1. PPkiller

    Ibasso D2..

    some R&D info released by ibasso forks.... i guess it is to vs pico.. D2 R&D Report
  2. jpalenzuela

    My First DAC/amp. Need advice

    Hi everyone! I recieved my Grado SR80i's 4 months ago, these are my first pair of real HiFi headphones, Im loving the grado sound signature. Now I am planning to get a DAC/AMP combo to improve the sound experience. (I mostly listen to 16 bit FLACs) This device has to be good enough to drive...
  3. keanej6

    Issue with my iBasso D2+

    First of all, I love this amp but for a while now i've been having issues with the output.  If the jack is moved a certain way it will cut out a lot of the sound.... it won't cut out a channel entirely but will get significantly quieter or the bass will cut out.  I listen to it while riding my...
  4. beneix

    D2-Boa problem - where to get replacement battery?

    I have tried to search for other posts on this but not found any.   I have had a D2-Boa since early 2009. It only sees occasional use, either on the go or next to my laptop.   Suddenly the other day when I took it out to use it, it wouldn't switch on.  I was surprised since this has...
  5. cigarillofiend

    Fiio E7 Vs TCG T-Box Vs IbassoD2+

    So Im searching for a portable headphone amp within the $100ish range. Ive narrowed it down to the three stated above. I know the iBassoD2+ is a bit more however since its so well liked on these forums I figure the extra money may be worth it. The e7 and the D2+ have DACs however I'm not sure if...
  6. throzen0303

    iBasso D2+ Boa vs D4 Mamba [Amp ONLY]

    I have been reading many posts about the D4 being a really good bang for the buck. But the battery life (9hours) is pretty low, won't make it through a longer plane ride... I spot on the D2+ Boa, which uses the same TI PCM2706 Chip, does it mean, the D2+ Boa will sound just as good as the...
  7. jc222284

    JDSLabs CMoyBB 2.0.3 VS. IBasso D2+ Boa

    Which one is better considering both.
  8. hma101

    Ibasso D-Zero vs. D2 Boa

    Hey everyone,   I just recently bought the D2 Boa from Ibasso's website. A few days after my purchase I saw that Ibasso has released the D-zero, which appears to have the same guts as the D2 only it's cheaper.   I emailed the company to see if they could tell me the what's the difference...
  9. LingLing1337

    Updgrade sound from iBasso D2+ and AudioEngine A2?

    Not sure where to go here. This is my girlfriend's setup and she says she wants better sound. The only thing I could think of, other than a sub, is a tube preamp. To go between the DAC output of the D2 and the amp in the AudioEngines.  Would this help with the sound?   Any ideas are appreciated
  10. jschristian44

    What to pair with my iBasso D2+?

    I just got this amp and have been out of the head-fi scene for a year or so.  I modded the HD555 and ever since I really enjoyed modding and listening to different headphones.  I had the AD700, HD555, RE-ZERO, TL-02, and a cheap Sennheiser model.  The RE-ZERO's had to be my favorite because of...
  11. inego

    ibasso D2+ replacement

    Arrgh! In just happily throwing my ibasso D2+ into my bag, I seem to have broken the "charge" on/off switch by pushing it into the unit, so will need a replacement.   Now, I've been happily listening for a while and lost track of the "bang for buck" portable amp discussions. I actually don't...
  12. oshia86

    Tell me if I got this straight. iBassoD2+ Boa

    I am looking at providing a nice boost to the audio quality of my pc. I know I would like to stay under $200. I have looked at different sound cards and amps/dacs, and frankly, I'm a little confused by all of it. Current rig specs -   Quote:   From my current thinking, I could ditch...
  13. sowht

    Shure SE535 + iBasso D2+ BOA

    hi,   Im thinking to get iBasso D2+ due the limited budget. but hows about D2+ performance to drive Shure SE535 since se535 famous with the hiss problem. the source will be ALAC + iphone4 via LOD.   Hi already read here and there but seems cant get my answer so i hope this okay to start...
  14. vegeto626

    Fiio E17 or iBasso D2+ Boa?

