1. wicked.ludicrous

    Portable players recommendations

    I'm asking for any recommendations anybody would give for portable mp3 players. I've read that the Clip+ has great sound, but nothing about anything else. The Sony E34x and S54x players also came to mind, as it's something I'm looking for. So yeah, I'm looking to get a rather small player that...
  2. beck13

    Cowon V5HD SQ?

    hi, how's the V5HD's sound quality? it's not any lower than J3 is it?
  3. vunique

    J3 connected to PC?

    I'm going to move into a little room next year (damn budget accommodation) and I don't want my music playlist to be limited to my 16gb J3. My computer with an Asus xonar essence STX is sort of an option but I think the computer (the case is an antec 900 by the way) will take up valuable...
  4. dustyex99

    Which would be better? J3+uDAC or Fuze+D4

    Sorry if this at the wrong forums! Need some of your brain power from you guys!   Has been a lurker for the past 6mth and i learned quite alot from here! I just acquired a TF10! Which I am enjoying now! However, the sources I am using is prevent my TF10 to unleash to its fullest...
  5. zotjen

    Cowon J3 Under Review By Amazon

    Edit: Note that as of 9/11, the notice has been removed and the J3 is for sale again.   The following notice currently appears on the Amazon product page for the 32GB J3:   Quote:   The most recent customer review was posted yesterday by someone who claims they received 3...
  6. joev789

    Newbie: Advice on amps and a decent source

    Well first of all hi I'm Joe and I've read around the forum alot when I was looking for a pair of cans and now I'm even more curious for more audio gear.   I started off about 2 months ago searching for some real nice headphones for price that I could afford about 6 months ago and someone...
  7. halfpower

    Need Earbuds

    I just got a Cowon J3.  Right now, it sounds similar to in store demo of the Touch and not as good as in store demo of the X-Series.  ...The stock earbuds have to go.  I'm pretty sure that is the problem.  Everything sounds blurry to me.  I'm looking for earbuds in the $30-60 range, and they...
  8. windowphone7

    How can we measure DB sound loudness level on cowon J3?

    Hi   after reading cowon 's instruction, it states that listening at 85db or below is ok. However, i don't know how i can know that which db level i am using. Does any owners of the J3 know how to do that?   thank you
  9. halfpower

    Does Capacity Effect Performance?

    I've noticed that the 8 GB Cowon J3 is $50 cheaper than the 16 GB J3.  A micro SD is $25, and I don't have 8 GB of audio, unless you count CDs.  Will an 8 GB J3 with a 16 GB micro SD card perform and sound just as good as a 16 GB J3?  I'm wondering if and SD will require extra voltage (and power...
  10. SammyH

    Sansa Clip+ - a decent alternative to a J3?

    I'm a basshead who likes to listen to music at high volumes with thumping bass, such as dubstep, drum and bass and hip-hop.I've been using my iPhone 3G with my HD25s and they've done the job very well.   However since I've ran out of my space on my iphone I need recommendations on a new PMP...
  11. ThibWay

    bored by my Shure SE420 :(... Need adivses for a model with a signature I like...

    Hello,   (Not necessary to read the spoiler)         I was thinking of Shure SE535 though the price is absolutely exagerated and doesn't seem to go down, or Shure SE530 at a fair price : I can have it at 270 euros... Maybe if I give you some examples you'll be able to help me...
  12. bestrolledLs

    Headstage Arrow + J3 + Laptop

    Im going to keep this short and simple.   I have some Ultrasone DJ1 Pros, a cowon J3, and a laptop with a busted headphone port. Im looking for an amp that I could use both with the J3 when i'm on the go, and my laptop for when i'm mixing in logic or just listening to music. can the...
  13. windowphone7

    question about cowon J3 charging and listening

    Hi   I have just got my brand new cowon J3 today. However, I am pretty surprised at realizing that i can't play the player during charging either through USB with laptop or USB with power adapter.   I search around the internet and know that it is quite common for player not being able...
  14. SammyH

    Cowon J3, iPhone 4 and HTC Desire

    Apologies for the rather strange (and possibly off-topic) thread title, but please bear with me.   Up until now I've used my iPhone 3G as my portable source. However now that my contract with my provider has run out, its upgrade time!   Now I've given myself these 3 possible options:  ...
  15. JimBob1971

    Portable gear for JH16s : Cowon J3 v iPhone 4 w/wo LOD

    Hi,   I've ordered a set of JH16s, and was wondering how to improve my portable setup (which is really only an iPhone 4!).   I can't afford the HiFiMan (and don't really consider it portable) so was considering the Cowon J3 over my iPhone (with lossless music)   1) Will the Cowon...
  16. 4DThinker

    Noreve now has a case for the Cowon J3.

    I just got an email from them.  $50 U.S., but if it is as nice as previous cases they made then it is probably worth it.   Noreve Link.
  17. EWBookLuvr

    Cowon J3 for FM Radio Recording and Audiobooks w/ bookmarking

    I'm looking for feedback on use of the J3 (in the US, if it matters) for listening to audiobooks I download from my public library and to record/playback FM Radio stations.   I have a Creative Zen Vision:M and need a new player as this is starting to 'act up'.  Creative no longer supports FM...
  18. noteventime

    A player to replace my (cracked) D2

    Long story: A year and a half ago I got a D2 to replace my dead clix2 and now I'm looking for a new player to replace my broken D2 (some clumsiness resulting in a cracked screen making the touch screen unusable).   I'm somewhat undecided on whether to get another 8GB D2 for $135 (prices...
  19. ejoslin

    Headphone suggestions for Cowon J3. Alessandro MS1, Grado SR225, something else?

    I've been reading threads about Alessandro MS1 vs Grado SR225 and am thoroughly confused.   My source will be a Cowon J3, unamped.  I currently have Phonak PFE IEMs which I'm happy with, though they're not perfect; I use the gray filters.  I also have Sennheiser HD 238 which I do not like at...
  20. Desertway

    Cowon J3 and Podcasts

    Is anyone using the J3 for podcasts? Does the Jet software sync podcasts? Or do you use other software for that purpose?   Thanks.
  21. Jmace21

    Will this memory card fit into a Cowon J3?

    I want to expand on the space in my Cowon J3... Will this card fit? I've never added any microSD or SD card in it before :O
  22. Artmuzz

    Cowon J3 weird sound when tracks fade out

    Hi, I have noticed this since owning my J3 that every time a track finishes or fades out I hear a sort of faint sound like a sort of white noise/crackling sound. I don't have that problem with other DAPs but my Cowon J3. The earphones I am using are sennheiser CX300II. Art
  23. DLRStudio

    Cowon S9 vs. J3

    I'm deciding between the 32G J3 and S9. Is there a noticeable difference is SQ? Any other important differences? I've heard some say they were disappointed in the SQ of the S9 compared to other Cowon models. The touch screen/video capabilities aren't a big deal to me.   Thanks, D    ...
  24. iponderous

    The All New Earsonics SM3 Appreciation, Discussion and Review Thread!

    This is for you Bennyboy71. Let's all play nice.   Below is a link to the original SM3 thread, which was created by average_joe. It contains a wealth of information but sadly is now closed...
  25. thenightman

    What am I doing wrong with my IEMs if volume still has to be high?

    I finally got my MTPCs. While I understand it needs a 'break-in' before I can judge, I gotta say that I've never heard mids like this before. But a problem is that even though I plug these in deep enough to the point that I can barely hear ambient noise, I still find myself pumping the volume on...