1. stephanp5

    Parrot Zik vs Wired headphones- appropriate for the genre of music i am into?

    Hey guys,   I'm in the market for bluetooth headphones to pair with my Galaxy Note II. I have searched threads countless but I'm wondering if I spend same $300~ on wired headphones (whatever the brand may be) will I really notice a significant difference? All my Music is streamed online...
  2. MockingK

    Replacing my Audio Technica ATH-CKS90 ltd

    Hello everyone,   I am quite a long time lurker of this head-fi forum and I finally decided to sign up and ask for some recommendations for my new iem.   I've used the cks90ltd for almost a yr now and decided to upgrade it.    Theres quite a lot of music type of songs I listen to, but I...
  3. typhoon90

    Audio Technica CKS90 for $40, possible fakes?

    Hey Guys,   I have been looking at buying a pair of Audio Technica CKS77's or CKS90's, I have found a store on ebay here in Australia that is selling the CKS77's for around AUD$30 and the CKS90's for around AUD$40. When looking at the retail prices for these headphones the price the store is...
  4. elite5472

    Recomend me a replacement, the cable of my ATs AKS90 snapped in half T___T

    Right at the split plastic piece that joins the two earphones. I'm barely making it now with my old pair of zune premiums which turned mono after the plug wiring got loose.   I live in Brazil so my choices are very limited. I don't think I'll be purchasing high-end in-ears again. I'm...
  5. AlexanderMKD

    Audio-Technica ATH-CKS90 or BRAINWAVZ M2. Better in overall sound especially bass?

    As the title says which one is best choice for overall sound and for bass (i like it more strong and punchy)?   I can get the BRAINWAVZ M2s for 59.50$ from mp4nation   and CKS90 genuine unused, just the earphones for 60$, from ebay?     Thanks
  6. FinnTheHumen

    I'm So Disappointed (Audio-Technica ATH-CKS90)

    i brought the ATH-CKS90 looking for bass and great sound for a good price...boy was I fooled..I downloaded some FLACs then put in the earphones..I was like wow this can't be it  so I turned up the volume... what i got was noise and 0 to -0 bass.My $20 workout headphones has better bass. i do't...
  7. FinnTheHumen

    Would it be Pointless to buy the Fiio E10 for ATH-CKS90?

    I have the ATH-CKS90 and looking for a more bass boost then what the E5 gives me(none) would it give me more or im just dumb
  8. rmax

    Audio Technica's CKS90 x CKS77 (x M50!)

    What's up guys and girls,   I'm totally new here and not quite an audiophile =]   However, as an owner of a pair of AT CKS90 I've entered this journey of enjoying listening to music in joyful ways =)   I've been amazed by the quality of the 90's, it seems a remarkable achievement to...
  9. xiaomint

    Audio Technica cks90 limited red

    hey guys. i own a pair of cks 90 limited red. is there a place that offers cable replacement? pls help! thanks in adv (:
  10. project68

    ATH CKS90 or ATH CKS90NC or better bass IEM?

    Hi guys,sorry for this silly question,im still newbie in IEM,i used to hearing music using normal speaker,last month i tried to buy sony  mdr xb41ex and it change my mind completely how beautiful music are  sadly my xb41ex is broke due to my little sister cut my earphone wire    I've been...
  11. elite5472

    Just moved from my old Zune Premiums to a pair of AT CKS90s

    First reaction: what the hell is this! *cranks down the 4k* 20 minutes later: so this is what rock actually sounds like *puts 4k back up* It was a huge shock at first because my music sounded so different from before. I actually thought it was worse but truth is I was just used to the...
  12. Wintersxx866

    Audio Technica CK70, CKS77, CKS90

    So guys yesterday night during my late night adventures on amazon, I just happened to run into these set of IEMs... Never really heard much about ATH's IEMs before and just heard the regular stuff about the M50s and the Pro700 MK2 which I own.  Kinda wondering how good these set of IEMs were in...
  13. zerogun

    ATH-CKS90 & beyond

    hey guys,   Reading this forum is like reading an encyclopedia of awesomeness! Granted, time and just the overwhelming amount of information and what not, I was wondering if someone could suggest something of a next step forward from being an avid fan of the ATH-CKS90's (ltd. reds) for some...
  14. infinity650

    FS: Audio Technica AH CKS90 InEar, new and / FREE worldwide shipping.

