1. tomsanity

    Benefit of a Schiit Magni and SBZ combo?

    My current setup consists of a Beyerdynamic 990 premium 600 ohms and a SBZ sound card.  I'm okay with how my headphone sounds currently, but then I started looking into options to make them sound more...fuller or warmer for a lack of a better description, increased sound stage would be nice too...
  2. popcorn123

    Headphone Recommendations

    So I am new to these forums, and I am a teenager. I am looking for a good pair of closed headphones. I have looked at a number of forums have researched a lot of headphones I can't narrow down. I listen to everything from classical to rap. I would like a a flat headphone. I once tried beats and...
  3. BlueSundays

    strange phenom it seems with 990 600 ohm headphones

     Once upon a time when I had a "job" (deployed to Baghdad) and I had money, I had a beyer 990 600ohm set of cans with black dragon rewire. Now I had a good ole sony x7esd for a source and a woo audio 2 AND a cary 300 F1. Now listening to these cans, they had an awful muffled sound. Now I tried...
  4. MrPhilicorda

    Just picked up a pair of the "mysterious" Beyerdynamic DT811

    Well, actually I bought two pairs of them from a guy who was clearing his inventory... :) I got a bit curious since there doesn't appear to be much info to be found on these. Makes me think they must be relatively rare because there are none to be found on ebay either.   They are supposedly...
  5. Brumagician99

    I am no longer a junior head fier!!!

    I am now a head fier!!!!!   Its like having a promotion at work yeah sickk!  
  6. jcdamascenojr

    ADVICE: How to make the jump into the (not anymore) high-end? – join if you enjoy loooong reading…

    Hi everyone,   Yes, it's another "what should I buy" thread, and yes, I know there's a fixed topic for that, but the fact is it's a mess. It’s very hard to get more than one or two advices before the next poster asks for something completely different. That being said, please move/merge it...
  7. JensL

    Another Beyer Manufaktur arrives! (Pics)

    So...I finally got my customized Beyerdynamic from their fine Manufaktur website. It took over a month, apparantly they had some problems making enough leather pads. My custom Beyer is a DT990 32 ohm, with blue rings and forks, and leather headband and pads (not in pictures). The real...
  8. jazzman161

    Recommendation for High-End Movie Headphones

    Hi all! I am looking to purchase a pair of mid/high-end headphones purely for late movie watching.   I have a couple questions and was hoping I could get some answers and recommendations.   1. I have a Denon 2310 A/V receiver that receives audio & video via HDMI from an HTPC. Do I need...

    Any difference between Beyerdynamic DT880 Pro Series 250 ohm and DT880 Reference Series 600 ohm?

    I am looking for an upgrade for my tube amp.  Any improvements in this upgrade?
  10. jaycee1

    Koss KSC-75: Better Than $600 Headphones???

    I re-read some of the comments in the ksc-75 thread, and they are quite disturbing. I love my koss headphones and tend to suspect that they get you 90% of the way along the road to the "holy grail" flagship headphones from sennheiser, grado and the like.    What's astonishing however is that...
  11. blacknile

    Beyerdynamic Germany - Outstanding service

    Just a heads up for Beyerdynamic Germany - my DT990 600ohm produced some rattling in the left driver, noticeable on some frequencies.   I sent the headphones to their German headquarters: receipt acknowledged on 14th November, headphones checked and left driver replaced on 18th Nov, back to me...
  12. x7007

    Calibration for New Headphones

    Hi, There was a site with a player that make some high and low tunes for calibrating the headphones, specially for new headphones to make them warm up.   I forgot the site and at first I didn't want to try it, but now I want to be able to fully, get it on started.
  13. yoyo59

    Beyerdynamic DT 990 Premium ? how to tell which model

    ok guys I bought a second-hand pair of DT990s they are in new condition..   but the retailer did not state which ohm version they are   how do I tell? is there anything behind the earpads that would indicate or would I have to test them?   im currently using them with a meridian explorer
  14. caohuynhnhan

    HELP!!! DT990 pro 250ohm, DT990 pre 600ohm or DT880 250ohm which is the best choice

    Hello, I'm a newbie.  I very like beyerDynamic design, so I choose beyerDynamifc headphone. Anyone can give me recomendation "a best headphone for me".    My favourite is Pop ballad (female-voices as BOA, Yao Si Ting, Davichi... i live in Asia), instrument (monochord, zither, guitar..)...
  15. bgzA

    Home Amp for DT 990 600Ohm & Portable Amp for Klipsch Image S4?

