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I'm lost, any help? (Headphone Recommendation)

  1. Pinkomeno
    So, I was listening through my DT 1990 plugged into an Aune X1S until I noticed a few things:
    -These headphones are for mixing and mastering, NOT to listen to music (IMHO).
    -I have tinnitus problems and the highs on these beasts are just... Shrimmingly bright.
    -Bass is just a tad laid back.
    So I decided to search on the forums for people who had the same experience as mine and I found no one having it. I would like you to help me decide on my alternative pair of headphones so that when I want to listen to music I'll use these, and when I want to go back to my "work" I'll use my DT 1990. My tastes are very strange, apparently. I like big massive sub bass (not LOUD) with a "chesty" sound. Also dryness is a big problem for me, if my current pair of headphones weren't as dry as they are they would be a god bless but, since they are the exact opposite, my ears bleed sometimes. If you want some more information, please just ask me. Here's an example of what I listen to (don't kill me pliz): https://www.dropbox.com/s/3627w3kkduv4act/myfirstheadfipost.wav?dl=0
    Thanks in advice!
  2. koover
    Well I'm in the same boat as you. I have tinnitus and have quite a few headphones.....just because of this impairment to put it quite bluntly.
    Budget is very important, so give us an idea on how much you want to throw at a headphone please.
  3. Pinkomeno
    Budget is pretty high, around 1000 (since it's my very last headphone)
  4. nordkapp
    Sony Z7/Z7 MKII. Either one will easily meet your intended objectives.
  5. koover
    One headphone I own is the ZMF Aeolus. It's an open back and it's brother is the Atticus which is a closed back. It possess many of the attributes you're looking for and it's one of the better HP's I own for my Tinnitus as it's really smooth, detailed with great bass depth. I wouldn't say the bass is "massive" per say but it's pretty darn good and it's quality. You're amp/DAC should have no issue driving them but it may be a bit over your budget at $1199.99 but well worth it. There's been a few in the classifieds for about $1K seeing they just came out. There is a wait for them as Zach builds each one by hand and he's got quite a backlog of orders but again, well worth the wait if you want new and this is something you're interested in. Take a few moments and read up on it.
  6. Pinkomeno
    I heard the Sony Z7, and I love them... Unluckily enough I cannot find them anywhere now. Those ZMF Aeolus seem ridiculously good. I have heard and seen very good things about them. I just hope that being in Europe won't make that big of a difference. If I wanna audition the ZMFs I have to go to the UK, and I'm in Italy. Thanks for the replies guys! I'll have a deep look at them both.
  7. nordkapp
    There is a pair for sale now on US Audiomart.
    Or get the mk2.......
  8. Pinkomeno
    Wow that's... Amazing to say the least. Thanks!
    nordkapp likes this.
  9. squeakez
    I don't have tinnitus but I did have surgery on my right ear last year that has left me very sensitive to high frequencies. I found a headphone that I think is amazing - has deep subbass, beautiful mids and highs that don't irritate. It is open-back and very underrated, at least on Head-fi. It is the Monoprice M565 and can be had new for around $150. I use ZMF protein leather pads over the stock pads to make it over ear instead of on ear. I ended up selling several higher end headphones because it blew all of them out of the water for me - EMU Teak Lawton Level I & II, Campfire Audio Cascade, Denon D7200, AKG K812, and ZMF Eikon. At that price, it might be worth giving them a shot.
  10. ebjarrell
    LOL, ohhhhh how many times I've seen that comment thrown out the window.
  11. Pinkomeno
    I would like to offend you xD
    But no, seriously. This is my LAST, then I'll move onto speakers ;P
  12. Pinkomeno
    Well, I've gotta be honest with you, I don't like Monoprice in general... Their QC is "out of the windows", so I heard.
  13. squeakez
    I have owned the Monoprice M1060 as well and it was built beautifully. I actually have become a huge Monoprice fanboy. The M565s are my favorite headphone I have ever owned. Please check my Profile to see all the headphones I have owned over the past 8 years. Right now the M565 can be had for $99 on eBay. That is a screaming deal for sure.
  14. Pinkomeno
    I can see an MDR Z7, how is it?
    By the way, I must say this: f*aaak... I was about to set on the ZMF Aeolus but right now I'm more confused than ever xD
    I am going to Firenze in 2 days and there I will be able to listen to: HD 650, LCD (pretty much all of them) and the MDR Z7, gonna update my opinion eventually to help out others in the same boat as me.
  15. squeakez
    I was not too impressed with the Z7. It seemed kind of muddy in the bass and lacked clarity in the mids especially. This is compared to the M565 and HE-560. It could just be that it didn't pair well with my system. I ended up selling it yesterday.

    It can definitely be confusing with all the choices. I have always just kept on trying headphones and either selling or returning them. But that is all part of the game and I have really enjoyed the journey it has taken me on.

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