1. SO74

    beyerdynamic dt1350 amp

    i am looking for a cheap ($50-80) portable amp for this can.  What do you recommend?   Thanks
  2. sloomingbla

    Pro 900 worth the money for upgrade?

    I am a basshead, and i currently own the hfi 580's. What i want to know is basically, what are the main upgrades on the pro 900, and is it worth 300$? Thanks guys.
  3. Hifi Man

    At what point do headphones become too nice for MP3 and no DAC?

    I noticed that most people with nice headphones have some sort of digital to audio converter and amplifier and claim to use FLAC files. Personally, I just listen to MP3 and use a portable amp for my AKG K240, or just use my Sony V6 straight out of my iPod. Would it defeat the purpose of nice...
  4. abablitz

    Hi, Could Someone Please Clarify This...

    So, I've been lurking for almost a year now. I'm a beginner audiophile.   My Set up Includes: -Fiio E11 -Creative Titanium HD -Maddogg T50RPS -Miles Davis Tributes IEM   I've been looking for a new pair of cans lately. My genre is mostly rock, classical, jazz, and kpop etc. So...
  5. Arvan

    JVC HA-FXC51.. Woah impressive!

    I was bored last week so i thought i would scout for some new in ears.. Stumbled across these FXC51, the micro HD driver and the placement of it made me pull the trigger. First impressions is very positive!  Soundstage is impressive. I have not heard an iem sound so "airy" as these. Bass is...
  6. FlyingPigman

    Sennheiser PX 360?

    Hey, I'm buying a new pair of headphones, and I went to best buy. I previously though my 518's were amazing, however, I went to best buy and tried on a pair of PX 360's. Needless to say, I was surprised by their sound. I guess I've gotten too used to open back headphones. Anyways, what's...
  7. dominicanyunior

    Need help choosing headphones

    Here my story. I really own a couple not so expensive headphones which includes  sony xb500 apple earbud  Astros a40 ( yes I used them for music even though i bought them for my gaming rig)   So here is where I need your help I'm going to buy 2 pairs of headphones one for gaming and...
  8. Andriokz

    Is the E11 enough for the DT 990s 250 ohm

    Pretty much says it in the title. After hours of researching basically it says I need an amp and a DAC for the Beyer Dynamic DT 990s Pro 250. I'm going to be playing from my desktop and the FiiO comes bundled with the DT 990s for 200.   I know the classic setups of the Magni and Modi or the E09k...
  9. Eric95M

    Need Help With Amplified IEM's

    I don't hear well (an understatement), I use a Fiio E12 (upgraded from E11) to drive my iPod with a line out dock.  I use almost all of the E12's power. To the point the IEM's get warm in my ears.  I have only found 2 IEM's that are able to stand up to the usage I put them through.  I have tried...
  10. Bassix

    [Amp/Audiophile Noob] What is an amp? What does it do? How Much? Ect.?

    I looked at a few tutorials and such, and they are either extremely advanced, or so dumb they don't explain anything thats worth knowing.   Here are some questions I would like answered:   What is an amp? What does it do, specifically for headphones? How much is a decent amp for a...
  11. Wildgift

    Fiio E-11 and Martin Logan Mikros 90: a nice package, with one niggling problem: poor customer service

    I picked up a Fiios E-11 amp and a set of the Martin Logan Mikros 90s. Each cost 60.00 online. This is an awesome amp, and the MLs just came alive with it. I've burned them in for about 20 hours. Incredible depth and presence, and I have never used a headphone amp before. The eq settings are...
  12. Luthus

    E11/E12/E18 for Sennheiser Momentum + iPod Classic 7G 160GB Setup

    I'm currently looking to obtain one of the following FiiO E11/E12/E17 portable DAC/AMPs to hook up with my Sennheiser Momentum and iPod Classic 7G 160GB, I intend to use a FiiO L9 LOD to join them.   Will these improve the sound quality I get out of my iPod Classic through my Momentums?  ...
  13. Metalomaniac

