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The all new Continental Dual Mono

Discussion in 'Portable Headphone Amps' started by kb, Mar 26, 2015.
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  1. KB Contributor
    Introducing the Continental Dual Mono​
    Coming soon!​
    - Dual mono 6111 tube gain stages​
    - No DC-DC converters for tubes, no transformers​
    - Super low-noise / microphonics​
    - SE and BAL headphone outputs​
    - SE and BAL line level inputs ​
    - high/low gain​
    - Separate linear voltage regulation used for analog and digital sections​
    - Wolfson's flagship WM8741 d/a converter​
    - Supports DSD and high-res PCM​
    - Precision clock generator IC​
    - DA conversion with iDevices when a CCK cable is used​
    - LEDs to indicate sample rate of USB data stream​
    - SE dedicated line output jack​
    - Premium 3-cell Li-ion battery pack using Panasonic 18650 cells​
    - 12.6V, 1.5A external charger​
    -Billet aluminum 100% CNC machined enclosure​
    -Corning "Gorilla Glass" viewing window​
    -User replaceable 6111 tube boards design​
    - Made in the USA​
    More to come please stay tuned.
    Thank you
    Ken @ ALO
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  2. ebe2000
    Sounds interesting Ken. How soon is soon?
  3. KB Contributor

    Hi Ebe2000,
    We hope to have them for sale in May'ish.
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  4. bmichels
    Pricing ?
    How does it compare to the HUGO ? 
  5. gr8soundz
    Few questions:
    Is pricing set or at least an estimated msrp?
    What is the expected life of the internal tubes?
    Will it support DSD256?
    Will the amp have an optical input?
  6. Uberzone
    Price? How it vs Hugo? :D
  7. KB Contributor
    Just wrapped up the show here in the OC, great show and it was very well organized with really good attendance, hotel was awesome. We were thrilled at the overwhelmingly positive impressions of our new creation.
    Retail will be $1495, estimated date of sale will be May-June.
    We had several people A/B the Hugo vs the CDM all had very favorable impressions vs the Hugo of course this is something that is subjective be we are very happy with the features the CDM brings to the table.
    1. Wolfson 8741 DAC, can D/A convert with iPhone*, Android, as long as you have ALSA driver (advanced linux sound architecture driver) Also works with the idevice. DSD64 with MAC and PC
    2. Dedicated level line out, so NOT via the headphone out.
    3. Balanced in and balanced headphone stage out, SE in and out as well
    4. hi low gain
    5. LED color displays to indicate bit rate
    6. Low noise floor so great with IEMs
    7. NO microphonics thanks to elimination of a step up transformer
    8. Dual mono amp design, 2 x 6111 tubes
    9. User roll able / replaceable tubes with our 8 pin header
    10. High quality Panasonic 1865b cells, also user replaceable (same cells used in the Tesla)
    11. ALO designed all CNC aluminum enclosure
    12. Made in the USA
    More to come, Thank you!
    *required CCK cable (USB to lightning adapter)
    ALO Audio Stay updated on ALO Audio at their sponsor page on Head-Fi.
  8. ebe2000
    Too much for me with the USD EUR exchange rate at moment
  9. themad
    Ken, I really enjoy your products. Former owner of PanAm and RxMk3B+ here. But wow...$1495. I gotta say it is much higher than I was expecting... [​IMG]
    What is the estimated battery life when using as DAC+amp and also only as an amp?
  10. DecentLevi
    After trying this at CanJam today, here was my initial impressions:
    "** CONTINENTAL DUAL MONO semi-portable amp / DAC:
       I had to put this in all caps because nothing can contain my excitement for this amp! Before putting it into technical jargon, let me just explain it to you this way: imagine 3 laser beams being received on planet earth from 3 separate interstellar ubur-mega futuristic aliens with prime audio-soup... and this is what the hell you get with this AMP + DAC unit!!! If you're not sold already here is my review: Fluidic, lush, detailed soundstage with UBER AMAZING 3D holographic instrument placement and separation, and overall majestic sound signature / experience. At least a 10/10. It made my Soundmagic HP 100 and Beyerdynamic DT-880 32-ohm headphones come to life with AMAZING realism better than ever before and even more than other combinations of am+DACs I tried at this mega headphone meeting. It honestly even put a natural smile on the faces of 2 of the employees behind this booth trying cans on this amp. Even better yet is the features of this amp, including options for balanced output, battery powered, DSD, etc.! Not to mention it's small and pretty."
    But I do hope they can tweak the max. output level to maybe 4-6 decibels more than the one I tested.
  11. money4me247 Contributor
    lol subbed after reading @DecentLevi's impressions. how long is the battery life on this baby? and dimensions?
  12. estreeter
    It might sound strange coming from a Hugo owner, but I agree that the price seems a little steep until you look at that spec sheet. Given the money many seem prepared to drop on various AK DAPs, I expect that we'll see these hooked up to portable sources that cost even more - exciting times ahead. 
  13. earfonia
  14. Uberzone
    1,000 will be ok, 1,500 dunno [​IMG]
  15. Compassionator
    Is there an optical input?  The drawing shows a usb (then) toggle to ???
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