    Hello guys,   It's my first post here on the forums,   I bought the DT 990 Premium 600ohm version about 2 weeks ago and I'd like to get a 'good' amp to crank them up a little bit. I was also wondering if I'd get more bass/clarity out of my Image S4 (in-ear) if I got a portable amp like the...
  16. dragoon48

    Beyerdynamic DT 990 Cleaning

    Hello i was wondering if anybody has ever attempted to wash the felt pads on the dt 990 mine have apparently taken to absorbing sweat and are getting a bit of a foul odor.
  17. lnteractive

    Beyerdynamic DT 990 Pro HELP

    Hello people,   Please note that I have done my research (for almost 6 hours of browsing time) before I finally decided to see if I can get a better response by asking on this forum so please be gentle =P.     I've recently purchased a Beyerdynamic DT 990 PRO 250 OHMs headphones, I've...
  18. pterodactilo

    Why are the Beyer DT990 so much cheaper than the DT880?

    In some places they sell the DT990 Pro for 138 € whereas the DT880 sells for almost double the price. What is the reason? Are the DT990 better or worse than DT880? I'm interested in all around semi-open cans with big soundstage, good bass, good with female vocals, classical music, games and...
  19. fasty1

    Alternative to the HE400

    Hello all the HE400 is just too heavy for me and just not comfortable. I look down a lot when im studying(which is when i usually have headphones on) and the headphone slides right down and the weight just makes my neck uncomfortable.   1) 300 dollars budget but can go up 50$. 2) Have schiit...
  20. x7007

    Are Berdynamic headphones all just die fast ? DT990 600ohms

    This is my my 3rd totally new headphones that has been ordered straight from Berdynamic.   The 1st one I did alot of tests and maybe hair came through it and the speakers just died with no bass or really rattling bass.   the 2nd one I used the same headphones but I ordered 2x speakers...
  21. matrixter

    better sound stage than DT 990 600 ohm?

    for the same price of the Beyerdynamic DT 990 600 ohm version which I can get for $250, are there any other headphones that provide a better/bigger sound stage and overall better or the same quality in other categories? I mainly want to use them for gaming with an astro mixamp or turtle beach...
  22. K

    Looking for Upgrade from the HD598.

    Im going to keep this short as I can, (first time poster, long time lurker, you guys helped me in the purchase for a good budget headphone, the HD598) I game alot - FPS mainly, however play the occasional indie game, and RPG.  I listen to alot of oldschool rap, RnB, 80's funk, basically...
  23. PTom

    HD600 + Extended Bass + Larger Soundstage = ?

    I think the above equation "sums" up my question.   Regarding budget, I'm assuming improvements on the HD600 will require entering Summit Fi territory. The LCD3/HD800 are the most expensive headphones I'd consider buying.   Depending on which headphone comes closest to the sound signature I...
  24. kesard

    Creative Sound Blaster Z with 250Ω headphones (DT880/DT990)?

    Hey All!   first of all, I tried reading through the comprehensive (at this time) 133 page long Creative Sound Blaster new series Z, Zx & ZxR thread, but after about 67 sites I wanted to save my brain from exploding and gave up trying to extract that particular bit of information. I also...
  25. x7007

    How many of you had a bad DT990 600ohms ?

    And I mean using this headphones with Sound card capable of 600ohms like Asus SX, Creative Titanium , Xonar Phoebus and such.  And if so, would it be matter if it happens with the soundcard, would it still happen with an expensive amplifier.   Bad means rattling speakers on low bass...