1. KB

    NEW Ref 8 IEM cable by ALO

    Just released ;-)   Comes in balanced or unbalanced, MMCX or 2 pin. We use a blend of OCC copper and silver plated copper, all cables are fully cryo treated in house for that extra edge.   MMCX are in stock, 2 pin will be finished and available soon.   Thank you   Ken    
  2. KB

    FREE!! HE1000 balanced cable with the purchase of HE1000 ALO audio

    HI All!   I have made a hand full of these special 18awg super balanced HE1000 cables all hand made here at ALO audio. We giving them away for free! with the purchase of a HE1000 headphone from ALO. The HE1000 arguably the finest production headphone sold today, now enjoy the HE1000 with our...
  3. KB

    Introducing the new Continental V5 portable tube amp

    Building upon 5 generations of critically acclaimed portable amplifiers of the "Continental" series, we are proud to introduce the all new Continental Version 5.   Ideal for sensitive IEMs and full size headphones, the new Cv5 features a 6111 vacuum tube with a user replaceable 8-pin socket...
  4. KB

    SoCal CanJam Show Special Campfire Audio

    Hey All,   Please stop by the (Campfire Audio) booth can ask about our show specials we have on site for direct sale. Buy any IEM and receive a free SXC 24 IEM balanced cable and 2.5mm to 3.5mm adapter plug while supplies last at the booth.           Cheers.   Ken
  5. KB

    Holiday Specials !! from ALOaudio

      IN STOCK NOW - take advantage of the site wide 10% 0ff sale while it lasts.     Please go to for more information on these items.   Thank you and happy holiday. ALO
  6. KB

    Campfire Audio, made in the USA now finally launched in the USA!

      Something to celebrate! something to say oh great! On ALO audio's 10 year Head-fi anniversary we are proud to sprout our new creation. With a new focus and new vision and after a long wait we are thrilled to release the full Campfire Audio in the USA!!         In addition we have...
  7. KB

    --- BLACK OUT SALE --- ALO audio

      Set your alarms for Thursday midnight west coast time for the start of our one time only event! Prices are set to reduce at midnight Thursday evening so please check back. Featuring special edition Campfire Audio Orion packages and more, order early while supplies last      ...
  8. KB

    2015 Tokyo Autumn Fujiya Avic Headphone festival

    Just wrapped up the Tokyo headphone show, was as always awesome. There is so much awesome audio "stuff" at these shows its crazy.     Campfire IEMs were well traveled.. ;-)     Lots of CDM love going on.       I thought the new Fitear was really cool.     Next show for us will...
  9. KB

    The all new Continental Dual Mono

      Introducing the Continental Dual Mono   Coming soon!             - Dual mono 6111 tube gain stages - No DC-DC converters for tubes, no transformers - Super low-noise / microphonics - SE and BAL headphone outputs - SE and BAL line level inputs  - high/low gain   -...
  10. Bollinote

    Benefits of using a balanced amp and ALO international VS the Lightning ?

    I have order from headphone lounge my new cables for my Shure 846 and a balanced adapter because my next step will be to buy a balanced amp. What are really the improvements with a balanced amp? For a similar price : it will be better to buy the ALO International (DAC/amp) or the Lightning (...
  11. terenthia

    Portable Headphones for the ALO Pan Am

    Hi,   I recently purchased the ALO Pan Am and need a well matched portable set of open backed headphones, budget is under £150.   The Pan Am will be used largely in conjuction with my laptop via the USB connection playing WAV files. I already own AKG K702's which sound great with both...
  12. scrypt

