1. AndrewM56

    What would be the first logical upgrade from my NFB-12

    I'm thinking about starting to upgrade my DAC and AMP soon to two different components. The Schiit line interests me a lot, but would probably doing one component at a time not both at the same time.   What would make sense to get first, the DAC (thinking Bifrost) or the amp (Valhalla)? Is...
  2. Derelict

    Beyer DT880 Pro + Audio-GD NFB-12

    Am I missing something and how is this set up? Do I need to get a sound card If I want to watch movies do I need a 5.1 sound card to go along with my set up?
  3. Tiptoe

    Audio-GD NFB-12 Randomly shuts off

    I recently received my Audio-GD NFB-12 and it seems to randomly shut off. Sometimes it might be on for about 2 minutes before it shuts off, and sometimes it might be on for about 5 hours or not even shut off at all. When it shuts off, it usually turns itself back on after somewhere between 1-10...
  4. genclaymore

    Which one is better? the NFB-12 or the M-Stage V2

    I have the worry , when I get the NFB-12(Newer ver) that I gonna wish I got a Matrix M-Stage.  I need some one who has used both to chime in, to tell me how they compare to each other.  So I can stop worrying If I made the right choice or not.
  5. AndrewM56

    NFB-12 doesn't work with Xbox 360 DVDs? Anyone know what would cause this?

    So I decided to watch a DVD today in my room, and the only DVD player I have is my xbox. Its hooked up to my NFB-12 via an optical toslink cable which has worked fine for months playing games or streaming music / movies. But as soon as the DVD is loaded up and hits the menu the audio changes to...
  6. chunkfnk

    Audio-gd NFB 3.1 or Schiit Bifrost?

    Hey guys, I'm thinking about getting a set of AKG k701 and the Schiit Lyr to go along with it. I was wondering which DAC would go well with that combo?
  7. nicholars

    Grant fidelity tube-dac 11 VS Audio-Gd NFB 3.2

    Which of these is the best SQ for the money?
  8. farhangleo

    Audio-gd NFB-12.1 DAC out same as Headphone out?

    I recently bought the Audio-gd NFB-12.1 to pair with my Q701's and after using it for a couple of days, I have to say, i'm not very pleased with what i'm hearing. I'm using the Q701's as my primary set of headphones and i find the sub bass to mid bass to be pretty deep and defined but the vocals...
  9. krumme

    DAC19 vs NFB11 vs NFB12 with some philosophical statements

    Motivation for this review   Hifi can be a wonderfull hobby when it moves and changes. It seems to be the essence of it.   I am not headphone user, but finding this huge thriving community, with all its energy, means I post my findings here.   Coming back to a nearly forgotten...
  10. 1audioz

    Audio-gd 12.1 DAC freezing + buzzing during use?

    Hi guys,   Been using my Audio-gd 12.1 for quite some time now - but I've been having this problem/issue which occurs on/off. I use the DAC with SPDIF TOSLINK only and almost never use the amp component.   Basically what happens is sometimes the audio will stutter / freeze "zzzzzzzz" -...
  11. daniel521

    Is the NFB12.1 a good amp/DAC for the LCD-2?

    The LCD-2 is one of my main options for my first high-end setup. I plan on taking it to places every once in a while, so a tube amp would not be ideal since it would break in transportation. I would prefer to have an amp+DAC in one solution, so do you think the NFB12.1 is a good choice for the...
  12. mac336

    can the NFB-12 be used solely as a DAC?

    For example:  If I had a schiit lyr and NFB-12 and paired them, would the NFB-12 amp affect the sound ?
  13. zakazak

    Audio-GD NFB 12.1 is a pretty bad DAC?

