Sep 6, 2008
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    Music, Audio Gear, Computers
    Headphone Inventory:
    Audio-Technica ATH-ESW9A
    Sennheiser HD650
    Sennheiser HD 480 II
    Ultrasone Zinos Recabled by Craig at Whiplash Audio (SOLD)
    Sennheiser IE8 (SOLD)
    Monster Pro Turbine Copper (SOLD)
    Cyclone PR2 (SOLD)
    Grado GR8 (SOLD)
    Grado GR10
    JVC HP-FX500 (SOLD)
    Mingo WM2 Silver (SOLD)
    Audio-Technica ATH-CKS70 (SOLD)
    Hippo VB
    Shure SE310
    Koss Pro 4AA
    Koss Portapro
    SoundMagic PL-30
    MylarOne Bijou 3
    Audeze LCD-2 (SOLD)
    UE- TF10 (SOLD)
    Mingo WM2 Gold (SOLD)
    Denon AH C710 (SOLD)
    Westone W3 (SOLD)
    Yuin Pk1 (SOLD)
    Yuin PK3 (SOLD)
    Head-Direct RE0 (SOLD)
    Future Sonics Atrio M5 (SOLD)
    MEElectronics M6
    MEElectronics M9
    Etymotic ER-4P (SOLD)
    EarSonic SM3 (SOLD)
    HiFiMan RE262 (SOLD)
    Vintage Yamaha HP-2 Orthodynamic (SOLD)
    3 different Motorola stereo bluetooth headphones plus many more
    Headphone Amp Inventory:
    Wadia 170 iTransport with VDC 9.0 Power Supply
    Channel Islands VHP2 Headphone Amplifier with Channel Islands VAC1 Power Supply Upgrade
    Stepdance by Meiers Audio
    RSA The Predator (SOLD)
    RSA The Shadow (SOLD)
    RSA SR-71A (SOLD)
    RSA P-51 Mustang (SOLD)
    Little Dot MKI+ (SOLD)
    NuForce Icon Mobile (SOLD)
    PA2V2 (SOLD)
    Fiio E3
    Fiio E5
    Digizoid ZO personal subwoofer "interesting little piece of gear, still trying to fully wrap my brain around it"
    Source Inventory:
    HiFiMan HM801
    HiFiMan HM602 (SOLD)
    HiSound Amp3 Pro2
    S:FLO2 16GB (SOLD)
    Rocoo (SOLD)
    Red Wine Audio Modded iMod 80GB Video Gen 5.5 with V-Cap (SOLD)
    80GB Gen 5.5 Video iPod (2) (I use these with the Wadia))
    Samsung P2 Bluetooth DAP
    Sansa Fuze 8GB with 8GB Micro SDHC (SOLD)
    Sony NWZ-A818 (SOLD)
    Cable Inventory:
    Cable Pro Reverie LOD (low profile) (SOLD)
    Ray Samuel Low Profile LOD (SOLD)
    Elite TWcu Viablue LOD (Whiplash Audio)
    Several ALO Cryo LODs (ALO Audio) (Sold cept for one)
    Qables LOD
    Assorted iPOD LODs (quite a few)
    Custom Made LOD For Sansa Fuze (SOLD)
    Power-Related Components:
    Most Recent Purchases: Also my present home setup
    LFD Mach IV Sig LE integrated amplifier and
    LFD phono "LE SPECIAL" preamp
    LFD superb "HYBRID RIBBON" speaker wire
    LFD 4 interconnect throughout
    Shunyata Research Powersnakes - Diamondback Platinum and Venom 3 power chords
    Shunyata Research's Black Mamba CX power chord
    Dynavector DV20X2 low output phono cartridge
    Cardas Clear Light Interconnect (are you kidding me? This stuff is fantastic !!!)
    Magnum Dynalab FM FT 101 analog tuner

    Naim Power Mould (2)*excellent value*
    Panamax Max 1000
    Other Audio Equipment:
    Channel Islands VDA2 24 Bit Digital to Analog Converter
    Pico Portable DAC
    Linn Sondek LP12 Turntable/Lingo
    SolidCore SUT
    Benz Micro Cartridge
    Channel Islands VPP-1 phono amp with VAC-1 Power Supply
    Arcam Delta 290 (SOLD) (Class B Stereophile Rated) in bi-amp configuration with installed phono section and
    Arcam Delta 290P (SOLD)
    Spica TC-60s
    Triangle Celius ES floorstanders
    NHT Super Zero - NHT Subwoofer using Corey Greenberg Filters for perfect integration
    Sold: B&W 801, B&W 802, B&W 803, B&W 805 and the 600 series as well
    Snell B, C, D and K?
    Audio-Related Tweaks:
    Specialty cables, vibration devices etc. Always trying too get the last drop of goodness out of every device.
    I am a real believer in specialty interconnects, speaker wire and power cables. When you hear for yourself your jaw will drop, I promise.
    "Let your ears be your guide"
    Music Preferences:
    I basically live for music

    My honest belief is that any music presented properly can be enjoyable
    Dell XPS Laptop
    Dell XPS Desktop
    Samsung 32 inch Flat Screen
    Samsung Blu-Ray DVD
    Bose dock for the iPod
    Sansa Fuze Dock (gave away)
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