Best Connector for CIEM

  1. jxrx1
    Im an audio engineer and producer and have just landed a new gig where I (unfortunately) will be forced to work off headphones 100% of the time. Given the environment I’m working in and the work I’m doing I figured the noise isolation & sound quality of CIEMs was very hard to beat so I’ve settled on a pair of UERR’s.

    As these will be my first and only CIEMs I turn to the experienced hive mind of head-fi to ask the important questions.

    Whilst these will be primarily used at work with a stage style cable, I would ideally like to get both a lightning cable and a Bluetooth cable so I can enjoy music when I’m on the go as well.

    To that end comes my question: what connector go with?

    I’ve been recommended the MMCX connectors but then read they’re more prone to breakage. On the other hand, I feel like I’d be personally more prone to break the 2-pin connectors and have read of others breaking their IEMs because of ill-dmgjyting or improperly connected third-party 2-pin connectors

    These are expensive headphones so I don’t really want to break them - if the MMCX are more prone to cable breakage, I don’t necessarily mind if it means protecting the actual monitor itself. If 2-pin is less prone to breakage but has potential to break the monitor itself, I’d rather replace MMCX cables more often than have to replace the actual monitors...

    Any help, guidance etc. greatly appreciated.

  2. Oscar-HiFi
    2-pin recessed is the best if you can get it.

    2-pin is 2nd best in my opinion, and I do not like MMCX. MMCX are prone to a loose connection moreso than 2-pin, and they loosen with every cable change usually.

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