  3. nxnje
    What do u think about RHA Ma350?
    Online i saw they're better compared to soundmagic e10

    Anyway, do u have any info on the kz zst and their frequencies?
    I liked the fact they had modular cable.. but if it's not worth it i would prefer being redirected to another solution.

    So.. do you have any feedback or info about the RHA ma350?
  4. buke9
    Don’t know who said the ZST’s have no bass but that is just wrong as I own a pair. They are not my favorites as I think they are a bit bright and the mids have no body to them . The KZ ATE I like much more and they cost about $12 to $15 on Amazon I have always bought the cheapest ones myself and have no complaints. I had a second pair ready as I’m kinda rough on them at work and it took almost a year before I broke them totally my fault I hooked them on a lever on a piece of heavy equipment as I was jumping off of it and pulled the cable apart at the wye. Most of the time it pulls out of my ears or out of the jack but caught it just right this time and no cable would have withstood this. Another pair will be ordered soon as they are cheap and sound pretty darn good for the price and can take abuse. I would definitely pick The ATE over the ZST but given the quality controls on some makers not sure if the ZST is right as I’ve heard different impressions that don’t match mine and my new ATE seem to have much more sub bass as I don’t recall in my other pair not complaining but I didn’t notice it before. They still have the same sound signature but I just don’t remember the sub bass but I work in a high noise environment most of the time.
  5. nxnje
    How do u find other frequencies except bass in the ate? Can u give me a comparison with the ZST? I find zst more interesting but i would like to know a comparison between them
  6. bixby
    The RHA M350s are my daily driver.
  7. nxnje
    Is there true that cable makes noise when it moves so much so that ruins music experience?
    I've heard about it.
    Anyway, do u think zst could be a good choice or kz ate? I'm thinkin about one of these..
  8. bixby
    If you are asking about cable microphonics, then yes most cables will make some noise when walking or running, If you are sitting, no microphonics. But RHA includes a clip which you attach to your shirt when walking, no noise!
    Last edited: Nov 11, 2017
  9. nxnje
    Just watched on amazon and every ma350 user says they're absolutely impossible to be listened quite if you're always in movement.
    I use them mainly when i'm on bus or when i walk/run, so that would be a shame if my music gets ruined by continuous movements.

    I'm still watching some KZ like ZST, ZS3 and ATE/ATR.

    Can someone tell me the differences between these? I've read many many different opinions on the web.
  10. bixby
    EVERY headphone will have some resonance with your ear, cord or not. Try putting your fingers in you ears and tell me if you can hear your footfalls coming up through your body while running?

    That will happen with every iem or headphone. Cable noise can be loud or not so loud based on how you wear the iems. How many of those Amazonians were wearing them with the cable looped over the ear? This damps any cable movement noise quite a bit. And how many used the clip. Another tip that runners use is to route the cable under their outer shirt or sweatshirt. This damps cable movement even more.

    Good luck with your search. Tell us if you hear any resonance or cable noise when you get your choice of iems if you wear them down and let the cable swing.
  11. nxnje
    What about RHA-MA350 frequencies? I'm curious as i don't actually trust amazon reviews.
    Could you tell me how frequencies sound?
  12. bixby
    slight bass emphasis, clear and slightly forward midrange, clean treble with mild rolloff at the top, no piercing peaks, rolling tips is helpful for comfort and to get the sound signature you would like. I have used Westone, Shure, Phonak, AT, JVC, etc and these sound nicely balanced. I do have small ear canals and these fit nicely, I use Spinfit tips.
  13. harry501501
    The RHA M350 are horrible. Stay away from them, it's like putting a knife thru your teeth.

    KZ ATE - big soundstage, very smooth, fwd mids, big sound. Bass is deep and big but at it's price it's a it bloaty. Mids are very lush, treble isn't that extended. Fun IEM. Foams make for great isolation and slightly better detail. Good value.

    LZ ATR - a little similar to the ATE but bit more balance. Still a thick, smooth sounding IEM. Foams make for great isolation and slightly better detail. Good value.

    ZS3 - Horrible fit, big sound but a bit lifeless

    UIISII T8S - Did not like these at all.

    My recommendations

    Magaosi BK50 - great detail, really low sub bass with great decay and never muddies the mids which are airy and fun. Wide soundstage and decent detail in the highs. very comfy and great isoaltion. might be out your price league.

    Memt X5 - These little things are great. Big sound, good detail, very deep bass. nice slam on drums and cymbals. Smooth, great isolation. Fun sound. A more refined KZ ATE, much better treble.

    Audiosense AS 20 - (with foams) - Great depth to the sound, one of my favourite earphones actually even at it's price. I always like going back to these every now and then i have a lot of much more expensive sets. Big soundstage, great detail. Drums sound fantastic, deep well controlled bass (one of the best sets i have for bass)

    Check out they are fairly accurate with their reviews on sound signatures. Also check
  14. harry501501
    If you can push your budget - Fiio EX 1 or Brainwavz B150. Tremendous quality.
  15. buke9
    KZ Ate is hard to beat for $11 .
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