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    I think I got a soft spot for black and white.
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    My setup in December 2012.
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    My Millett "Starving Student" Hybrid headphone amplifier, sitting atop the Audio-gd NFB-12. The enclosure I used for my MSSH is almost the same size as the NFB-12. It's the Hammond 1455T2201. I installed orange LEDs inside the tube sockets, but I used low intensity LEDs so they are useless. The tube
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    Picture of my head-fi setup.
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    Main board of the NB-12 pulled out of the enclosure. The back panel is still attached because you cannot remove it without desoldering wires.
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    My desk, showing my soldering station. Also shown is the custom headphone stands I made. These are wardrobe pole hangers cut at 90 degrees from the base with a piece of plastic taped on top.
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    Audio-gd NFB-12. Holes drilled in the bottom of the case, bellow the circuit board. These holes, along a gap in the cover, allow the unit to breathe.
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    Audio-gd NFB-12 with low intensity orange LED. Notice the cover is higher. I placed washers between it and the case to have a 1mm gap where air can flow.
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    Audio-gd NFB-12, underside of the circuit board.
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    Underside of Audio-gd NFB-12 board.
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    Voltage settings on the Audio-gd NFB-12. The configuration of these jumpers let you chose between 120v and 240v main voltage.
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    AKG Q701 in white plugged into an Audio-gd NFB-12.
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    Audio-gd NFB-12 with dimmed LED. I stuffed the corner of a white packing peanut into the hole of the LED.
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    Audio-gd NFB-12 with stock LED
  15. Brooko

    REVIEW : Revisiting the Brainwavz HM5 – A Retrospective (plus bonus look at pad and cup options)

    Pros: SQ, clarity, comfort, build, balance, accessories, isolation, value, carry case (new), pad options Cons: Clamp force, slightly lacking some bass relative to treble (easy EQ though), pads can get sweaty, not the best for spectacle wearers. For larger views of any of the photos...
  16. Brooko

    Comparison / Review : A tale of two Sennheisers – HD600 vs HD700

      INTRODUCTION   It’s been a while since I joined Head-fi, and since that time I’ve owned, and also auditioned, a lot of different cans.  I’ve also learnt a lot about my own listening preferences and habits.  One of the things I have learnt is that I seem to prefer a certain measure of...
  17. C

    Looking for some suggestions!

    Hello Head-Fi!   After lurking the forum for about a year I finally decided that its time to become a member and also start putting together a full size setup rather than just messing with my portable one. I bought a pair of MDR-XB1000 recently and to my surprise (not really) my laptop...
  18. Neo-ST

    Need opinion: Budget AMP+DAC CM6631A + WM8741 + OPA627 + TPA6120

    I'm intending to buy Beyerdynamic DT770 Pro 250ohm headphones and a friend of mine (who's into this world more than me, I just started learning) suggested to buy this amp+dac.   It's Chinese made, "Breeze Audio", it's budget ($128 w/ free shipping) and he says it has the latest chips, that...
  19. dshlapak

    Audio-GD NFB-12: Does the "DAC Out" bypass the amp section?

    Thinking about using one between my source and a dedicated amp, like a Little Dot.   Apologies if this is a FAQ.
  20. Jupe

    Upgrade Suggestions from NFB-12

    I have one of the first NFB-12's that were shipped, i.e. before any of the tweaks or additions of filters. It has served me well and continues to perform dutifully with my Ultrasones Pro 900's. I'm curious what's the next step up, in terms of performance and quality. Since I have been so...
  21. Shervin

    Advice on which AKG combo?

    Gentlemen! I've been reading the forums for months regarding amps, dacs, k702/q701, and k550s. I have this illogical devotion to AKG, due to my previous AKG headphones, and have trouble deciding between two different type of headphones. I recently received a cash bonus from work so I have the...
  22. tarnishedhalo

    No sound from NFB-12 on Windows 7

    I just got my NFB-12 in today after a 2 month wait . I don't get sound when I try to listen to movies or music. The power light comes on, and all settings on the NFB-12 are where they should be. The windows 7 device manager shows "other devices" TE7022 Audio w/ SPDIF. Can someone please tell me...
  23. diodiel

    Difference NFB12 and NFB3?

    hi i just have a quick on how far are the difference between these two's DACs? would they sound the same plug into an active speaker? sorry about this question
  24. throzen0303

    What should i get? Tube Magic A1/D1? or NFB12?

    I currently want to upgrade my setup.   Current: Creative Sound Blaster 5.1USB as a DAC to Bravo Audio V1 EH6922 Tube   I saw someone recommanding the Maverick Audio TubeMagic A1 Amp   For my budget now i could only afford one upgrade   should i upgrade to a TubeMagic A1...
  25. dshlapak

    Analog outputs from NFB-12?

    This is surely a stupid question, but honestly, I'm completely puzzled...   I want a DAC to put between the optical out of an Airport Express and the stereo RCA ins on my amp. The NFB-12 appears perfect for the job, except that looking at pictures of the front and back of the thing, I see no...