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Difference NFB12 and NFB3?

Discussion in 'Dedicated Source Components' started by diodiel, Apr 11, 2011.
  1. diodiel
    hi i just have a quick on how far are the difference between these two's DACs? would they sound the same plug into an active speaker? sorry about this question
  2. Bobcow
    Kingwa isn't the sort of person that would make a more expensive product like the NFB-2/3 if a cheaper product like NFB-12 sounded the same. I haven't heard the NFB-12 but it probably wont sound quite as good.

  3. diodiel
    yea thanks for the info.. well i guess im not buying anything for now, i gotta get an slr camera 1st >.< i might get that maverick tube amp w/ the nfb3 if i get the money. it looks like they have free cables in their package?
  4. sphinxvc
    Not sure if RCA are included but surely toslink and USB are.
  5. diodiel
    the nfb12? it has the optical input, coax, and usb. yeah no RCA in. but is dac out=pre amp?
  6. sphinxvc
    I was responding to your "free cables" question.  Yes, optical and USB cables are included but I doubt RCA is.  (And yup, pre-amp.)  This is a pretty kick-ass product for what it does (and how much it costs), but if you don't need the head-amp the NFB-3 is probably the better buy hands-down: beefier power supply, etc.
  7. diodiel
    ohhh yeah might as well experience more SQ then miss out. i dont think anything can beat nfb3 at its price

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