1. PPkiller

    Ibasso D2..

    some R&D info released by ibasso forks.... i guess it is to vs pico.. D2 R&D Report
  2. jpalenzuela

    My First DAC/amp. Need advice

    Hi everyone! I recieved my Grado SR80i's 4 months ago, these are my first pair of real HiFi headphones, Im loving the grado sound signature. Now I am planning to get a DAC/AMP combo to improve the sound experience. (I mostly listen to 16 bit FLACs) This device has to be good enough to drive...
  3. savedbythebell

    iBasso D2 BOA Portable DAC and Headphone Amplifier

    Beautifull sounding and built like a tank, for sale a 1 year old iBasso D2+ Boa , Digital to Analogue Converter and Headphone amp in one. Use as a DAC connected to your PC via USB to bypass the rubbish soundcard and release the sound of your audio files using the excellent Wolfson WM8740 DAC...
  4. keanej6

    Issue with my iBasso D2+

    First of all, I love this amp but for a while now i've been having issues with the output.  If the jack is moved a certain way it will cut out a lot of the sound.... it won't cut out a channel entirely but will get significantly quieter or the bass will cut out.  I listen to it while riding my...
  5. eightbitpotion

    UE Triple.Fi with solid silver cable with iBasso D2 Boa....

    Hey guys, I've had great experiences from the B/S/T section, so I figured I would give this a shot.  I'm selling some babied Triple.Fi 10s.  They come with the little tin, cleaning tool (never used, I have another tool I always use), all of the original tips (I've always used Complys, so never...
  6. andrew3199

    iBasso D2+ Boa Portable USB Dac/Amp

    I have a iBasso D2+ Boa Portable USB Dac/Amp for sale. I have owned the IBasso for about 18 months and am the original owner, comes in  excellent condition with carrying / travel pouch USB connector and charger.   Thanks for looking.  
  7. beneix

    D2-Boa problem - where to get replacement battery?

    I have tried to search for other posts on this but not found any.   I have had a D2-Boa since early 2009. It only sees occasional use, either on the go or next to my laptop.   Suddenly the other day when I took it out to use it, it wouldn't switch on.  I was surprised since this has...
  8. Jamesdeandoa

    HD 598 EXCELLENT + Ibasso D2+BOA

          Both purchased in August, Both Excellent Condition.  The HD 598 NEVER left my desk, did not get used as portable headphones.  Original Box, cable.   Ibasso D2+Boa Excellent Shape, includes warranty card, usb, power charger, leather pouch.     Ask For photos.  I have photos...
  9. buffalowings

    FS: green Ibasso D2+

    hello, I have a mint condition Ibasso D2+ green which I received in a trade less than a week ago, the battery holds a charge like it came fresh from the dealer (have yet to charge it since the day I received it, $115 shipped within the continental US thanks in advance   James
  10. vvaffles

    Mini-Audio MAD07 (Ibasso d2 boa) 110$

    looking to sell my Mini-Audio MAD-07 DAC/AMP, this is basically an Ibasso D2-Boa, but Ibasso is rebranded as Mini-audio within China. It's mint and works flawlessly. looking for $110 OBO. It comes with the shipping box, a manual (which is Chinese) and a cheapo pouch.    you can find more...
  11. Sephiroth619

    iBasso D2+ BOA (silver)

    Looking to sell my Ibasso D2+ BOA portable headphone amplifier. I've owned it for a while now but am in the process of upgrading. It's in excellent condition. I'm asking $150 shipped within U.S. for it. It costs roughly $190 shipped new.   Email: sephiroth_619 at yahoo dot com. It...
  12. nyjets28

    WTB: iBasso D2+ Boa or Leckerton UHA-6

    i don't have the funds to purchase this just yet, but by next Friday, 4/30 I will have the funds available.    please pm me if you have one willing to sell and can hold til then. thanks!
  13. cigarillofiend

