1. mgclmnky

    Audio-gd NFB12.1 Question from audio beginner!

    I am very new to the world of audio equipment, but as a musician I have well trained ears. I picked up the Sennheiser HD600 about a year ago, and grew dissatisfied with the sound quality with it being plugged straight into my laptop.   I purchased the NFB12.1 and am having a lot of trouble...
  2. 2pacalypse33

    HE-500 Amp/Dac Combo?

    Hey guys,   Is there an amp/dac integrated combination you would recommend for the HE-500? Does anyone have any experience with these headphones and the O2+ODAC combo? Any recommendations are appreciated. Price range is around $400 but I can be flexible if it is worth it. I would prefer a 2...
  3. MaximumSandvich

    Anyone know a good DAC to be paired with fiio e09k for the beyer T1?

    I'm looking for a good DAC to be paired with the T1 I have on the way. The e17 is great and all but I feel the T1 is deserving of a bit better.   The DAC should be - under 200 (new or used) -Compatible with usb input and 3.5mm output (will use a 3.5mm to RCA cable to hook to the E09k...
  4. Asyde

    Seeking advice for optimal setup

    Hey guys, I'm brand new to the forums so I apologize if a lot of the questions I have asked have been answered already. If so please just point me to the correct thread :)   I am a novice audiophile, and I am looking for the best setup possible for a PC / PS3 & iPod /iPad being the primary...
  5. bobthedragon

    Need to buy a DAC with amp

    I am a bit confused, hoping someone can help here. I will start with my requirements, most of my music are on the computer, so DAC is a must. Some of them are lossless, and I have some MP3 as well. I listen to all types of music. I also watch some movies through headphone so that I won’t disturb...
  6. servantsaber

    Upgrading DAC from Audinst MX1 - Any Recommendation??

    I've been using D7000 and Audinst MX1 with incredible satisfaction and musical bliss. I'm looking at Nuforce icon HD, but I appreciate all recommendations within $300-500 range. Please recommend some :)
  7. opsitiveguy

    Good Audio Source for headphones??

    HI Everyone, This is my first thread in head-fi, I enjoy listening to music extensively. I have a HM5 and sony in ear monitors. I will go mid range headphone soon but haven't unleashed the full power of my HM5's yet. I will listen music from galaxy s2 320kbps files using poweramp or nrg player...
  8. djaiss

    Looking for a DAC - price range 150-300$

    Hello there,   I've been browsing this forum for a few days now. I'm looking for the best possible DAC for a budget in the range of 150$-300$, and there seems to be so many possible alternatives that I'm completely lost.   One year ago I wanted to enter into the world of audiophiles. My...
  9. longbowbbs

    New Oppo BDP-103 & 105 previewed at Cedia   Secrets of Home Theater HiFi has their Cedia report up and it includes the first looks at the new Oppo BDP103 & BDP 105   Built in USB input with DAC and Headphone Amp and plug!   Let the speculation...
  10. spaark

    $300-400 Amp *with* DAC?

    I was thinking of getting the Valhalla amp as I heard it was one of the best at this price range, but I need a DAC as well. Considering my budget is quite tight, what would be better, the Valhalla with a budget DAC like the FiiO E10 or a different combination/2-in-1?
  11. lja1125

    plz recommend headphone+amp+dac with $1,000 budgets.

    Hi,   I've never used headphones before.   only i used IEMs, then, i'd like to buy headphones.   but, i don't have any knowledge for it.   so plz feel free to recommend.   and i liked UE 10 pro.
  12. AdamFrandsen

    Best headphones for opera within sub $400 price range with sub $350 amp/dac combo

    I have finally realized that it will take time before I can afford the system I have been researching and really dream of  - so I need to find a good compromise until I start making the big bucks ;-)    I have looked at:   HD598 Q701 HE-400 HE-4 K550 DT880 DT990   What...
  13. Amnesia87

