1. Poeticile

    Help me choose between my final 2 options!

    Beyerdynamic DT-770-PRO-32 Closed Dynamic Headphone,32 Ohms   Ultrasone PRO 900   I want good, bass-y headphones for EDM and hours of research seems to have narrowed it down to these two.   Although I'd say price isn't an issue, it still is a factor, if that makes sense. Is the PRO 900...
  2. BrianPeppers

    Beyerdynamic DT 770 - still needs an amp at 32 ohm

    I'd like to share my experience with amping the DT 770. I have the 32 ohm premium version, which are said to be fine for mp3 players and laptops. I used them for a few years, but I was never really impressed with them. They sounded better than my previous headphones but not enough to blow me...
  3. BigZam

    Beyerdynamic dt770 (32 ohm) vs Shure SRH840

    Im about to pull the trigger on a pair of headphones. I will be using these plugged into my computer directly and will not be purchasing an amp. I listen to rock / electric / acoustic type of music. I play counterstrike competitively (I want a good soundstage, doesnt have to be amazing...
  4. Misterer

    DT770 32 ohm: limited edition vs regular?

    I'm going to buy 32 ohm DT770s. The question is, which version is the better one - the limited (anniversary) edition or the regular one? This review suggests the former is an improvment over the latter:   What is...
  5. ashtonb

    Do the Beyerdynamics DT770s leak?

    I am planning on buying these so I can use them at the library, do they leak? What are other alternatives that offer no sound leak? Thanks! PS: should I consider the Sony MDR1RNC?
  6. rudyae86

    Help choosing between Beyerdyanmic DT 770 vs Sony MDR-MA900 for gaming and music

    Im still debating on which headphones to choose. Both have great reviews. Price isnt much of a concern since i could probobly can go to $200 on spending on a pair of headphones. Since I will use this more for gaming ( i want to say 60% gaming, 20% movies and 20% music) I really want to lean to...
  7. soundslikebliss

    Recommended amp for dt770 80 ohm

    I love these things, but unamped is just a tad too quiet for me at times. 
  8. Arkainus

    Is this deal too good to be true? (DT 770)

    So I've been looking for a pair of DT 770s and stumbled upon this really good deal on ebay. By looking around, the normal price for these cans seem to be around 170 but this guy is selling it for 95. It's also great because it's a Canadian dealer, which would save me a few bucks since I'm a...
  9. banditopazzo

    Doubt in taking Beyer DT 770 or DT 1350

    Hi friends, I want to take new headphones and at the beginning I was thinking about the dt770 pro 80...I need closed cans...and yes I'm a basshead.   But now I'm thinking to buy the dt1350 because these are also portable (I understand that portable is a relative concept, but for me the dt770...
  10. sionghchan

    Headamp recommendation for HD650, DT770/880 and K701.

    Hello my fellow head-fiers..   It's been a long time since I upgraded anything in my headphone collection.  Been blissfully happy with my equipment and over the last many years (possibly 4 to 5 years), I have been sucked into the world hi-fi audio (speakers/amps etc.)   In that time, the...
  11. Yviena

    dt770 and stx amp or o2 SQ

    Hi im considering purchasing the o2 amplifier for my dt770 but will i notice any noticeable gains in sound quality when i have the stx amp ?
  12. tyler3696

    Beyerdynamic DT 770 pro question

    If I got the beyerdynamic DT 770 pro's, would they sound fine through an iPod touch 4g with no amp?
  13. frezaina

    Replace AD700 pads with DT770 ones

    That's it guys, do the dt770 pads fit on the AD700, i need to replace mine:
  14. Patrick Bateman

    DT770 vs HP100

    Hi I'm in the market for some new closed headphones for mostly music listening, maybe also for films. My tastes are mostly trance, but I occasionally listen to indie and rock music. I'm looking in the ~£150 range and after considerable research narrowed it down to the beyerdynamic dt770 and the...
  15. Vidmaven

    Beyerdynamic DT770 Premium 250ohm

    Beyerdynamic DT770 Premium 250ohm (or 2005 edition). In excellent condition. Comes with 1/4 adapter.   $160 shipped CONUS
  16. Niklas1120

    Beyerdynamic dt 770 250 ohm, or 990 250 ohm for gaming?

    Hey im new to the audio world as you may discover in this question:) I am a hardcore gamer im on the lookout for a new headphone. All i want is to immerse myself completly in my games and thats why i want a beasty audio solution:) i am looking at getting the Asus ROG Phoebus sound card which has...
  17. StevePhoenix

    Audio Technica ATH-M50 vs Beyerdynamic DT770 with Scarlett 2i2

    Hi all.   6 months ago I bought a pair of Audio Technica M50s (38Ω) which ever since February I have been combinin with a Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 bus-powered interface. I highlight the bus-powered part, because it seems to affect how the headphone amp of the interface works (people say...
  18. Discostink

    Need a new pair of headphones similar to DT770

    So, I've had a pair of Beyerdynamic DT 770 Pro for the last few years that have finally crapped out on me, so I'm on the market for a new pair. At first I was thinking of just getting a new pair, but I figured I'd check with people who actually know about this stuff first before I spend my...
  19. dryvadeum

    WTB: Beyerdynamic DT770 Limited Edition 32 ohms!

    Hi, I'm looking for a good condition pair of Beyerdynamic DT 770 Limited Edition 32 ohm. If you have a pair you want to let go of please PM me an offer.
  20. Manik3

    Modding my Beyerdynamic DT 770

    Hi! I've been lurking around this website off and on since I bought my DT 770s in December but I haven't really felt the urge to create an account and post until now.   The main thing I've been thinking about doing to my DT 770s is recabling, possibly making the cable detachable but at least...
  21. risenfallen

    WTB: Beyerdynamic DT770 (PREMIUM edition)

    Hello, As title says, I'm looking to buy a pair of DT770 Premium edition in excellent/good condition (I think those are also referred to as 2005 edition), the ones with grey plastic earcups similar to those of the T70p. Prefer to buy the 600 Ohm version but willing to consider 250 and 32 ohm...
  22. TsKen

    Just got the Beyerdynamic DT 770, is it me or are they a bit too hot and warm on my ears?

    Not sure if i am the only one that has this problem...   but it's a bit too tight and it feels hot around my ear if i wear for 1 hour or more.   Is it just me?   I thought beyerdynamic Dt 770 is famed for comfort.     the M50 hurts because they are uncomfortable, but now the DT...
  23. moviedave

    Like New Beyerdynamic DT 770 Anniversary Edition (FS)

    I am looking to see the limited edition Beyerdynamic DT 770 AE.  It is in like new condition with the original boxing.  There is nothing wrong with the headphone, it just isn't the one I am looking for.  Make an offer.   
  24. nicdoy5

    M-Audio Q40, Beyerdynamic DT770 Pro 80, or Ultrasone Pro 900

    Hello guys, I need your help to choose the headphones perfect for hip-hop/rap, R&B, & dance/electronic. I currently use the ATH-M50's, but they don't satisfy me enough. They have to be bass-heavy with lots of extension and impact, but doesn't overpower the highs. I'm sensitive to mids, so I...
  25. KingCzar

    Hiphop decent bass headphones?

    I can spend about 160$ on headphones and it will be my first pair that are over 20$ and that are not ear buds lol. I don't care about bass smashing my brain against my skull but I want to notice it and I like clear music so I don't want to sacerfise that for bass. I hear the 770s are good but I...