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Portable Amp For HD 598

Discussion in 'Portable Headphone Amps' started by erdemince, Jun 13, 2014.
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  1. ErdemInce
    Recommendations up to 80 dollars please :)
  2. PurpleAngel Contributor
    FiiO E11 portable DAC headphone amplifier.
  3. ErdemInce
    Would it make recognizable difference ? 
  4. PurpleAngel Contributor
    "Recognizable difference" from what?
    The FiiO E11 can easily drive the 50-Ohm HD598 and it's with in your budget.
    I have the E11 and I think it does a nice job of driving headphones.
  5. ErdemInce
    what i mean is i will use this with my laptop my ipad and my galaxy 
    will this headphone run good enough with these or will this amp improve them ? ( sorry if i just said something wrong im new :D idk anything )
  6. ErdemInce
    am i wrong isnt an amp a device plugged in between a headphone and the outputting device which gives more power and makes the headphones sound better ? also i have no idea what a dac is and if it will be better if i get an amp/dac instead of e11
  7. PurpleAngel Contributor
    Some "outputting devices" come with built in headphones amplifiers, some do not.
    Chances are the FiiO E11 is a better headphone amplifier, then you might find in some lower costing "outputting devices" that already have a head amp.
    DAC - Digital to Analog Converter (DAC chips are built into just about anything that outputs audio (TV, smartphones, receivers, mp3 players, iPods, sound cards, etc)
    A lot of products can come with lower costing DAC chips, here on Head-Fi the idea is to spend money (sometimes a lot) for a better DAC feature/function.
    Most audio is stored and processed in a digital form, but amplifiers are analog and our ear are analog input.
    So before we can hear stored or processed audio, the digital audio signal has to be chanced to an analog audio signal, that is where the DAC comes in.
    On head-Fi, usually DAC refers to an external DAC device, it has a digital input (could be USB, optical or coaxial) and an analog output, which can also be called a line-out, that line output audio is then sent to a amplifier (head amp or speaker amp).
    Some DACs come with a headphone amplifier already built in, some DACs come with both a line-output and a amplified headphone output.
    Depending on what sources your using for your digital audio, can effect what would be recommended to you (DAC, amp or combo DAC/Amp).
  8. ErdemInce
    Ok I know I asked a lot but : the final point of the question was : is the difference of the sound quality i will get from my output devices with and without amp worth buying a 60 dollar amp or is hd 598 already very good without e 11 . thanks for the current answers by the way , you helped a lot ! :)
  9. PurpleAngel Contributor
    As you seem to want keep it a secret about what source devices your using, it's hard to say.
    But the HD598s are fairly easy to drive, so the HD598s would work plugged into just about any source, even if it does not come with a "true" headphone amplifier.
  10. ErdemInce
    "But the HD598s are fairly easy to drive, so the HD598s would work plugged into just about any source, even if it does not come with a "true" headphone amplifier."                                                      So the amp wouldnt change anything, hd598 already would work at full performance ?
  11. PurpleAngel Contributor
    "what i mean is i will use this with my laptop my ipad and my galaxy"
    Guess I missed the post where you said what your using the HD598 with.
    Guess I should wear my reading glasses more offen.
    I would assume the E11's amplifier design is at least a little (or more) better then what the laptop, iPad & Galaxy come with
    The Laptop, iPad and Galaxy each might benefit in each it's own way, to some degree, when using the FiiO E11.
    The E11 comes with bass boost, so you would at least get an option for a little more bass.
    If you hooked up a $250 tube amplifier to the HD598, there would definitely be a noticeable difference. 
  12. ErdemInce
    Well Thanks for the help but its a little unclear you still didnt tell me what i asked :) do YOU think that the help ( difference ) it will do is worth the price and the trouble of carrying it ?
  13. PurpleAngel Contributor
    The Sennheiser HD598 are kind of unique, they will work with a $30 mp3 player or a $300 tube amplifier or my $550 A/V receiver.
    Sennheiser markets the HD598s as something to be plugged into a desktop amplifier, not "portable" stuff, but they do work fairly well with portable stuff. 
    To me yes, I would spend the $60 for the E11 to use with the laptop, iPad and Galaxy.
    But sense I have never listened to the audio from the laptop, iPad or Galaxy,
    it's hard to say for sure what a difference it would make.
    I would maybe think to spend a little extra for the FiiO E07K DAC/Amp, as you can also use it's nice DAC feature with the laptop (and maybe the iPad?)
    For your $80 budget, I would think to just buy some 32-Ohm JVC HA-S680 folding closed headphones, even easier to drive then the HD598 and easier to travel around with.
  14. ErdemInce
    Ok got it now , thanks :D I will get the e07k and i would like to hear if you think that i should spend a little more to get an even better one , because im gonne buy it once and i wanna make sure im buying good enough :) but as far as i understood you recommend the other headphone because its cheaper and more portable , not because of better performance, did i understand right ? if i did understand right , its not a problem , ill get the hd598 :) thank you very much again ! 
  15. cripple1
    I owned the HD598 as my second foray into higher end headphones when I joined Head-fi. They ran fine out of my ipod, my gf's ipad, my macbook pro, my TVs 3.5 output, and my Galaxy S4. They sounded great... or at least I thought they did, until I paired them with a newly purchased E07k. After that they sounded so much more full, and when I went back to the outputs on my devices, everything sounded kinda dull and more thin. I personally think the amp is worth the investment, but the E07ks DAC doesn't work with portable devices. If you wanted an all in one portable amp/DAC solution then you would need a Vamp Verza, Hifi M8, or Theorem 720, which are very pricey. So I second getting the E11 or E07k (the DAC does work with laptops).
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