1. Danieldanik

    Looking for MP3 player for sport & home use (~140$)

    Hey guys i'm looking for mp3 player up to 140$ (can also be used or refurbished) Uses: running and home use Size: smaller then ipod touch, bigger then sansa clip Features: touch screen, good looking, marketplace is a bonus! Thanks. (Also give me mp3 players for up to 300$ so I could find...
  2. NDat

    Portable Music Player? <250$

    I'm thinking of getting a music player, I have few (but important) criterion for them.   Plays FLAC I have about 20gb of music, so anything above that Under 250$ Relatively long battery life (~5 hours min) Ships to Canada (please)   Are there any good music players that fit this...
  3. avaddon

    need replacement to cowon 7.

    important: equal or higher sound quality. 50+hours of playing. in fact. direct copying \ usb drive functionality. mp3\flac\wav support. (ogg\ape is optional) size about 75x35x20mm. (~3x1.4x0.8 inches) 16gb. (or less if sd support)   any suggestion?   i looked to teclast x19hd...
  4. ads1107

    Cowon J3 worth?

    Hey all   Just curious as to roughly how much my Cowon J3 would be worth if I was to sell it?   - Black  - 16gb - Purchased 1 yr ago - Few cosmetic marks (never dropped, nothing major, just from every day use and leaving in pocket/bag) - Will come with the stock earphones (not...
  5. Admiration

    Cans for $250

    Hi, sorry if there's a dedicated thread for this. I just wanna ask Head-Fi's opinion on the best cans(portable or not) at this price range. Would prefer something with great isolation. I read a lot of reviews, but am not accustomed to terminologies, and they don't seem to translate well. Musical...
  6. flentge

    HM-601 or J3

    Hi all, looking into new portable music source. I have Grado SR-60i and will be picking up RE0 in the next month or so. I am looking for the best audio quality. I want something that will play flac, and have good size storage whether it be on board or small card storage. I have a 120g ipod now I...
  7. sz1999

    Does J3 SQ meet your expectation?

    Cowon J3 is a very popular media player, i saw people rave about its SQ, but i am very disappointed, so i want to seek your opinion on J3 SQ, does it meet your expectation?
  8. jujulio

    Own cowon J3 soon pl 30 and dba 02, need advice for a portable usb dac/amp thx

    Hi there, it's been a while!   I own a cowon J3 with which i am really satisfied, i recently broke my monster turbines, could have repaired the cable but wanted to try something new, so went for the pl 30 as best bang for the buck for running sessions and dba 02 for mobility usage (subway...
  9. buffguy

    Does FLAC music files drain more battery life on DPA than mp3 files?

    I recently purchased a j3 player and was curious if FLAC files on a DPA drains more battery than mp3 files in 320kbs or 128kbs? If so, what is the reason why FLAC drains more battery life?
  10. thenightman

    Good earphones to go with a Cowon J3?

    I'm about to purchase a new Cowon J3 as I've heard so many great things about it and Cowon in general. Now I'm just curious about the perfect pair of earbuds to go with it. I hear that the Sennheiser CX500 are great and I see that Amazon is selling them for $35 (down from $120!), but I know...
  11. clarinetman

    Should I get rid of my J3 for an iPod?

    This last weekend I had the pleasure of going to RMAF with a friend of mine. I went to Ray Samuels' table, and started listening to some of his portable amps. He asked me if I was using the HO or and LO, and I told him the HO--Then he told me not to waste my time buying a portable amp because...
  12. meurglys0

    Anyone (especially members from Hong Kong) shopped from this site: exportprive com ?

    Well, there's a site that sells the new Cowon X7s and I and a few others on the X7 thread would like some feedback on this site before we venture into shopping from there...   Does anybody know this site:     They provide 2 addresses:   EXPORT PRIVE LTD. 11th Floor, AXA Centre...
  13. buffguy

    Does cowon j3 have a built in amp or can it be used with a portable amp such as the pico slim?

