headphone reccomendation
  1. Lunatic21

    Looking for a new IEM

    Hey guys, so I'm looking to replace my IEMs. I've gone through a pair of nuforce IEM and the Shure425s and Shure 535s. I liked them both to be honest, but Shures sound isolating and noise cancelling was the best thing I've experienced, along with the design that allowed you to fall asleep with...
  2. eldus

    ~$250 fullsized Headphone recommendations

    I currently have AKG Q701,K702, K240s. I do love clarity and detail, but am looking for something perhaps a tinge darker, not sloppy in the low end. My amps are Magni 3 and little Dot 1+ with Burson v5i opamp. I listen to 60s 70s classic rock, prog, some 80s rock, some metal, jazz, classical...
  3. B

    Compliments for Sennheiser Hd 800

    I currently own the HD 800 and is looking to buy another headphone to compliment it. I want another more relax and lay back headphone. My budget range from 600 to 2000 USD. I don't mind buying used headphones. Can you guys help leave some recommendation. Thank you for your time.
  4. K

    Headphone Recommendation Help please!

    I’m seeking to buy my dad headphones as a birthday gift that will enhance his music listening experience. I’ve already purchased an Earstudio es100 for him as a portable amp. He has diverse taste in music, with the exception of most classical & hip hop and he mostly listens while relaxing at...
  5. Pinkomeno

    I'm lost, any help? (Headphone Recommendation)

    So, I was listening through my DT 1990 plugged into an Aune X1S until I noticed a few things: -These headphones are for mixing and mastering, NOT to listen to music (IMHO). -I have tinnitus problems and the highs on these beasts are just... Shrimmingly bright. -Bass is just a tad laid back. So I...
  6. L

    Upgrade to closed can from hd 598 reccomendations?

    Hi everyone, I'm a new poster to head-fi but have viewed the forum on many occasions for headphone advice. I'd like to get some recommendations for a pair of great sounding closed can headphones. I've been using my hd 598's for about 3 years now and I absolutely love them. But, I play a rhythm...
  7. S

    Teach me the ways of headphones, reccomend me a headphone

    Budget: 300USD Source: PC and Android phone Isolation: as much as possible, I want to block out the world, im hesitant on active isolation however Wireless: Unless it is amazing I would prefer wired. Headphones in Public?: yes Preferred Type of Headphone: Over Ear Preferred Tonal Balance...