    Hello   selling my new and just one time tried (don't fit my ears!) Audio Technica AH CKS90. Comes with box, colour is BLACK, not red as shown in the example picture. Accessoire is just one pair of medium black silicone tips. Location is Germany, worldwide shipping included! No bill...
  15. Fr0z3nbear

    IEM's for electronic/house music under $100

    As stated in the title, I'm looking for a pair of iem's for under $100 preferably ~80. I generally listen to progressive house, electro, dubstep and would like some suggestions for iems that have more punchy or tight bass with crisp highs as well. Also, I live in Australia, so prices may be a...
  16. Dawkinz

    Best in-ears for $100 or less?

    Hi everyone,  Fresh start here at Head-Fi; seems like a great community here.   I've been on a little hunt for some in-ear phones for the past couple of days and have come across quite a few suggestions so I thought I would bring my search to Head-fi to see what you guys have to say...
  17. abbztract

    For someone wanting to get to the audiophile status, what should be my next set of IEMs?

    Initially I used to use the generic earbuds that one would get from the old iPods and such.   Then I moved up to some white $20 Sony in-ear 'phones.   That was a few years ago.   Six months ago I took the jump and dished out $50 for the Brainwavz R1 and it was something that I won't ever...
  18. linx1287

    Help with choosing IEM

      i am looking for a good precise headphone with good bass under the $100 mark. i listen to basically all genres but i guess i have a slight lean towards trance. I am currently looking at a couple of headphones & i was hoping you & everyone else who's owned a pair of them can narrow down the...
  19. rmax

    Audio Technica's CKS90 x CKS77 (x M50!)

    What's up guys and girls,   I'm totally new here and not quite an audiophile =]   However, as an owner of a pair of AT CKS90 I've entered this journey of enjoying listening to music in joyful ways.   I've been amazed by the quality of the 90's, it seems a remarkable achievement to...
  20. qingliu

    Thinksound vs ATH CKS90

    Hello Guys, i am thinking to buy a new pair In-Ear headset. I saw the forum that people recommend Thinksound, and my friend he strongly recommend ATH CKS90.   I often listen pop music and sometimes Jazz. I used my Sony Xperia S phone to play music.   What do u think guys...
  21. adventure5566

    Etymotic HF3 with iPhone 4S - atmosphere sound while on phonecall

    Hey   I just picked up a new pair of HF3s and they sound great. Just one concern though - whenever I'm on a call using these headsets, the mic activates and I could hear everything around me through my earbuds. Does anyone else have the same issue? I heard that it may be an iOS issue with...
  22. rk25123

    Best in ear headphones for around 100$

    Hello everyone, as the title says, I'm looking for 100$ in ear headphones. I looked over the internet for reviews, but they all are very disaccording, some suggesting the Klipsch Image S4, while others Etymotics MC3. I listen to a lot of musical genres, mainly rock, hip-hop/rap and electronic...
  23. TonyTheTaiga

    Need help choosing earbuds.

    I'm in Japan for a month and want to get Japanese earbuds. My price range is from 100 - 150$ and the earphones Ive seen are the Sony Mdr-Ex510SL and the audio technica ATH-CKS90. Which one would you guys buy and for what reasons? Other recommendations are welcome, thanks!
  24. AlexanderMKD

    Upgrade from Sennheiser CX300 II to Audio-Technica ATH-CKS70... good choice?

    Hi all, im new here and i really need some help.   I currently have the cx300ii, but i want to upgrade to something with more bass, a lot of bass, heavy, strong and punchy. I read lot of reviews for the CKS70, and when talking about bass all reviewers says that they are one of the best...
  25. Owlface

    Looking for IEM ~100-130 powered by SGS/2 Phone

    Looking to spend between 100-130, give or take a bit if it's really worth it. Primarily will be run off my SGS and soon SGS2 phone, so they need to be pretty easy to drive. I primarily listen to ballads and instrumental pieces, although I do occasionally dabble in trance/hip hop as well. So I...