1. Bassheadspl

    Is It the amp or is it the drivers that are clipping? Sony XB500?

    Hello headfiers, i have an issue with my Sony XB500 headphones. I notice that when i crank up the volume on the fiio e11 very high, when the bass gets to a point when it becomes subwoofer crazy, i hear clipping sound from the drivers. I hear the clipping sound on the right driver first and when...
  2. MBerger

    Audiophile Beginner - Portable Gear

    I just began to dive into hi quality sound/equipment a few weeks ago. I'm amazed at what I've been missing out on and how much apple has basically ruined music quality without their consumers even knowing about it. I recently sold my Bose Quiet Comfort 2's and I'm looking to invest in a decent...
  3. Oregonian

    Mad Dog owners............were you once a basshead? Because I gotta know how you adjusted............. not really feeling the bass with Mad Dogs.  I'm used to Sony XB700's and M Audio Q40's for a point of reference.  I love bass and my truck has 1200 watts with a 10" sub so yes, you could say I like the thump.   I hear and see on graphs that the MD has plenty of deep bass. ...
  4. FlatListener

    Full size better at low volumes?

    Hello,   This is my first post in the full size forum. Although I usually try to find existing information before bothering people with general questions, I did not find anything specific for low volumes and deciding between full size or on-ear type HP's. I usually use way too many words to...
  5. nhullheart

    best headphones for under $400

    To make it short and simple i want a good set for about $400.  i listen to techno, rock and roll, r&b, and classical.  i want something with HEAVY bass though.   any suggestions would be fine!   also i want good audio(of course) and good build quality
  6. jenriquenunez

    need some help on some portable headphones

    i narrow down my choices to sennheiser hd 439 and monster inspiration, monster's are 100 bucks more expensive, i want to know if its worth it to pay 200 for some monsters headphones.   is mainly to listen r&b, electronic, dubstep and all that. Plz some good oponions guys btw im new here 
  7. ethanw

    Going from IEM's to full size, or portable cans

    I apologize for posting this in two different forums, but I figured I may get additional expertise in the IEM forum on the IEm side of things here.    OK, so I think I want to give some full size or portable cans a try. But here's the thing. My main source will be an iPod Classic 7th gen. I...
  8. Jcat4

    Good overhead headphones for EDM around $300-$400

    Hello all, I am in search of a good substitute for my krk rp6 monitors for when I move on campus for college. I would like a pair of over-ear headphones  for EDM (primarily progressive house and trance). I am looking for good bass with a lot of impact on kicks without sacrificing too much in the...
  9. amigomatt

    Disappointed with my Sennheiser HD598s. Thoughts about this..

    Hi guys,   It's not without disappointment that I'm writing this post.  I've given these HD598s a good few months now and I'm on the verge of selling them and wondering if anyone here has ideas about which alternative cans might be the next right choice for me.   I'd like to state that...
  10. sasd2020

    P3 vs Momentum vs Amperior

    what is the best choise above these 3 headphones(ipod touch without amp for mp3,usually hip hop,pop,rock) Hope to choose a good on-the-go earphone plz
  11. SHP53

    Need help choosing portable headphones $100-$200 IEM/OEM

    Going to New York City in August pretty soon and looking for a decent portable headphone in the price range of $100-$200. It can be IEM or OEM but preferably OEM since I think that will have better sound quality. I can't take my Denon D2000 on the trip because it is too fragile, so the headphone...
  12. czyzler

    Help with Headphones/Amp/Soundcard connection for best sound setup

    Hey All, new to the site and have a few questions to get the best possible sound out of my headphones. I am kind of a newbie when it comes to this. 1.) I currently listen to music/movies/games on my desktop PC using this setup: Soundcard- HT Omega Claro...
  13. sloomingbla

    an upgrade from sony xb500? (180$ budget)

    Hey guys i just joined head fi and was wondering what a suitable upgrade would be for my xb500's.   I love the bass in them but the treble is really lacking, and i was thinking the ultrasone hfi 580's would be a good enough upgrade as people say they have really 'full' bass and the treble...
  14. Fuzaken

    Fischer Audio FA-003Ti(W) vs FA-003 vs FA-002W HE?

