1. pow3rs

    Calling all JH16 Users! Share your rig here!

    Hi mates! Recently I just gotten a pair of jh16pro, and would love if you guys would share some info of your rigs with me. I understand that jh16 has a pretty low impedance, and pretty sensitive. Though it doesn't require any amps or awesome DAP like the C4 to drive it up. But would love it...
  2. deafanddumb

    Dipping a big toe

    Hello to everyone   As a new member, the pursuit of audiophile nirvana has led me to your door. I hope someone is in.....   Forgive me for my sins, but presently I am the proud owner of an Ipod nano and Bose QC 15's. Gasp,! Well, for my office environment and my fear of...
  3. ForWhatItWorth

    Please need your advise! Ak100 or c4

    Hello, Now I am in searching for  the new pair to Westone 4r ( with silver cable) and have some doubt about player. There is only two candidates  1) Colorfly c4  2) Iriver ak100 Is there is any difference between them on westone?  Have tube amp at home with "home headphones" ( Have read...
  4. cachex

    Colorfly C4 custom stand

    I have been playing around with a new 3D printer and decided to make a custom stand for my Colorfly C4.   As I started designing it and making it real, I continuously found opportunities for improvements, but after the 4th iteration of the "holder" and third of the "base", I decided to stop...
  5. project86

    REVIEW: HiFi ET MA9 - a new reference level DAP

              Higher end DAPs are popping up more frequently these days. There's the HiFiMAN HM-801 and HM-60x series, the iBasso DX100, iRiver AK100, Colorfly C4, and then the lesser known Chinese releases like the QLS QA350, iHiFi812 and iHiFi960. Obviously the demand exists for these...
  6. bowei006

    Colorfly C4 Review (Extensive)

    Colorfly C4 Pro Review       The C4 Pro is the current flagship from audiophile brand Colorfly. It packs some of the industry’s fanciest gizmos and gadgets, and comes in at around $799 USD.   To read on Panda Tech Review (click)   The first thing you will note about the C4 is its...
  7. KT66

    Next DAP needed, 801 dead. What next? 901. C4, AK100,X3/5/7, DX50/90/100

    Hi, the market has just exploded in the last 18 months, quite hard to cope with it all. ( I use ES10s (with ESW9 pads) and DT1350 only on the move,)   My 801 line out collapsed on me today, the headphone socket broke months ago. I have asked Head Direct if they can do the repair, but I am not...
  8. KT66

    Colorfly C4 in 2013/4 - still relevant?

    I wanted to get some opinions on how the C4 stacks up against the newer 'SuperDaps' like DX100, AK100 etc    It certainly still catches my eye, and compared to some DAPs seems like quite good  value these days.   How foolish would I be buying one now? Having to convert my 24/96 flacs to...
  9. Tengfeng

    Noob Question, Which is the best Iem to pair with the colorfly c4?

    Hi guys, I just got a colorfly c4. Still trying to find a good iem to pair with it. I had try jh 16 pro and the heir audio 5a and shure 535, but all seem way to bright. Anyone have any recommendation?   Thx in advance ! :D
  10. Noobiekins

    colorfly c4 + HD700 = good combo?

    are the specs on the 700s roughly the same as the c4? or.. better question, is the c4 going to be able to put out enough juice to power the 700s to their full potential?
  11. Rillettes

    Which DAP for a beyer T50p

    Hi,   I was using a portable system including an iphone4 + FiiO E11 + Beyer T50p.  I had to sell the iphone and now I am looking for a DAP to replace it (max 300 $) (and yes, I use another device to phone ) Which one do you think I should buy ? (hifi man 601, cowon XX, colorfly C3 /...
  12. D


    Okay, let me start off by saying I am very new to this forum- so am unsure as to if something similar has been threaded already. I would like to thank the people in this community, more experienced than I am- for helping me out with a decision for my first Hi-End IEM purchase (in my last...
  13. jamieuk147

    Love volumes out of my Nokia 920 how can I boost volume with out distortion ?

