1. hifihead

    Grado RS1i, PS-500, GS1000i, which one for jazz?

    I listen mostly to instrumental and vocal jazz. I used to own a RS1i that I liked alot for jazz. But I would like to know if the other 2 headphones are better for jazz. Which of these 3 headphones would you choose and why?   Thanks in advance.
  2. burningv

    Best Bang for My Buck Mini to RCA Interconnect for my Grado RS-1i and Mad Ear +HD

    So far I have a generic Mini to RCA plug plugged into my Indigo Echo DJ sound card (bad source I know). I plan on upgrading to a PS DSL III or a Burson Audio DA DAC later along the road. I'm looking to spend $200, but no more than that. Any suggestions?  
  3. scott5526

    Rs1i vs LCD-2 vs LCD-3

    In a couple months I'm going to be graduating from my high school so I was hoping to get a new headphone setup before college with approx. a 2k budget.  Right now I'm using a Grado 225i with senn yellow pads and an Ibasso d12 with stock opamps.  I enjoy the "in your face" sound of the grados...
  4. DjAmTraX

    Grado Reference Headphones RS1i Unboxing Video

      Just got these.  My very first Grado.  I love how they look.  Stay tuned for my impressions.  
  5. blackwolf05

    A call to RS1i, PS500, and/or HF-2 owners!

    So I'm a big fan of the Grado sound and I think it is that time of the year to upgrade! I currently own a vintage pair of original grado 325's driven by a RSA mustang amp and I love their detailed sound, and even though many people find them too "bright" I think it adds that extra crispness to...
  6. DjAmTraX

    Picture request, Sony MDR-XB300 ear pads. thinking of using XB300 on Grado RS1i.

    I hope someone here with XB300 can help post some pictures of how the ear pads come off and what it looks like on the back.  I was thinking of installing those pads on my Grado RS1i.  Thought?
  7. MrAwesome

    Grado GS1000i vs Grado RS1i

    I currently have the AKG K701 and was thinking of getting another pair of phones,    Here They are side by side compared in specs       My question is what sounds better?    The Headphone Amp I...
  8. stacker45

    Grado PS-500 vs RS1i impressions

    It's been two weeks since i got my PS-500,and so far i'm impressed, i had the chance to comprare them with the RS1i for a few days,and i'm glad i did,because i was initially set on getting the RS1i and never thought for a moment about the PS-500.But after reading so many favorable reviews i...
  9. kinkadius

    What to get with my $500 Amazon Gift Card (rs2i? rs1i? D7000?)

    Hello Everybody! Long time lurker, first time poster!   Okay, Getting to the point:   I love good headphones. The problem I've had for the longest time is that I only really get good in-ear models, and then get ghetto over head models. Observe my current selection:   Shure SE535...
  10. ryder78

    Newbie Seeking First Pair Of Headphones - Grado RS2i, RS1i, GS1000i vs Beyerdynamic DT880, T1, T5p

    I've been lurking around here for a long time and gone through countless of threads on the archives for the past few weeks. After a decade long of constant upgrades, I have finally arrived at a decent loudspeaker-based system at home which I can live with for a long time. I've decided to call it...
  11. CB3874

    Help me choose between Grado PS500 or RS1i

    Hello,   I'm close to picking a new pair of cans and need some help. Right now it's either the Grado PS500 vs RS1i. I dig both of them but I'm having a hard time choosing between them. I like the balance of the PS500 plus it's a $100 bucks cheaper but also dug the crisp high end of the RS1i...
  12. DNZGamer

    LD MK1+, MK III or La Figaro for Grado RS1i?

    Never have bought a full sized headphone amp before, this will be my first purchase. Hope to gain some guidance on how much I should spend. I hear tons of great things about both the LD 1+ and MK III on forums but another poster suggested the La Figaro 336c. My question is, which would be the...
  13. DNZGamer

    Do I need an amp or DAC + amp for RS1i?

