1. Pibben

    How to spot fake Bose Quet Comfort 2

    I have a pair of QC2:s that I suspect are fake. Does anyone of you know how to tell fake ones from real?
  2. boy2671

    Headphones with Bose sound sig but cheaper price.

    My dad likes the bose around-ear headphones alot. He is in the market to buy headphones but he doesn't want to spend that premium price for bose headphones...which is a good thing that he has the common sense to make that judgment. So I'm looking for either a very cheap price on them bose...
  3. Suspence


    Bose around ear Monster Beats Solo HD Bose on ear Reasoning also would be great? Much appreciated   Or if you have any other suggestions preferably UNDER 180, that would be great. Style is a factor
  4. Spyro

    Bose Triports = ??

    For the people thinking about killing their wallet on some Triports, lets help them out here. While I certainly haven't heard all headphones out there, the closest sound I can find to Triports (and it may even be better) is Senn Hd 497's. Bose Triports $150.00 Senn HD 497's $60.00 Next...
  5. amuseddaysleeper

    Sennheiser HD 228 vs Bose Around Ear Headphones

    I currently own a pair of Bose Around Ear Headphones ( but they are a bit dinged up and I think it is now time for a new pair (under $100).  I know Bose seems to get a lot of flack, but in comparison to the Senheiser HD...
  6. Albinoni

    Bose In Ear Headphones Freq Range

    Can someone pls tell me whats they frequency range of the Bose In Ear Headphones. I've been on their website and sadly cant seem to find it, their specs are totally pathetic if you ask me.

    FS: BOSE Quietcomfort QC15 with invoice store

    Hi everyone, I am selling my Bose QC15 for 230 € shipped(Worlwide) with the box and all the accessories. Bought New the 19-11-2009. I sell it because of Denon AH-D7000. Very Very Good Condition. Paypal payment or pick up if you live in Belgium. Thanks.
  8. qpuma

    SR 80i vs Bose

    hello everyone      so have a pair of bose in ears and i mean they are okay, but the quality is low and the sound its not worth 100 bucks, should be more like 35 bucks. but anyways, they broke so im going to be getting a pair of Grado SR 80i headphones, large earpads, and a 1/8th inch addapter...
  9. peli_kan

    BOSE Headphone Mods

    BOSE headphones are everywhere.  ARE THEY SALVEGABLE?!   Most people entering the drunken world of headphonia are faced with a dilemma, where they have to either stick with their old, misguided purchases or discard them to spend even more money on superior gear.  Either way, there is a level...
  10. mkgm1

    Best headphones for £100/$150 ?

    I am completely new to the world of audiophilia and I'm looking to spend around £100 on a pair of headphones. I've browsed loads of threads on these forums and frankly I am more confused than when I started! The good news is that I've realised the error of my ways and am no longer interested in...
  11. abeeb

    Bose, are you just paying for the name

    Im considering getting some bose headphones but was wondering if, like the dre headphones, you are mainly paying for the name rather that the quality, which models would be suitable for me, I listen to drum & bass as well as rock Id like them to be reasonably comfortable Id like to have...
  12. Methos1979

    FiiO 7 arrived. Hmmm... What am I missing?

    Well I received my FiiO7 headphone amplifier today.  I appear to be missing something though.  I bought these because my ears cannot tolerate IEMs and the larger cans I use with my mp3 player don't play my older songs, ripped from my CDs loud enough.  Newer stuff (that's so poorly recorded and...
  13. Professor00179

    Bose On-Ear Headphones

    I want to buy Bose On-Ear Headphones. However, I have heard that you can find many fake Bose headphones around the internet. I have read a litle bit about that and I can not find whether their Ob-Ear Headphones also have problems with fake products spread around the market. I could not find...
  14. OldHooky

    Noise Cancelling/Isolating Headphones - NOT IEMs - buying advice please

    Got the news the other day that a virus I picked up last year has caused permanent hearing loss in one ear, and I'm going to have to wear a hearing aid. 35 years too young for one! :(   Anyway, what it means is that I will probably be better off replacing my Klipsch Image X10 IEMs, which I...
  15. kkylet808

    Bose Tri-port vs sony mdr-xb40ex

      hey im kyle. Do sony MDR-XB40EX have louder bass that bose tri ports? if not imma save up for a Sony MDR-XB700 :D
  16. Krak_oN

    Bose Companion 3 & 5 disassembly and measurments

    Bose Companion 3 & 5 disassembly and measurments  :   Bose Companion 3 :   Old version Bose Companion 3 :  ...
  17. iem222

    Grado SR60 or Bose Around-Ear?

    Hi, I currently own a pair of Soundmagic PL-50 and I am really enjoying them, except after prolonged use they start to hurt my ears.  I really like the SQ of my Soundmagics, but for longer listening periods, which would be the best; Bose Around-Ear or Grado SR60 or something else with similar...
  18. tyty5150

    Seriously why so much hate on Bose?

    I've read quite a lot of bashing on Bose headphones here.   What exactly makes them so bad?
  19. Doc-holliday


    Ok you are going to think I am kidding, but yes I actually DID do the following test. People argue that 300 bucks is a lot to pay for some noise canceling headphones and the audio quality isn't always the greatest. Well today I actually did the follwing test. Today I got my new pair of CX200...
  20. sandino28

    In need of bright sounding headphones

    hello can someone kindly help me im soul searching for a perfect bang for the buck headphones.. since my bookshelf speakers are warm sounded i would like to try a set of headphones that  are bright sounded can anyone offer me advises i am from the Philippines my budget is around 150$.  please do...