    Hi Guys, I am looking for an all around AMP/DAC, and am looking at these two options. All around as in I will be using this 50% with my computers (laptops/desktops) and 50% on the go. How do these two amps compare? I am mainly looking at the E17, however the D2+ Boa is attractive to me because...
  15. JPeck

    iBasso D2+ power

    I've got my iBasso D2+ last week, and I'm very happy with the purchase.   Just one question to everyone who owns it: Does it use USB port power when it's connected to a computer regardless of the charge switch position?   I never turned the charge switch to 'on' position, but it's...
  16. BigTortoise

    iBasso D2+ Boa or Leckerton UHA-4?

    So looking through this forum I have narrowed it down to these two:   D2+ Boa: http://www.ibasso.com/en/products/show.asp?ID=43   UHA-4: http://www.leckertonaudio.com/products/uha-4/   I am still open to suggestions so if you think you have a better suggestion please feel free to...
  17. digitalfrog

    Fiio L9 LOD with Ipod classic & Iphone 4S + iBasso D2 Boa sounds terrible

        I have this great LOD for my ipod classic and I have no issues with it (http://microshar.org/product_info.php?manufacturers_id=&products_id=125)   But it does not work with the iphone 4s, so I bought a Fiio L9 to try it out.   It plugs in properly, but the bass is cut off and...
  18. wired00

    Cracking volume knob on iBasso D2 Viper. Fixable?

    Hi All, I've owned a iBasso D2 viper (with replaced opamp chip) for quite some time now. Since using it when connected to my Mac via USB it slowly developed a loud cracking/scratching sound when I change volume. It also continues to crackle lightly in the background. If i very gently adjust the...
  19. Jamesdeandoa

    D12 as dac only with mstage and ibasso d2 as preamp

    Howdy So I can either get a good deal on a dac I know little about due to unpublishable reviews (m stage dac) or just use the d12 which has a nice dac. Also I have a d2 boa kickin around which I will either sell or maybe use as a preamp? How would this do as a preamp? So d12 vs mstage dac And...
  20. Mooses9

    Differences Between Ibasso D2 - BOA and D2 + BOA

    i was looking on ibasso's website and was comparing some specs and was kinda confused as to what the differences were between the ibasso d2 -boa and ibasso d2 + boa   specs of ibasso d2 - boa:   Main Features: - Wolfson WM8740 DAC Chip + TI PCM2706 - USB signal input, provides I2S...
  21. JPeck

    FiiO E7 to iBasso D2+ Boa: would it be a worth upgrade?

    Hi, fellow head-fiers.   This is my first posting, but I've been reading the forum for many years. :)   I'm currently using Fiio E7 with my Macbook, and it drives my Sennheiser HD595 or Beyerdynamic DT770 (250ohm). If I get iBasso D2+ Boa, would it be an upgrade?   I don't actually...
  22. HolyXtremeZ

    Best headphones for Country under $300

    As the title says, I have no idea what headphones to get.. I am a fan of T.Swift.. Thanks! :) Amp: I don't have one yet.. Might be getting cricri or D2+ boa
  23. MartWilliams

    portable amp for Galaxy Note 2 and Grado SR80i heaphones?

    Hi all. I've been plowing through these forums for the last few days and largely as a result of what I've read here and after testing a few headphones bought a pair of Grado SR80i's to play on my Samsung Galaxy Note 2. Now while I am very pleased with what I am hearing (being a non audiophile...
  24. astro

    Best sub $100 amp/DAC for Etymotic ER4S?

    $50 would be a sweet spot. Bonus if it comes with a nice DAC.  I see the E11 on the F/S section for $50. I also see an iBasso D2+ BOA for $90. Would that make a noticeable difference? I would like a bass boost for a bit more oomph on some songs.
  25. Coop

    USB DAC problem

    I have a iBasso D2+ and a Fiio E7, both use a pcm2706 for USB and a WM8740 as the actual DAC. I recently bought a new laptop, and no matter what I do, the iBasso is not being detected by the laptop. But when I connect the Fiio, everything works as expected. And by not detected I mean not...