Difference NFB12 and NFB3?
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Jan 25, 2011
hi i just have a quick on how far are the difference between these two's DACs? would they sound the same plug into an active speaker? sorry about this question
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Kingwa isn't the sort of person that would make a more expensive product like the NFB-2/3 if a cheaper product like NFB-12 sounded the same. I haven't heard the NFB-12 but it probably wont sound quite as good.

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yea thanks for the info.. well i guess im not buying anything for now, i gotta get an slr camera 1st >.< i might get that maverick tube amp w/ the nfb3 if i get the money. it looks like they have free cables in their package?
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I was responding to your "free cables" question.  Yes, optical and USB cables are included but I doubt RCA is.  (And yup, pre-amp.)  This is a pretty kick-ass product for what it does (and how much it costs), but if you don't need the head-amp the NFB-3 is probably the better buy hands-down: beefier power supply, etc.

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