    Help a newbie with an amp and LOD

    I just bought Sony F886, and am looking for a portable amp and LOD combo. The DAP has enough power to drive my Kef m200 and Sennheiser CX300 IEMs. But if I want to really blast with the Kefs, I'd need more power on the go.   My research has more or less settled on FiiO E11, perhaps with an...
  14. Andriokz

    Is the E11 enough for my DT 990s 250 Ohms

    Pretty much says it in the title. After hours of researching basically it says I need an amp and a DAC for the Beyer Dynamic DT 990s Pro 250. I'm going to be playing from my desktop and the FiiO comes bundled with the DT 990s for 200.   I know the classic setups of the Magni and Modi or the E09k...
  15. imranh101

    Want to use E11 as a permanently-plugged-in solution. Ideas?

    So, I have an old E11 that I used to use when at school and such. No longer at school it hasnt been used for a while.    Want to use it so I can use headphones w/ TV but that would require me to charge it then un plug it all the time. Would rather just be able to plug it into a USB port on my...
  16. Roers

    Do not buy Fiiio amps

    If you have had an amp from them you know they have decent sound quality at a good price. But if you look harder at the solders in the devices(E11 E17) you will see they are cold solders. Meaning that over time under cold/heat/vibrations they will wear out and have to be touched up. If you are...
  17. Dkesner4

    Which portable headphone amp produces the most impact bass.

    I have the ultrasone pro 900 and am looking for a portable amp that will make its bass unmatchable. I listen to mostly dubstep, if that helps. I am thinking, maybe the digizoid zo2? So if you know of a portable headphone amp that produces the most impact bass then let me know. :)
  18. spbach

    Portable setup for HD 25-1 II

    So, I have my desktop setup and now I want to get more into the portable world; I figured the HD 25 would be a great place to start. Along with the actual headphone I'll be getting the BTG audio midnight cable. I currently have a Galaxy SIII and I'm wondering if that will be sufficient in...
  19. TripBitShooter

    The new FiiO E11 Kilimanjaro2!

    I found the new FiiO E11 Kilimanjaro2 on a local store's website. Whoever has impressions, pleas post them!
  20. efros1o

    Fiio E6 vs E11 sq

    Hi All,     I wondered if there would be a noticeable difference in sound quality, coming from a laptop with decent sound card or iPhone, between the Fiio E6 vs E11.  I have the E6 and it seems to work very well with my ATH-M50s and Senn 518s but if it will make a noticeable difference I may...
  21. Leondinas

    Ordnance.22 Portable Headphone Amplifier

    Recently, i just jump into interesting deal in my local I have tried to look it up online but barely see any review or comparison. I also discovery it is not a brand but rather a series made by Jaben audio shop: ( The deal is pretty attractive with 40$ for this amp which...
  22. bluPython

    Considering buying a FiiO e11. Any opinions on these?

    It's mainly for use while watching tv and movies since my tv has no headphone jack. I'll probably also use it with my digital piano too. Do you know if this headphone amp would sound better than the headphone jack on a typical receiver. Or the headphone jack on a basic set of computer speakers?
  23. myemaildw

    bass dac?

    where can i get a bass dac, or bass amp or whatever it's called. there is one on ebay for 40 euro, this is a type of thing i am talking about...
  24. AllahLover69

    Looking for Cheap portable amp

    I'm looking for a portable amp to increase the sound quality of my ATH-M50xs along with my HTC One M8. I'd prefer the price be below $50, preferably lower, unless the increase in sound quality is that much better. I plan on bringing this on the road and to school, so I'd like it to fit in my...
  25. NiklasBrock

    "PHA" for Beyerdynamic DT 990 Pro 250 ohm

    I currently own the Audioengine D1 which i bought with my A5+ on my desktop. A couple of months ago I bought the DT 990 pros which i love.   However, now i am looking for a portable headphone amp, since the D1's have no such features.   First I was thinking Fiio E11 then (because I use a...