1. Ionme

    Selecting computer speakers

    I've been stalking the forums for quite some time now, but I think now is time for me to post something. Warning: I am a guy who persuits the perfect sound but also total noobie to the audiophile community, and a very limited spender.    I want to turn my PC to a budget friendly sound...
  2. MBerger

    Audiophile Beginner - Portable Gear

    I just began to dive into hi quality sound/equipment a few weeks ago. I'm amazed at what I've been missing out on and how much apple has basically ruined music quality without their consumers even knowing about it. I recently sold my Bose Quiet Comfort 2's and I'm looking to invest in a decent...
  3. goodsongs

    I remember the sound of the Bose earphone with my iPhone 3G

    I feel like iPhone 3G sounds better.   I have fond memory of listening to music hours on end with a Bose IE2 earphone (this one: ) on the iPhone 3G and or...
  4. johnnq

    What's so bad about Bose?

    Everybody and anybody who is an audio fan hates bose...but why? My friend has the ridiculously expensive Bose radio, and while I think it's a waste of money, those two tiny speakers sound pretty good (maybe not worth the money good, but not bad). Am I wrong?
  5. squirrelboy1210

    beats and bose

    why do ppl hate beats and bose, when they're always recommended at best buy and apple stores? the reviews on cnet also show that beats and bose make very good headphones. i was just wondering why ppl hate them. 
  6. TabooPc

    Worst Headphones Above $100/$300

    Title says it all. What do you think are the worst sounding headphones above $100? What do you think are the worst (sounding + quality) headphones above $300? Just curious to see what comes up.
  7. DeadMan

    Do Bose Stayhear tips fit any other IEM?

    As title says. You can get the tips cheaply (knockoff or otherwise) and was wondering if they only fit Bose IEM's.
  8. blessingx

    Anyone heard Skullcandy Hesh headphones?

    They're on sale right now at Staples. Thinking they might be okay for a bang around work phone or something. Anyone try them?
  9. cmankick

    Help me find the right headphones.

    I'm looking for the right noise canceling headphones. I have Postural Orthostatic Tachyardia Syndrome, and I'm going to a clinic in Texas next month to try and get better. I'm going on amtrak, and one the affects of my condition is that my nervous system is very sensitive to sound such as...
  10. kim31227

    Bose vs Audio Technica?

    Hi guys, I just bought the Bose QC15's yesterday after having trouble deciding between the Bose QC15's and the Audio Technica M50's Limited Edition. I know that the sound quality of the Audio Technica are superior to the Bose; however, the AT was too uncomfortable for me. So, I went with the...
  11. Razors

    Bose OE - worth the dollars?

    I've been offered a pair of Bose OE's for around 50% original price. Are they a good headphone for long walks listening to the iPhone?
  12. ev13wt

    R.I.P. Dr. Amar Bose "Amar Bose ’51, SM ’52, ScD ’56, a former member of the MIT faculty and the founder of Bose Corporation, has died. He was 83. Dr. Bose received his bachelor’s degree, master’s degree and doctorate from MIT, all in electrical...
  13. Marc34

    Help ID a headphone

    Hey guys, was hoping you could help me ID a headphone. Skip to the 1:25 mark of the video and does anyone have an idea of the headphones in the video? Amy help is appreciated
  14. The-One

    The Official Bose Bashing Thread

    Quote: Originally Posted by sigmatron yes! one Thread post the "The Official Bose Bashing Thread" so all post go in. Some one make it. ok. O.K sigmatron, you got your wish. I'll start the bashing: I've never heard Bose, but everyone says it's bad, so it must be bad!
  15. goodsongs

    I have the BOSE earphone (one that is sport edition, that costs like $150)

    And it really hurts my ears. I don't like it so much.   Can anyone recommend earphone that costs about the same and sounds much better?   One thing that I liked about this earphone is that the sounds doesn't seem to leak too much...
  16. Kamakzie

    Bose SoundTrue converted to use 3.5mm jack?

    As I understand it the SoundTrue's use 2.5mm connector on the headphone end.  I would like to use my BoomPro 3.5mm.  Anyone know a 2.5mm male to 3.5mm female thin enough to fit?   Thanks!
  17. falmouth

    Just got a pair of Bose QuietComfort 15s... anything I need to know before I use them?

    I know these may not be the best value for their money, but I got these as a gift especially for the noise canceling feature, and I am not complaining!!   Is there anything I need to know before I go ahead and start using them? My ears are trained to iphone earbuds so I am no audiophile by...
  18. Stratta23

    Earphone Help appreciated.

    Hello all I recently bought some AKG (K 240 MK II) headphones, and while the sound quality is extremely amazing, they're really big, so I don't feel comfortable taking them everywhere.  I saved up a bit, and my budget is around $100 to $120, and I'm looking for some Earphones or IEM. The AKG...
  19. basketball

    No Highs No Lows Absolutely Must Be BOSE

    I heard this in a video and I thoughts its really funny. I thought I;d share it with my fellow head-fier's.    Post comments on what you think below.
  20. OakCat

    I think ive been ripped off, need headphones for 100$

    So i bought some bose headphones for 100$ while i was out and about on a whim wasnt looking for them in particular but i saw them and happened to have the i bought them and they are pretty nice... im not very well read on the subject of headphones and was linked here from another...
  21. MrAwesome

    AKG or Bose?

    I like to listen to Rock, Hard Rock, Rock n Roll, Classic Rock, Pop-Rock, Orchestral band instrumental, Jazz, Blues. I Basically like 60's-70's music and pop stuff Top bands I listen too  The Beatles Led Zeppelin Wings The Who Queen On too the question I have a budget of $300...
  22. kevinzemaitis

    Add your opinion and HELP ME!!

    First off I will state that I am awful at decision making ahaah..    Took me a solid week to decide between SE215s and Westone 1s, and even longer to choose XB500s over anything. So now knowing that I will give you some context to help me make my next decision,   THE FIRST PURCHASE FROM...
  23. mandar

    bose vs monster cable vs apple

    hey guys,   i have been using apple dual driver in-ear headphones for 2 years now. i am on my 2nd pair (although the 1st pair works just fine) now. I am planning to buy new in-ear headphones. I looked around the market and the bose ie2 headphones and the monster ibeats stand out. i read a...
  24. sneaglebob

    Why is bose hated in this forum?

    Although I have owned the ie2's before and i was pleased with them except with the lack of treble, I don't see anything wrong with them that is outright terrible.
  25. Bossatiger

    OE2 Review and some commentary

    Here is a short review of the Bose OE2 portable headphones. I pulled the trigger on these because I got a free $50 certificate from BestBuy and had to use it at the brick and mortar store.    First of all, let's take a look at what the Bose website says about their "OE2 audio headphones"...