    I own a nokia 920 phone which I love! sounds great when I listen to my HD Wav files. Only problem is though it doesnt sound to loud! I like to feel my music!!   Would adding a portable headphone amp boost the actual volume?   One more thing!! I have the option to buy a colorfly C4 for...
  14. jamieuk147

    Headphones to compliment my colourfly C4 really confused what to go for!

    Just treated my self to a colourfly C4 as got it used for a really good price!.   I love all types of music so am looking for some headphones that are good all rounders... I am looking for a pair of headphones I listen to at home on my bed and when traveling, so I think closed is the best...
  15. qqbingbing

    Got the colorfly C4 today, so which headphone to go?

    I just got the C4 today and tried it with CD3000 at home, quite pleased with it but not amazed, anyway hope it will improve as burning in. As my girlfriend has taken my se535, so I am looking for a pair of closed portable headphones for listening in the way to school. At present, I am interested...
  16. lovebell

    Colorfly Pocket HI-FI currently avaiable in Canada, no one inserted in ?

    I have seen it's sold on several major Canada online stores, I am seriously wondering how this thing sounds, I've read a few reviews and mentioned it is in the same level as Hifiman HM801(in Chinese), any fellows here own one and wanna do a A/B test with Hifiman HM801? Its price is better than...
  17. KB

    Colorfly C4 HI-Fi Player

    Hey Guys,   We got some Colorfly FLAC players in the store recently. They are a pretty cool alternative to a ipod. Please check them out, they are 32 GIG versions and come with a Micro SD slot to add more memory. We have them in stock and ready to ship!   ALO audi, ColorFly C4 Player see...
  18. Woody469

    Cypher Labs AlgoRhythm Solo or ColorFly C4 Hi-Fi Player ?

    Which is better and why. Stuff is moving forward at breakneck speeds but are they really better or just different?
  19. icem

    I just bought Colorfly C4

    Hi Everybody I read this forum since a longtime now and after using a lot of DAP I decided to buy the best in order to avoid to wonder each time "Oh what will be the best song if" I'm in hong kong for business and bought one if you want the address ask me the price was HKD4800 which means...
  20. SLaRe

    iPod Classic 160Gb+Fostex HP-P1 or HiFiman HM-801+GAME amp modular for HM-801 or Colorfly C4 Pro

    Hi   I'm tired of the ultracrappy sound quality of my Samsung Galaxy S2 and the lacking of a USB LOD like the iPhone 4, so I'm currently in the search of a good portable rig and my three options are:   - iPod classic 160Gb plus a Fostex HP-P1 to be used as DAC and headphone amp. -...
  21. dkash

    Colorfly C4 Owners - Help needed

    Hello,   Any C4 owners who successfully updated the firmware?   Picked up a color fly C4 for xmas.    Went online to see if there is a new firmware and noticed one was available.   Downloaded and copied the .iso file onto the music folder. Restarted the device but it doesn't...
  22. Evilcalyptic

    Colorfly C4: Does it take class 10 microSD cards?

    Does the colorfly C4 Support Class 10 MicroSD cards? been wondering this a while, i know the hm-601 and 801 only support class 4
  23. w3iyi

    noob asking for help?colorfly c4 any good with jh13pro?

    hi all,   this is my 1st post and just like some help.   just got my jh13pro a couple of months ago and looking for a good dap to go along with it. tested the ipod classic and touch (lastest gen) but just doesn't work for me. somehow everything sounds cramped and boxed-up to me. thinking...
  24. musicday

    Ibasso DX100, Colorfly C4 or Hifiman HM 801

    Hi all.I think those are the 3 main only trully HIFI DAPs out there at can play 24 bit 196 Khz music. Let's try to compare all 3, SQ, portability and wich you will choose and why, Wich of all 3 will work better with Sennheiser HD800?Is Sennheiser HD 800 better then Westone ES5, 4 when is...
  25. noxa

    Any Colorfly c4 and HM-601 owners?

    I'm looking to see if there are any Colorfly c4 owners, particularly who do or have owned a 601 as well. I currently own the 601 and love it, but I just love the look of the c4. I really like the thick warm presentation of the 601 but i sometimes find it a bit rich. I have heard the c4 is a...