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Would it be Pointless to buy the Fiio E10 for ATH-CKS90?

  1. FinnTheHumen
    I have the ATH-CKS90 and looking for a more bass boost then what the E5 gives me(none)
    would it give me more or im just retarded[​IMG]
  2. ClieOS Contributor
    Isn't CKS90 already have a lot of bass? It is the Solid Bass series after all (I only have the CKS70). I really don't think any small to regular amount of bass boost is going to change anything.
  3. FinnTheHumen
    do you know anything that would? the CKS90 has good bass but i like bass that HITS YOU[​IMG]
    i feel like i need something to bring it out more
  4. ZARIM
    The ZO will bringout more bass than E5 or E11 and it's pretty natural but increase the amount of bass. These AMPs definitely helps to increase the bass and ZO will do even more.
  5. ClieOS Contributor

    The CKS series has more boomy mid bass than quality sub-bass. If you want some seriously good bass, you should get the Future Sonics Atrio MG7 instead. Trying to bass boost something that already has a lot of bass only going to make it even muddier and boomier.
  6. FinnTheHumen
    thank you i ordered one today hope it helps[​IMG]WAITING.....

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