    I know the cowon has no line-out.  What is the lineout used for?  Isn't the headphone jack a line out?  Please excuse my newb questions. Thanks.
  14. Party

    Who is are the leaders in portable AMP/ Need best AMP for my setup DT 770 PRO 80ohms

    Ok guys I have been searching for quite a while now and I still don’t know what portable amp to get… First who makes the best portable amps (the general consensus); it seems that Ibasso makes some quality equipment and is on top of the game. Which brings me to my next question is the iBasso...
  15. Mnemosyne

    Cowon users!! question about the eq setting

    i just got my cowon j3 today!!   i have some questions about the eq settings. when i was using my s9 before it broke i always set the eq to Hip-Pop personally, i like bass. (most songs i listen to are rap, and some j-pop) however, the negative part about Hip-pop is that the soundstage...
  16. Angelopsaro

    Samsung Yp-M1 vs cowon J3

    Well i was sure i was going to buy a cowon j3. I searched all similar pmps and had my mine decided. But thne i bumped into Samsung M1 and i compared their specs. I noticed that M1 is actually  smaller than j3 (98.9 x 54.2 x 9.9 mm) vs (106.5 x 56 x 9.9 mm). It seams its build quality is not...
  17. vegetaleb

    I have a Samsung P3 am I crazy to get the Cowon J3?

    Ok so I have the Samsung P3 for more than a year and here are my comments: -Great quality sound when using EQ -Tiny screen for touch ending up 3 over 4 times with unwanted selection -Great BT to cell phone connection -Screen is NOT usable outdoor at all in sunny days -Fonts could be...
  18. BoogieWoogie


    I'm looking for good sound quality and I have narrowed it down to Cowon i9 and D2+. These have buttons to operate it in the dark right. Which you think would be a better choice and why ?
  19. idvsego

    S9 vs J3 vs Zune HD

    Need a new DAP with good video playback options and decent SQ for music.  I think I have narrowed it to these 3 but cant seem to break the tie.  Here are my thoughts.  Maybe someone can add something I have missed   all players have a nice screen and about the same storage capacity.   ...
  20. authistic

    Order by sound quality

    Hey guys..   I know this is a quiet .. stupid thread but I am quiet new to mobile sources.. I need to get a good overview..   So I would love to know which players are "omg-damn-nice" and which are the "bah-dat-sux" =) So could anyone please order the following players by sound...
  21. j57park

    cowon j3 on PC - problems?

    Hi, I was wondering if the j3 is as buggy on PC as it is on MAC OS X.   I normally use my macbook but if I do get the j3, I'll be using my old PC desktop (WIN XP) to do all the j3 related stuff. I'll be transferring the music files over a USB drive from my macbook to pc then to the j3.  ...
  22. wazzupi

    cowon j3 or ipod touch 4th gen please help me !

    I own a headstage arrow 2g+re0/re1/ath-es10 Im looking for a new portable source I am very interested in the j3 or new touch But my main concern is SQ. I know very little of Ipod touches and I know what to expect from the J3 and overall should be better but here is my problem I would have to pay...
  23. esteban92

    Wich option is better Ipod Classic with Lod+fiio e7 or Cowon J3

    Hi to all the members of this forum.I would like to know your opinion about wich DAP is better. Right know I have an Ipod Classic 120 gb 6th Generation with my favorite music with Apple Looseless, but I want to know if this ipod with a fiio e7 and a LOD would beat a Cowon J3  in sound quality...
  24. FlyingDonkey

    mp3? player with THE sound quality, bluetooth file transfer, memory card slot and hardware keys.

    Hi there, i am looking for a portable sound device with some futures required. I need it to have: 1. Great sound quality, i don't care what kind of sound codek it'll play ( mp3? mp4? flac? ) 2. Bluetooth conection for file transfer ex. from a mobile phone, 3. File manager so i can delete...
  25. tehort

    New gear: AMP+Player up to 350 bucks

    So, I currently have a um3x and a Rockboxed Sansa Clip+ which unfortunately is dying(screen fails sometimes).   Some players that got my attention:   Cowon J3: would've been perfect, if not for the bass roll-off with low ohms IEMs, as I plan on getting an SM3    S:FLO 2 + AMP: I've...