Going from IEM's to full size, or portable cans
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Dec 20, 2009
I apologize for posting this in two different forums, but I figured I may get additional expertise in the IEM forum on the IEm side of things here.
 OK, so I think I want to give some full size or portable cans a try. But here's the thing. My main source will be an iPod Classic 7th gen. I do have a Fiio E11, but nothing better for an amp. I like a large spacious soundstage, and on the slightly bassy side of neutral. Not too much extra bass, but just a hair above flat. I don't have much tolerance for sibilance. I'm open to closed or open shells (correct term?). I'm looking to probably sell or trade one of my IEM's (so about a $300-$350 used value) to get my full size cans or perhaps smaller on ear/over ears.
So without a high end amp, can I get cans that will perform at the level of high end IEM's? I'd love to hear what full size cans can do for bass and soundstage, but if I can't give them what they need in terms of source or power, then I might as well keep my IEM's.
IEM's I like: Heir 4.ai (would prefer a bit more bass), UE900 (again, would like a tad more bass), SM64
I like all music but country and opera, so no real help for you there. I'm a former bass player so I want that little bit of bass boost, but I don't want it muddy or bloated. I like it tight.  I'd rather not get treble fatigue either.
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Jun 9, 2011
Head-Fi LA
I would have to say either an Sennheiser HD 650 or an HiFiMan HE-5LE.  I prefer the HE-5LE out of the two because I tend to like the additional brightness that it offers (without being sibilant of course).

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