    Hi all, Can't seem to find what I'm looking for in previous threads so going to post here: I just got my hands on some FA-002W HE's and was wondering how they sound in comparison to the newer FA-003TiW's. I read that the FA-002W's were basically FA-003 with wooden cups and an audio...
  15. Razorphyn

    Headphone suggestion for wide use(almost everything)

    Hi, I'm an absolute ignorant about headphones,but unfortunatly I have got ears and I get tired of my cheap earphones. My uses:     music: rock,punk,eletronic(house,trance and others that I can't define) classic ->70%     movies -> 10%     gaming -> 20% Also I would like to use them...
  16. Brooko

    REVIEW : Revisiting the Brainwavz HM5 – A Retrospective (plus bonus look at pad and cup options)

    Pros: SQ, clarity, comfort, build, balance, accessories, isolation, value, carry case (new), pad options Cons: Clamp force, slightly lacking some bass relative to treble (easy EQ though), pads can get sweaty, not the best for spectacle wearers. For larger views of any of the photos...
  17. jeanvaljean

    On-Ear headphones for Indie Folk/Acoustic music from an iPod Classic?

    Hello! For those who just want a quick rundown, refer below. Otherwise, here's my situation: I'm definitely not an audiophile or anything, but I do enjoy my music. I am in need of an upgrade from my Sennheiser hd 201's, which are okay, but the cups are uncomfortable and the high's(I think) are...
  18. DJGarvis

    Looking for my first pair of cans/amp.

    I have been searching for months, reading reviews, asking around, trying to get a solid can in my price range. Currently I'm looking at spending no more then 250$ For a amp and some cans. Right now I'm stuck with two, the akg k 240 mk II and some DT 770's. I have also been looking into a...
  19. Hifi Man

    Going back to the drawing board, looking for new headphones again (for the third time)

    I ordered a pare of AKG K240 headphones to hold me over with some money I earned doing a day of landscaping. Otherwise my spending limit is under 300 - 400 which is all I have (400 only if it's absolutely necessary, then I'll save the money)   I'm looking for headphones that can be driven by...
  20. MaxDynamo

    Best headphones for Dubstep, Electronic and House music..

    Hey guys, i want to buy the best headphones under 200$..with the best sound quality and the greatest damn bass so that my pants will fall down and make some ******* omelete ..and they have to look classy as ****..please HELP !! :D
  21. techboy

    The truth about Sennheiser wireless headphones (Review of Sennheiser RS 170)

    The truth about Sennheiser wireless headphones (Review of Sennheiser RS 170) Review of Sennheiser RS 170 Wireless Audio Tech Perfected! Sennheiser RS 170 is a mid end wireless headphone set. It retails for Rs.16990 in India or $279 in USA. It comes with a transmitter Sennheiser TX 170 (the...
  22. techboy

    Review of Sennheiser RS 170

    Review of Sennheiser RS 170 Wireless Audio Tech Perfected! Sennheiser RS 170 is a mid end wireless headphone set. It retails for Rs.16990 in India or $279 in USA. It comes with a transmitter which needs to be plugged in to play. It uses Kleer wireless transmission technology which indeed...
  23. mnarwold

    Yamaha YH-1 Ortho Quick impressions

    I just got a good listen on these headphones at a friends and thought I'd share my quick thoughts just in case anyone is interested in a vintage pair of ortho headphones. I did this listening while going back and forth between the YH-1 and my HE-500s. I've heard of these going for $60, but I...
  24. Hifi Man

    Isolating headphones for post rock, shoegaze, and post punk, under 200 dollars?

    I find my AKG K240 headphones don't block out any outside noise, which becomes frustrating throughout the day, because there's people working on the house next door, there's trains coming by, there's people mowing their lawns etc. I feel like I can hear every detail of sound BESIDES MY MUSIC...
  25. T-bag

    Audiophiles, I need your help.

    Okay so I'll just get straight into it. First of all, I am not an audiophile and I can't consider myself as one,but I'm not a newbie. I have a Sennheiser HD-598's and I love them. I've done 50+ hours burn in and they're amazing. I used to listen to music from my macbook and then shifted the...