    Fiio E7 Vs TCG T-Box Vs IbassoD2+

    So Im searching for a portable headphone amp within the $100ish range. Ive narrowed it down to the three stated above. I know the iBassoD2+ is a bit more however since its so well liked on these forums I figure the extra money may be worth it. The e7 and the D2+ have DACs however I'm not sure if...
  14. normalwrong


    I am looking for Ibasso d2/d4/d6/db2, TTVJ Slim+dac let me know if you can ship it to canada
  15. wredj10

    IBasso D2+ Boa, Green Version

    IBasso D2+ Boa, Green Version, as shown in the picture   Only shipping to United States Paypal only
  16. throzen0303

    iBasso D2+ Boa vs D4 Mamba [Amp ONLY]

    I have been reading many posts about the D4 being a really good bang for the buck. But the battery life (9hours) is pretty low, won't make it through a longer plane ride... I spot on the D2+ Boa, which uses the same TI PCM2706 Chip, does it mean, the D2+ Boa will sound just as good as the...
  17. Mayzei

    [SOLD] iBasso D2+ Boa USB-DAC/Headphone AMP

    Hello fellow Head-fi'ers,    For sale is my iBasso D2+ Boa USB-DAC/Headphone AMP in the standard "silver" colour (more like grey/graphite). It is in 9.5/10 condition, the only blemish being a pin-prick sized chip of the paint on the top of the unit (see pictures), however you'd never...
  18. jc222284

    JDSLabs CMoyBB 2.0.3 VS. IBasso D2+ Boa

    Which one is better considering both.
  19. sejarzo

    iBasso D2-Boa

    Selling off my portable rig. Bought this from another user here in early 2009. It's the D2-Boa, not the D2+Boa.   Some very minor surface scuffs but otherwise in great shape. Includes the original box, charger, mini-to-mini and USB cables, and I will include the Case Logic case shown. It...
  20. hma101

    Ibasso D-Zero vs. D2 Boa

    Hey everyone,   I just recently bought the D2 Boa from Ibasso's website. A few days after my purchase I saw that Ibasso has released the D-zero, which appears to have the same guts as the D2 only it's cheaper.   I emailed the company to see if they could tell me the what's the difference...
  21. LingLing1337

    Updgrade sound from iBasso D2+ and AudioEngine A2?

    Not sure where to go here. This is my girlfriend's setup and she says she wants better sound. The only thing I could think of, other than a sub, is a tube preamp. To go between the DAC output of the D2 and the amp in the AudioEngines.  Would this help with the sound?   Any ideas are appreciated
  22. jschristian44

    What to pair with my iBasso D2+?

    I just got this amp and have been out of the head-fi scene for a year or so.  I modded the HD555 and ever since I really enjoyed modding and listening to different headphones.  I had the AD700, HD555, RE-ZERO, TL-02, and a cheap Sennheiser model.  The RE-ZERO's had to be my favorite because of...
  23. jschristian44

    SOLD iBasso D2 Boa Amp Very Good Condition SOLD

    I want to sell my iBasso D2 Boa Amp because I want to get a different amp.  This is a great amp for portable use, I just want something more for desktop use.  It has the Wolfson 8740 chip in it which sounds very very nice.  The compact size of it is about the size of a deck of cards and so is...
  24. inego

    ibasso D2+ replacement

    Arrgh! In just happily throwing my ibasso D2+ into my bag, I seem to have broken the "charge" on/off switch by pushing it into the unit, so will need a replacement.   Now, I've been happily listening for a while and lost track of the "bang for buck" portable amp discussions. I actually don't...
  25. Tharbamar

    iBasso D2+ Boa (Green) USB-DAC/Headphone AMP

    iBasso D2+ Boa (Green) USB-DAC/Headphone AMP Main Features: - Wolfson WM8740 DAC Chip + TI PCM2706 - USB signal input, provides I2S interface for decoding - Works as a DAC+AMP Combo, a standalone AMP, or standalone DAC (Line out function) - 2-Setting Gain Switch for impedance matching - 470mAh...