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  1. I

    DAP recommendation for Sennheiser HD600

    This is my first post (after introduction) on head-fi. If I have made some mistakes, please bear with me. I have a Sennheiser HD600 which I use with DAC/Amp Fiio EK10. While this setup works great when I'm using it to listen to music on my laptop or watching movies. I was wondering if there is...
  2. R

    headphone for jazz/hiphop? What is best?

    Hey all, my old headphones gave up on me after 3 good years and I would like to upgrade! My budget is max 200-250 and like I described in the title I would like the headphones to be suited for jazz/hiphop/lofi. I have a simple FiiO olympus 2 DAC/AMP already so I hope this will be good enough? I...
  3. S

    Looking for work earbuds

    Im looking for something that will cancel out the heavy mashines i work with but still enables me to hear someone talking to me. I dont know if this is even possible. Price doest matter. Prefered something small so it just sits in the ear instead of the outside. Hope someone can help, if there...
  4. Pinkomeno

    Aune X1S volume problem

    Hello, fellow readers! Did you ever had this sort of problem? "Windows Volume: 20%; AMP knob: 9 O' Clock; Volume pressure measured by a calibrated UMIK-1: 120 DBs" Like *** I can't listen to it at all, it's so loud I think I'm going stupid here. All my previous listening was by listening...
  5. S

    What should I choose between an mp3 player and the kz zsn pro and the kz s1 alone

    So my phone's jack broke. These are my options. If this helps you, I listen to metal.I listen while on the bus but while home too. If you have any alternative let me know.
  6. DatBlueDatsun240

    Cable mod help

    So my beloved samson sr850s died and i can't find any guides on a detachable cable mod for it. If anyone has done this before I could use some advice. I have a 3.5mm female to solder points thingy already.
  7. ivankg123

    Bluetooth Headphones? Which one to choose?

    Hello everyone, I recently came to this forum to talk about stuff hi-fi. So i really want to buy a good pair of Bluetooth Headphones for around 120-155 euro and i find myself on crossroad. I really loved the Marshall Monitor Bluetooth Headphones they seemed just right for me. I mean as a guitar...
  8. N

    1st time my own headphones(driver swap)

    so I have this pair of headphones I really liked, but I noticed the drivers are 32 Ohm and most headphones I've tried are 48 Ohm to 50 Ohm, per driver. I want to swap the current drivers in favor of some open Air 48 Ohm drivers. I'll remake the ear cups if I have to, thats not an issue, I'm some...
  9. Pinkomeno

    DT 1990 Pro: 2KHz Peak!?

    I hope I'm posting in the right place... anyhow: Some of you may know that I've got set on a ZMF Aeolus a while ago, but I still need to create songs and that's where I will always use my DT 1990 Pro. Now, yesterday I did a tone sweep and I found a VERY big peak at 2.2 KHz (2KHz with the B...
  10. W

    New member here and looking for some advice

    Hello from Portugal ;) I just joined and I'm looking for some advice on some headphone amps. I mostly game on the PC, listen to some music as well and sometimes even watch a movie but my main focus is casual gaming. A lot of casual gaming (when I have the time that is...)!! While researching...
  11. michalprzybylowicz

    Burson Audio Playmate Vivid issue with microphone in windows 10

    Hi, I have Burson Audio Playmate Vivid DAC/AMP. I have installed XMOS drivers from their website: Burson_UsbAudio_v4.59.0_2019-04-02_setup.exe In the Device Manager I see that the device is properly detected: The sound is perfect ! But I have issue...
  12. Pinkomeno

    I'm lost, any help? (Headphone Recommendation)

    So, I was listening through my DT 1990 plugged into an Aune X1S until I noticed a few things: -These headphones are for mixing and mastering, NOT to listen to music (IMHO). -I have tinnitus problems and the highs on these beasts are just... Shrimmingly bright. -Bass is just a tad laid back. So I...
  13. D

    Need new headphones and need help please

    Hi all i’m Look for a new set of headphones possible Bluetooth , I like decent sound and would want to use my new set down the gym. I currently have the Sony 1000xm2’s. I was considering grado but they are open back. I’m after something with the same sort of sound signature, as the sony’s...
  14. L

    Help: G933 vs Ath-m50x vs Vmoda m-100 ?

    Hi guys, how the title says I need to know which one of these 3 headphones could make me happy! I’m a newbie so please be patient :) I’m currently using the Logitech G933 but I would like to upgrade to a more professional headphones! Do you think I can hear any differences between g933 and...
  15. Y

    my first, hopefully last, desktop balanced dac amp

    hey guys i just recently got into the audio game and i got myself a hifiman he4xx with the fiio q1mk2. later on i will get tougher to drive headphones and im hoping to start at a point that i dont have to upgrade more and spend more money you know. saving the money for the future now basically...
  16. Drty LilBits

    Chronological order search

    Hi all, I have been a part of the community for some time, although not highly active verbally. I was wondering if a MOD or someone with some knowledge of this sites functions could help me figure out how to correct an issue I've been having. When I type in the search box, ex:" NFB-11.28", it...
  17. unavibal

    Audioengine D1 or fiio e10k as DAC

    My old dac broke, so now i need a new one. I would really like to buy something like a modi 2 or odac, but I live in Switzerland and the audio market here is really disappointing, leaving me with two options, the Audioengine D1 and the fiio e10k. I would use the device as a dac only and use the...
  18. X

    First headphone amp choice, need help!

    Hi guys, wanted to know if someone could help me out on this one. I have a choice between two headphone amps for my budget: Fiio E10K for 90 bucks Musical fidelity v90HPA for 90 bucks (2014 secondhand and comes with a Audioquest Forest USB A B). By the way, It's for my Beyerdynamic dt770 80...
  19. T

    Custom DAC/Amp/Amp Combo build (Odac/O2/252s)

    TLDR; Taking my current Odac/Objective 2 + Stax SRM-252s setup and building it into a single chassis, while adding VU meters. Please skip to the Challenges section, because I do need some help with this! Inspiration: Stax SRM-212 Protype (Showcased at CES2016) My imagination. The actual...
  20. artuone77

    HELP: inexpensive IEMs with detachable cable

    Hey guys, I was looking to get some quality IEMs since my sony IEMs (Sony MDR-XB90EX) broke a couple of months ago and I haven't been able to fix them. I would like to try ones with a detachable cable for under 80euros/$ , since all of the earbuds that I have owned broke because of their cable...