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Calling all JH16 Users! Share your rig here!

  1. pow3rs
    Hi mates!

    Recently I just gotten a pair of jh16pro, and would love if you guys would share some info of your rigs with me.

    I understand that jh16 has a pretty low impedance, and pretty sensitive. Though it doesn't require any amps or awesome DAP like the C4 to drive it up. But would love it if you guys would share your combo with me, and how you made the jh16 sounds like!

    Also, I'm looking for a suitable cable for my jh16 tried twagv2 and some other after market cable. But none seems to complement it well. Any recommendation from you seniors on it would be great as well! I'm not too sure if silver or copper cable would complement it more.

    I love the sound of a good silver cable, being analytical and all!

    Cheers guys!

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