    New iMod for the iPod 5G: A Red Wine Audio/ALO Collaboration

    I've just returned from the Home Entertainment Show and will post my thoughts on same in the Member's Lounge. However, this couldn't wait: The biggest news of the show for Head-fi members. Vinnie Rossi is about to offer an iMod for the iPod 5G in collaboration with Ken Ball of Audio Line Out...
  13. KB

    iMod Vcap dock & PORTABLE Vcap Dock - Info and Talk Soup

    ALO Vcap iMod Docking Station I just wanted to post some information in more detail about the ALO Vcap Docks for the 5G/5.5G iMod. After many revisions we have finally settled on a final design that suites the needs of function and form. Here it is: DETAILS -- V-caps! For...
  14. Currawong

    HD-800 Cable Comparison: ALO Audio, WyWires, Norne, Furutech, Kimber

    For years I’ve avoided writing much about headphone cables for two reasons: Firstly it invites arguments, and secondly I didn’t want to be seen as favouring any one cable manufacturer over another. With one exception, I’ve found all the ones I’ve dealt with to be great enthusiasts who were...
  15. KB

    ALO audio BLACK OUT sale on now

    ALO audio Black Friday sale going on now.   Please check the items on sale as well as our all new National + amp   Noble Audio K10 with pre released ALO SXC 8 IEM cable for the K10, Supplies limited.       Thank you and happy holiday,   Ken @ alo
  16. BL33DnEaRs

    Silicon Bands vs ?

    Just wondering, if there is a better way to secure ur amp to ur source?  I know silicone bands are probably the main.  The ones I have are too big and not near secure enough.  Are there other sizes? Like ALO and JDS bands smaller ?  Anyways, someone point me into the right direction.  Thanks in...
  17. KB

    4th Of July Discounts ALO audio

      Discounts applied in shipping card when checking out.   Happy Holiday!   ALO audio.
  18. granty1988

    Rubber Bands ?!

    I have recently purchase an Fiio E11, but the 'rubber band' that was supplied doesnt hold my Ipod as well as I thought, do people have any suggestions on where to get more / different ones.   Thanks in advance for any help
  19. KB

    ALO audio Holiday SALE on now

    ALO audio holiday savings sale is on for a limited time now! Please click below.        Happy Holidays from ALO 
  20. KB

    Summer Shop and Studio Six coupon Code !! ALO AUDIO

    ALO audio hopes your summer is going well and would like to notify the Head-fi community of a couple of promotions we have going now. First we have put together some package portable kits then kicked in a discount on them. You can view these kits at our Summer Shop page HERE:        ...
  21. KB

    Studio Six - A Reference Headphone Amp from ALO Audio - Now Available!

    Hey guys we are happy to announce that Studio Six our new Reference Headphone Amplifier is now available for purchase on our new website.    We've been hard at work to bring this amplifier to market now for over a year and it was a difficult but rewarding journey. The Studio Six is honestly...
  22. KB

    Hong Kong AV show 2016

    Hey All, Ken here from ALO / Campfire Audio.   I am not sure if this trade show was reported out on Head-fi or not but but I wanted to report in on the Hong Kong AV show I am at and is held at the Hong Kong convention center.     So I as a long...
  23. PTom

    Head Fi's Favourite Amp for the Audeze LCD 2: $200-$1000 [POLL]

    Votes for Other Amps    - ALO Audio Pan Am: 3  - Bottlehead S.E.X.: 1 - Darkvoice 336SE: 1 - Schiit Asgard 2: 1 - Woo Audio WA7: 1   -----------------------------   I thought it would be fun/informative to see which amps are the most loved among the Head Fi community for driving the...
  24. KB

    ALO audio's NEW 24Bit portable AMP/DAC The International

    ALO audio is very proud to introduce our newest creation, The International a High Resolution 24bit AMP/DAC!! For more INFO Please visit ALO audio HERE          
  25. KB

    Astell and Kern iRiver High Resolution Player AK100 24/192 !!

      ALO audio has in stock ready to ship the new iRiver high resolution player. Purchase a iRiver and Rx Mk3 amp and get a free SXC right angle mini to mini*.         Order yours today! HERE   Only at ALO audio   Thank you,   Ken   * until supplies last, act fast.