    Hey there, I use a Audio-GD NFB 12.1 as DAC/AMP for listening from Laptop (via USB 3.0) to my Sennheisers HD 600. Now I wanted to use it as DAC only to listen via my Sony TA-F690ES + 2x Magnat Zero 8 speakers, how ever, I get a lot of disturbing hissing from it:   I start the amp (TA-F690ES)...
  14. TTNK

    Dacmagic 100 vs. Audio-gd NFB-12

    Hello, I have been looking to buy a decent USB DAC that has a headphone amp and an rca output to connect to something like a receiver or whatnot. I have considered an NFB-12 for awhile but the dacmagic 100, from what I have read, seems good too. My budget would be around $250, but would be...
  15. buson160man

    how does the audio-gd nfb10.32 compare to the audio-gd nfb 11.32 sonically and otherwise?

     I have been thinking about upgrading my desk top computer sound system.I do not use my computer for listening to music but I do like to use my computer to watch netflix and dvds.I presently am using the non-descript computer speakers that came with my computer and would like to upgrade the...
  16. mediumraresteak

    Beyerdynamic DT990 / 600 Ohm Amp Recommendation and misc.

    Hello All,   I just received my Beyerdynamic DT990/600 Ohm headphones and have it paired with the Fiio E17.  It sounds really good but I was wondering if it was worth the upgrade to a tube amp <$200.  My budget is really tight at the moment.  I would like a WA3 or MKIV but not happening at...
  17. MooTaters

    DAC/amp or combo advice needed

    I've been looking for some time now to replace my soundcard which died months ago now.  I figured it was the perfect excuse for me to look into getting a dac/amp or combo of a dac and amp.  Currently I'm using the M50's and I know they don't need amping, but I'd like to get a better dac than...
  18. Chris_Himself

    Schiit Mjolnir, Burson HA-160D, or Violectric V100

    Scootermafia keeps nagging me to buy a new amp, so which one of the superhype LCD-2 amps is it going to be?   Thanks in advance pals.
  19. 2enty3

    Can I ask for a "list" of amps in the $200-$300 range?

    More specifically, I'm just looking to weigh as many options for a new amp as possible. Of course I'm not asking anyone here to list every amp in the world in that range, but hopefully a brief list with reputable/popular amps. Tube or SS is no difference to me, since I will most likely end up...
  20. jaja

    Got Q701's and comparison to DT 880 pro

    Recently got some akg q701 and loving them so far.  I am an amateur producer mostly using beyerdynamic dt880 pros as headphones and sometimes my krk kns 8400.  However I use my monitors as much as I can which is the preferred way.  Still I wanted some new headphones so I picked up some K240S and...
  21. Greg121986

    Headphones first or DAC/AMP first?

    I've stuck with my trusty Audio-GD NFB-12 for almost 2 years. It's outlasted a Schiit Bifrost and Schiit Asgard. I like its sound and price such that I sold the Schiit stack and kept the NFB-12 for primary use. I currently am using Fostex T50-RP and I'm very happy with them for the minimal...
  22. kmitschiener

    Best way to spend my $1000

    So I'm kinda new to the world of hifi, but I'd like to get a really good set up to keep me happy for a while. I listen mostly to unplugged, rock, and jazz with a little bit of rap once in a while. I've decided on two possible rigs, the first is to buy the audeze LCD-2 and use them with my...
  23. joetjie2000

    HifiMan HE-400 vs DAC

    Hello everyone!    Hope someone can give me some sound advice...    I currently listen to AT M50s powered by an ALO "The National" AMP from a Macbook Air via the headphone jack using Fiio cables.   I have some money that i want to spend on upgrading the system... but I'm stuck in the...
  24. SmettMark

    Closed headphones for music + gaming?

    My budget is 500 dollars. I'm looking for a closed headphone with good isolation for both music and gaming. I listen to rock and metal bands suh as metallica, nirvana, guns and roses, green day, etc. There are things which are crucial to me:   1. I want it to have good mids and a very full...
  25. midflder92

    Grado vs Sennheiser vs AudioTechnica

    I've been into hi-fi stereo for the last ten years (half my life) and now that I'm satisfied with my setup i'd like to get into headphones too.  I'm leaning towards the new Rega Ear as it shares technology with the Brio-R I love so much.  What I'm looking for is a pair of headphones that is full...