1. Gwarmi

    Newspaper front page news ~ Are headphones escape from reality or death trap?

        Believe it or not this made the front page from today ~ the most popular newspaper in Melbourne.   I love this quote though.     He admits that, like any status symbol, headphone wearers get judged on their brand - with homage paid to high-end cans.    ''I...
  2. Koobers

    Newbie needs advice

    Okay so I'd like to buy some headphones but I don't even know where to start with all the choices that exist. I own a pair of Bose TriPorts (that I won) that are unfortunately the nicest pair of headphones I own. I'd like to change that though which is why I'm here. I only have the ability to...
  3. Sub Focus

    New to headphones, looking to move away from my Bose ( Need more bass )

    Hello, very new to the world of headphones, I purchased a pair of Bose headphones a while back because I listened to some and they sounded amazing to my virgin ears.   Now I've always been big on electronic music, pref DnB, so I would like some advice on what to get. So my question is, what...
  4. youse123

    Bowers Wilkins C5 or Bose MiE2i???

    Hi,   I as wondering which in-earphones are the best to buy. Not concerned about price, but concerned about the sound quality and bass. I have both the Bowers & Wilkins Zepellin Air and the Bose SoundDock Portable, and can I say that I am very surprised by the sound quality on both systems...
  5. burnt toast

    First time getting a portable amp. Need Help!

    I have no idea where to even start when looking for a portable headphone amp. I won't something between 100-$150. I use Skullcandy SK Pro DJ headphones if that influences the amp you should get..?   Any recommendations would be great or if you want to educate me in what i should look for...
  6. WiZoRZ

    Help me make my mind on what earbuds should I buy

    There are so many earbuds that I can't make my choice... I have a 250$ budget, I mainly listen to Melodic thrash metal to Hard rock... I currently have an old 20$ marshmallow jvc earbuds but now I want some quality stuff. Sennheiser? Shure? Bose? Klipsch? any thing else? I'm reading bad...
  7. soysaucefox

    Good headphones under $300? (bose or sennheiser)

    Hey guys. I'm looking to buy my first pair of high quality headphones. I will be using them with an ipod classic. I listen to classical music, so I don't need a ton of bass, and I also listen to long lectures and sometimes movies, so comfort is one of the most important things to me. I prefer...
  8. Ruckus10

    All I see

    all I see in my community is Bose, beats, skull candy, and ibuds:( any suggestions with great headphones preferably bass to catch their interests to keep these poor people from these awful headphones probably budget is about 200-250 is highest I'm only thirteen so can't buy anything very expensive
  9. aceofd1amonds

    Sennheiser S1 Aviation Headset - Did I miss something??

    Short preface is that the generally acknowledged top three aviation headsets are: Bose A20 Lightspeed Zulu.2 Sennheiser S1   The Sennheiser is brand new. I wanted to get something that would have the best audio quality I could get. Naturally I leaned to the Sennheiser given their...
  10. Redcarmoose

    What are your secret headphones?

    So most everyone has a pair laying around somewhere. They were the headphones you purchased before you really got into it all. The one pair of headphones that you liked and spent a lot of time with. They are very low cost and they don't even rate enough to fit into your equipment list or...
  11. sinafl

    Bose Headphones

    I am considering on buying the Bose Headphones. I mainly listen to rock and rap. The only problem is that I hear there are better headphones for this price. I looked at the shure e3c but I dont like earbuds. Is there anything that looks as good as the Bose and is better?
  12. starNdust

    are fa-003 good headphones

    hi im really noobie and still new on those stuff , just today my bose around ear broken and im lookin for other headphones i read much around here and found they talk about the fa-003  that they are good phones for general music im a guy who listen for every kind of music depend on the mood...
  13. jive8

    newbie needs some headphones

    So basically I'm new to the whole audiophile thing and I really want to listen to music properly. I listen mostly to classical music and classic rock/reggae, but i do occasionally listen to heavy metal as well. primarily though, i want headphones for classical music, so i can really hear all the...
  14. bassgroove

    SONY MDR D77 Eggos - possibly for sale

    ambiguous refer to new thread.
  15. Throdd

    I currently use Bose QuietComfort Acoustic Noise Cancelling Headphones.

    Hey guys, I'm new here.  Today was my first visit to this board, because I wanted to look into some good budget headphones that I wouldn't feel bad about taking to school with me and using with my laptop.   Before you give me "that look," the Bose set were a Christmas gift.  From my dad...
  16. headfimarc


  17. Bill1202

    Upgrading from my Bose Quiet Comfort 2s

    I currently own a pair of Bose Quiet Comfort 2s and I'v e been looking at maybe upgrading my cans.  Have been looking at the Denon AH-D5000.  I love Denon receivers and that is why I have been looking at their headphones but I have not heard anything other than my Bose.  I have around 300 - 400...
  18. stellarbarns

    Looking for a pair of noise-canceling headhpones for my dad (who knows nothing about sound)

    I'm an entry-level audiophile, so I scoffed when he asked me if he should buy a pair of Bose cans.  He's basically looking for something noise-canceling for planes, trains, etc.  I doubt he could tell the difference between anything, sound-quality wise, so that's not really a concern.  $$ is...
  19. 3602

    Do you use portable DAPs with headphones/IEMs in winter (below 0°C/32F)?

    I strongly believe that below freezing temp is bad for electronics but around here, in winter, I still see people wearing Beats outside.
  20. thr61

    Advice for airline travel portable: ATH-M50 vs. Sennheiser HD25-1 II or something completely different?

    I have searched and read most of the posts here on this subject and am not finding the answers I need.   I am after a set of cans primarily for airline travel.  I have used etys and shure in-ear and even with custom tips, cannot get comfortable.  Someone gave me a pair of Bose, which are...
  21. cyph3r

    best in ear, noise isolating, comfortable headphone with inline mic?

    hi I m comuting daily on public transport, and I enjoy great quality music (all kinds of) and do a few phone calls while travelling. Naturally I am looking for crystal clear sound without ambient noise disturbance. So I am looking for a pair of inears with inline mic that go well with my iphone...
  22. Rosenthal

    Comfortable, Balanced, decent bass earbuds on a budget (~100$ and NOT BOSE IE2/Apple In-ear)

    Hello there, I know in this forum there are around a bazillion topics asking for this answer (for the 100$ part and not only), but this time it would be a little bit different. I have been disappointed with the model on the title. I got the Apple ones as a gift and couldn't return them and...
  23. envirocopy512

    Can Someone Identify These Headphones For Me? (Video)

    I really like the headphones the guy in this video is wearing.  Can anyone identify them for me?   Thanks head-fi.  I love this place.  
  24. tripleh3lix

    Headphones with noise isolation like Bose quietcomfort *battery operated* with great audio and bass for 150 or less?

    There anything comparible? I like a bit of bass but not overly thumping. Maybe some better bass than bose, and better audio clairty (if possible). I liked the quiet comfort and how it works with the triple a battery, was wondering if any other brands use the same technology with the same or...
  25. XtremeD

    Are Bose respected?

    I was with my colleagues in a local electronics store, and they not being audiophiles, went straight to the Bose section and were amazed by the "great sound". What is the general opinion of you guys on this brand? In my opinion, they seem really overpriced, cheap plastic on ALL of their...