1. LJN

    Replace Cowon D2 with the new Cowon J3 ?

    Today I have Cowon D2 and UE Superfi 3 and I like this combination. Soon I get a new pair of UE TF10 and I hope that will be at least "one step" up in SQ.  But, I am at the age of 50+ and if I dont wear glasses I have some problem to see the screen details on the D2. Therefore I look at the...
  2. gimmethatbeatfool

    DAP that can drive a 64 ohm or 80 ohm can (sin amp) to their full potential?

    I have a Zune and a Clip +, and I feel that they are a little underpowered when it comes to supplying some of my higher impedance cans with energy. Most noticeable is the lack of bass, even in some of my more bass heavy phones.   Rather than buy a new headphone, I would rather buy a new DAP...
  3. ExpatinJapan

    Anyone try the kenwood mg-f516?

    I saw the kenwood mg-f516 whilst I was in a store sampling the Cowon J3. Anyone have any experience with the kenwood players?   //////Kenwood introduced  3 new models of digital audio player (DAP) for theMG-Series F500: The F516-MG, MG-MG-F508 and F504.  this new line-up has 4 GB / 8 GB / 16...
  4. thenightman

    Cowon J3 got wet in the rain... what to do?

    This morning, I got up early and decided to jog with my Cowon J3. Stupid me forgot to check the weather. As I was jogging, the sky decided to roar at me with thunder and pour rain all over the place. My shorts that I was wearing didn't have any pockets, so I started panicking before deciding to...
  5. chnsawBrutality

    Need a new DAP, details inside

    So, I've narrowed it down to the 8GB Fuze, Cowon J3, or a 16GB Sony Walkman.   Here are the main priorities I want in the player + Long battery life + High sound quality- will be used with whatever highest format I can rip my CDs into, but not FLAC, unless I can tell the difference, so...
  6. Party

    Cowon J3 Bad Build!

      Man I just got my J3 and the bottom right corner is coming apart, it is lifting off! I saw on some other website’s forum that it looks like a common theme! So I am now thinking for returning it and getting a different player! I don't know if I should take a chance and swap it out to...
  7. Bennyboy71

    Cowon J3 Firmware Update 2.21 Now Out
  8. Artmuzz

    Cowon J3 Audio L/R function

    I have been experimenting with my Cowon J3 and came across this Audio L/R function under the system settings.  Is this supposed to be a panning function? As when I try the fucntion to the maximum of 10 the sound only pans slightly to the left and -10 the sound only slighly pans to the right...
  9. the limp man

    Sell J3 or Other earbud/headphones

    Hello,   I was a lucky owner of e Creative Zen Vision M and Sennheiser MX/500 earbuds.   The ZMV is worn down and i wanted something new. So after reading reviews and impressions on the forums I bought a Cowon J3. I don't want an Ipod because of Itunes and after a dissapointing...
  10. 123eddie123

    A band in my head

    Hi all.   This may be a really stupid post out of desperation as I cannot find what I am looking for and find it impossible to audition all the iem, iem/amp combinations possible. Any pointers would be greatly appreciated even though I understand it is an almost impossible ask and you may...
  11. slaters70

    Ety MC5

    UPS man just delivered a red pair. I bought them out of curiosity. Stuck on a pair of UM56 custom sleeves, and these phones are very, very nice, but a lot more listening and tips to try. Also, may need a little bass EQ, but the mids and highs are Ety all the way, nice phones.
  12. yianni

    stuck between sony x series, j3 and s:flo2

    currently im using a clip+ with an alo rx and some old shure iems or my hfi-780, i will be buying either dba-02 or ck10  iems to use with my setup im just stuck between a portable source now and im not sure which, i dont really listen to flacs but i wouldnt mind having the option open, and i...
  13. Averruncus

    Upgrading from TF10s

    I got my TF10s as my first pair of top-tier IEMs a while back and have seemingly rediscovered music! Everything seemed better and clearer then anything I have ever experience, truly, it brought tears to my eyes.   But then I started getting used to my TF10s and recently have been able to...
  14. Hellesoe

    upgrading my mp3 player plus headphones last q's before i press buy :)

    Hello all :)   I have a so called "problem"   it all started with my sansa clip getting stolen, together with my Shure se210's   so i need a new pair of IEM's and a MP3 player   MP3 player is prety much decided to be cowon j3 32gb with an 16gb microSD   but the headphones is...
  15. joebags

    Are iPods a no-go for audiophiles?

    It's a stupid question and sorry for asking, but from all the pictures I see posted, no one uses an iPod. Is it poor sound quality and lack of Rockbox support for newer models?
  16. Artmuzz

    Cowon J3 freezes and crashes when trying to play videos with microSDHC card inserted

    I have just noticed a bug on my Cowon J3. Whenever I have a microSDHC card inserted and I try to go into the videos folder the J3 freezes and the screen goes weird and I cannot switch it off until I hit the reset button. The videos I am trying to access are the J3 default demo videos as I don't...
  17. dario

    The new Cowon J3 has micro sdhc slot (from audible pdf) seems to be the real J3, it was created 11/02/10... What you think?
  18. Artmuzz

    Cowon J3 - Saving tracks from SD card to favourites

    Hi,   Recently I bought the new Cowon J3 and it is a superb DAP but there is one problem. The problem is that whenever I try to save tracks on the microSDHC card to favourites list it doesn't save them. When I reboot the J3 and go to the favourites list, the tracks on the internal memory...
  19. ExpatinJapan

    Which should I buy?

    I have a thread in the headphones section and one member kindly suggested I post this question in this section.   Which combination should I choose and why? At the moment I am leaning towards Cowon...
  20. Freeze

    32GB Cowon J3 import question

    If you import this from Korea is the players menus and such gonna be in Korean and not english?
  21. JTVD78

    What PMP should I get?

    Right now, I have the iPod touch 16gb 1G. I really like it, but I don't like how I have to use apple lossless, and that the iPod is centered around iTunes. There are so many players out there, and I'm new to all this audio stuff. However, I do like how the iPod has a huge touch screen and tons...
  22. Schultz

    Cowons portable music players

    Gentlemen, I hear that the folks around on this website certainly know their stuff when it comes to audio hardware. Cowon is a brand which seems to be quite respected around here, and good sound quality is associated with their products.   Well, ive been looking into their portable music...
  23. AllsWell

    Can someone recommened me an MP3 Player ?

    Hi there, I'm looking for an mp3 player, something that sounds "excellent". The headphones I would like to use on it are Grado's SR325is. The music genre I listen to is this; Ambient, Classical, NewAge, Hip-hop.   I've been using an Ipod touch (first generation) for a couple of years...
  24. goober-george

    Refurbed 64gb I-pod touch 3rd generation for $285 shipped @ woot!

    Pretty good deal, I'd say..
  25. 2rooi123

    most versatile dap?

    so after a long wait on the s:flo2 and using it for the past few weeks, ive come to realize it is not what i need. The sq might be better than average but the ui just looks plain and dull, has no reverse/forward track buttons, most importantly battery life is too short (which leads to charging...