    Recently went to my local seller and purchased the RS1i, upgrading from a v-moda m-80. I spent like an entire hour listening to music between the P500, RS1i and HD650 before deciding on these but I have 30 days to try them out and exchange for the HD650 (which I also loved but could not drive...
  14. SmettMark

    RS2i vs RS1i

    I've only seen a comparison with their non "i" models. Is it worth the extra money for the rs1i? How do they compare, especially in mids and highs?
  15. Yogi619

    Keep my MS2's, go for RS1i's, or PS500's?

    Hi everyone, I've been lurking around for quite a while, and reading the threads prompted me to pick up my first decent pair of headphones; my MS2's. So far I have zero complaints, but I also realize that there is room for improvement. The next piece of gear that I plan on buying will be the...
  16. Raoul Pathak

    Newbie audiophile - Complimenting Grado RS1i + some technical questions.

    Hello Head-Fi community,   I am completely new to the audiophile world, but made a big first step today by buying a set of second-hand Grado RS-1i headphones, which I have yet to receive. I have tried to read up on some material, articles explaining the theory of impedance, gain, found out...
  17. DNZGamer

    Dark Voice/La Figaro 332s or Little Dot 1+ for RS1i?

    I need to decide between these two amps in the next few weeks but I find there is so little info on the 332s other than its better compared to the 336c.   I know the LD1+ is really great for Grado but is the 332s equally good? The reason I consider the 332s is because in the future, it will...
  18. VitaX

    Amp Recommendations for HD650 and Grado RS1i ~ Budget $500

    I need some amp recommendations for the following two headphones since I'm quite new to all this:   Grado RS1i   Sennheiser HD650   Budget is $500 per amp   The sound card I have in my computer is an HT Omega Claro   Musical Taste: Alice in Chains, Buckethead, Chevelle, Led...
  19. KVP

    HE-500 vs. Rs1i

    Is anyone able to suggest one of these over the other?  I was pretty much set on buying the HE-500 to match up with my Schiit Lyr amp, and in fact had a pair home a few months ago for a few days until the right earcup broke off of the headband, so I sent them back.  I liked the sound, but as...
  20. audiokid

    In search of the most suitable high end headphone.

    Hi, I'm looking for some advice on high end headphones. I currently own a Chord Hugo and some Audeze LCDX and Grado RS1i. I like the physical lightness and excitement of the Grado, but like the warmth and depth of the Audeze. Trouble is, I find the Audeze to be the better headphone but I...
  21. whirlwind

    Grado RS1 & RS2 & RS1i & RS2i

    Can anybody tell me if the RS1i and the RS2i both come with buttons on the grill as well as without the buttons?   Thanks for any help with this.
  22. MrAwesome

    How huge is the upgrade from Grado SR80i to RS1i?

    Both used on a good pre-amp, and lossless audio. How huge is the upgrade from these too? I'm not talking about the money, but the sound? good improvements or bad?  Is it worth the upgrade? Cos I can start using my SR80i outside my house once I get the RS1i. 
  23. BillsonChang007

    How bright are Grados?

    Hello everyone!   I heard good stuff about Grados which is great for Rocks and I listen to those genres in the afternoon in my room. Feeling to give it a try but afraid it might be slightly too bright for my taste as I tried the Sennheiser IE800 and don't like it. So my main question is how...
  24. Nightspore68

    Grado RS1i / Beyerdynamic T1 / Audeze LCD-2 comparison

    Yesterday I received these three headphones as demos from The Cable Company. I thought I should post my initial impressions.   RS1i - crisp, very detailed, possibly favors the upper end, but very nice so far. Also very efficient (loud for given volume setting).   T1 - These are hard to...
  25. Bodycount

    Help! Amp for my Grado rs1i around 500/600 $

    Hi, I am going crazy reading the various treads in the forum to find out which is the amplifier, or amp+DAC combo, that best matches with my Rs1i around 500\600 $. I also wrote to Gradolabs and they suggested me the Schiit Asgard II. Many people speak well of the Little Dot 1 + but I wonder if...