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Campfire Audio, made in the USA now finally launched in the USA!

Discussion in 'Sponsor Announcements and Deals' started by kb, Dec 15, 2015.
  1. KB Contributor


    Something to celebrate! something to say oh great! On ALO audio's 10 year Head-fi anniversary we are proud to sprout our new creation. With a new focus and new vision and after a long wait we are thrilled to release the full Campfire Audio in the USA!!


    In addition we have launched our website with a new look and will be continuing to add more information in the coming days. We hope you will give Campfire Audio a try and pick up a model today. We have limited stock on hand so please bear with us as we are a small batch production team. If a model goes out of stock please know that we are constantly building more units in our Portland Oregon workshop so please check back.


    Please point your browser to www.CampfireAudio.com and check it out, please also view the short video me and my friend made about Campfire Audio. Campfire Audio is something that we have been quietly working for many years and something that is so close to our hearts. 


    We are kicking off the birth of our new company with 3 fabulous IEMs. Each with something unique to enjoy.


    Orion - With one single full-range BA driver, no crossover, wonderfully flat, uncolored and accurate frequency response, this IEM is a purists dream. Constructed from a solid 6061 aircraft aluminum billet block our IEM shells and all manufacturing is proudly hand built and tuned 100% in Oregon US of A.


    Jupiter - Again simplicity is key in our quad design, one crossover and the critical implementation of a few things out of the ordinary = out of the ordinary sound reproduction. We use the same shell construction as the Orion this time anodized in a brown/bronze color, again proudly hand built in the USA.


    Lyra - Our dynamic driver offering, this time we use a super hard ceramic shell and a BE coated driver to again bring something unique to your ears. 


    Thank you so much for your support over the last decade! 


    Ken and crew at ALO audio

    ALO Audio Stay updated on ALO Audio at their sponsor page on Head-Fi.
  2. shotgunshane Contributor
    Thanks Ken. I just placed a Jupiter order. Really looking forward to it!
  3. nmatheis Contributor
    You'll love it shotgunshane!

    Can't wait until I save up the funds for Jupiter and/or Lyra, myself :wink_face:
  4. mikey1964
    I was auditioning some replacement cables for my Noble Audio Savant, auditioned the DT1770 Pro as well since I was in the market for a nice close back can (of the more than 10 pairs of cans I own, only the Alpha Dog is close back, the AH-D2000 and AH-D7000 don't cut it as close back....being semi-open). Anyway, decided on a whim to try out the Jupiter and the sound, my goodness the sound! Won me over right there and then, forgot all about the replacement cables and DT1770 Pro (for now), and ponied up for the Jupiter.....enjoying it with my Fiio X3 II and JDS Labs C5 stack. And now, some potato pics!
    Nice touch with the ALO tinsel replacement cable, but since it has a 2.5mm jack instead of the usual 3.5mm jack, a bundled 2.5mm to 3.5mm adapter would have been much appreciated.
  5. d marc0

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