    Upgrade Ideas from Denon AH-D7000

    Currently I've got: Denon AH-D7000 Audio-GD NFB-12   I've been considering upgrading for a while, but I got a nice pair of Sierra-1 speakers so I put it off for a while. I recently moved from a house in Austin, TX to an apartment out in Bellevue, WA and can no longer listen to my...
  14. straife

    help for finding good headset amp/dac combo fo classical music

    hi i'm looking for a good headphone/amp/dac combo for classical music i'm fairly new to audiophile world and it appears that i don't have any clue about what should i do the more i try to find a good pair, more i become confused so i came here hoping for some good advise my budget is...
  15. Juggler00

    Help: Linux-friendly USB integrated amplifier recommendation

    First time poster...    I am an audio newbie with very little experience in reading specs and understanding what they mean. I'm reading and trying to catch up, but was hoping to get some pointers as to whether my sought-after piece of equipment actually exists.   I will be using...
  16. Nylerb

    AMP/DAC recommandation for my AKG 701 ?

    Hi !   First of all, although I am new to this forum and don't know much about hifi, I did read the forum before posting here. But I still don't know what would be good for me.   I am looking for a good AMP + DAC combo under the 600$ price range. Here is my situation :   - I would...
  17. daniel521

    Recommended amp and DAC for HD600?

    I'm planning on buying the hd-600 soon and heard that they are extremely affected by what amp and DAC is used, so I want to pick the right one. My budget is 200-250 dollars for both amp and DAC, I don't know if my budget is enough to get a good amp that will make them shine so could anyone...
  18. lawlz

    <$600 AMP/DAC for the Sennheiser HD800's

    Hey all, I am planning to get the HD800's in a couple weeks and obviously, I can't drive them to any sort of decent level without a decent amp nor will anything sound great without a DAC.    I've mainly dabbled in portable audio so most of gear consists of IEMs, portable amps, LODs, etc. so...
  19. Axonn

    Please tell me if buying NuForce Icon HDP is a good call

    Hello everybody ::- ).   The NuForce Icon HDP is within my price range for my first headphones DAC+Amp.   I've heard good things about it here on this Forum. Has the situation remained the same?   Would you recommend something more expensive? Note that I don't want 2 separate...
  20. Ghaunty22

    Question about NFB 12.1 High Gain

    Does switching the Gain button to High make the sound quality worse as its louder? Or is it fine? It seems good for most quiet soundtracks
  21. Ghaunty22

    Soun in left headphone only after turning nfb12.1 back on

    When I turn my nfb12.1 amp back on the sound only comes in the left speaker, some times a little in the right, but not even. I have to restart my pc to get it back to normal. Any suggestions? I don't think it's a good idea to keep amp on all the time? Thanks
  22. hatecrew1992

    looking for some information about DAC/Amp combis

    hi Guys, I just recently started to use my headphones more freqently while listening to music and now that I am about to get the Beyerdynamic dt-770 pro (32Ohm) I thought about getting myself a DAC/Amp combination that wouldn´t hurt my wallet to much. I also am thinking about getting the Grado...
  23. sygyzy

    Best Solid State (SS) desktop amp under $350

    Hi,   What are the current players in the solid state desktop amp market? It seemed like before there were more SS choices. Besides the Schiit Asgard ($250), what other choices are there?   How does the Asgard rank compared the M^3, PPA, PPA2, Beta 22, etc?   Thanks.
  24. sml1226

    Need something new again... AKG, Beyer, Grado? What should I do?

    I'm looking for something new now that my plans to eventually snag a set of orthos has fallen through. I definitely want a new set of open cans if I'm getting something full sized. I'm looking for some mids similar to what Grado gave me, not necessarily the same mids tonally, just somewhat...
  25. Anax

    NFB-12 used for just an AMP, connected to sound card. Im slow :/

       Sorry but I am pretty much new to the world of headphones.  Recently I purchased DT990's and HE-400's.  I looked around at basic amps to get me buy before deciding what direction I wanted to go and I noticed the overly bloated price these days of premade O2's (My older older one crapped out...