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What should i get? Tube Magic A1/D1? or NFB12?

Discussion in 'Headphone Amps (full-size)' started by throzen0303, Apr 27, 2011.
  1. throzen0303
    I currently want to upgrade my setup.
    Creative Sound Blaster 5.1USB as a DAC
    Bravo Audio V1 EH6922 Tube
    I saw someone recommanding the Maverick Audio TubeMagic A1 Amp
    For my budget now i could only afford one upgrade
    should i upgrade to a TubeMagic A1 Amp or the TubeMagic D1 DAC?
    I am using the amp to drive my HD600.
    I also came across this on eBay
    HLLY DAC-01 24BIT 96KHz Tube & Headphone Amp Pre-amp
    anyone has experience with this? How do this compare to the A1/D1?
  2. Proglover
  3. throzen0303
    how much is this? can't find the price
  4. Proglover
    ^ check the link, click on 'price list'....
  5. throzen0303
    hmmm, $200 same as the A1/D1, awwwww one more option now>< dammmittt LOL
  6. throzen0303
    The A1 or the D1 have more power, would that be better for the HD600?
    Anyone know about the SQ?
  7. Proglover
    do some searches, there's plenty of info on head-fi for your cause
  8. throzen0303
    looking up some info, seems like no one tried both to give direct comparison, but seems like the D1 dont sound as good as the MKIII
  9. Ultrainferno
    If you need an amp go for the A1.
    If you need a dac+amp go for the NFB-12
  10. throzen0303
    I need a DAC/AMP Combo, I saw the NFB-12(300@300ohms) is pretty good, but not as powerful as the D1(500mW@300ohms), would that affect much? I also came across the XiangSheng DAC-01A, not sure about the SQ of that but i has the same power output as the D1.
  11. Bill Mac

    I am looking at the same DAC/amps. Being totally new to HP DAC/amps what makes the NFB-12 the better choice over the D1? Thanks!


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