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  1. darkfusion

    Sony Q010-MDR1

    Quote: Originally Posted by Sovkiller Oh no again, there are about 10 other threads of the same topic, the search now is disabled, but a few hours ago it was working, why not using it????? I couldn't search because there's no search option... My bad, I had no idea this had...
  2. darkfusion

    Sony Q010-MDR1

    From what I can make out from the site (It's in Japanese) the specs are: 50mm Drivers Sensitivty: 100dB/mW Frequency Response: 5~120000Hz [click]
  3. darkfusion

    Watches - another passion of ours, it your pics!

    Quote: Originally Posted by Vertigo-1 My everyday casual analog: That is the nicest looking watch I have ever seen... How much is that? I must have one (Team G-Shock )
  4. darkfusion

    Watches - another passion of ours, it your pics!

    I have a Casio GShock G2500-1V My dad has a Rolex Submariner though...however I personally can't justify spending that much on something that tells the time just as well as fact, Rolex's keep crappy time.
  5. darkfusion

    Post the pic of your mus. intrument.

    No digi-cam right now so here's a photo from the net: It's identical, except I replaced the stock pick-ups with EMG's.
  6. darkfusion

    Please help me upgrade my computer.

    Well I got a top of the line Alienware at X-Mas and my old PC is now just sitting here gathering dust. I'd like to bring it up to date to handle the likes of UT2004, Call of Duty, C&C: Generals etc. with no sweat, as I would like a decent second computer that I can keep at my moms house for when...
  7. darkfusion

    Anyone webdesigners around? Need some help with iFrames...

    [EDIT] - Nevermind, I've sorted it now. Mod's, please delete. Thanks
  8. darkfusion

    Edwood's Sony R10 Review

    Nice review - I love the photo's Good job!
  9. darkfusion

    Any metal-heads here?

    I listen to a lot of melodic death metal too, some of my favourite bands include: Children of Bodom In Flames Dark Tranquillity Arch Enemy At The Gates The Haunted Dream Evil Nightrage Amaran Hammerfall I have the HD 600's but I've heard the SR225's are great for metal...
  10. darkfusion

    where do you put your headphone amp?

    Next to my CD deck, see avatar
  11. darkfusion

    Anyone got a GPS???

    Thrasher - nope. I have a Garmin GPS V Deluxe.
  12. darkfusion

    How many headphones do you have ?

    I recently sold off some of my old portable 'phones like the PX100's and PortaPro's as I never used them, so now I have: Sennheiser HD 600 Etymotic Research ER-4P Sony MDR-D66SL Koss KSC-35 ...and a bunch of stocks, MX500's etc.
  13. darkfusion

    The it takes a licking but keeps on ticking thread

    Dropped my Sharp MD-DS8 on my kitchen floor about a week or two ago. Few dents and scratches around the side and on one corner, lid wouldn't open and close as easily as it used to and it seemed to decide for itself if it wanted to work or not. I really should send it off for repair soon...
  14. darkfusion

    Cyclists anyone?

    Quote: Originally posted by ROSSOred Weather is Crappy? where in uk r u? been perfectly fine past few days! Santa Cruz r nice. Super 8 is a beast though! i love the super light its awesome. Southampton, Hampshire.
  15. darkfusion

    Cyclists anyone?

    I'm really into freeride and downhill, I've currently put my headphone addiction on hold to spend some money on my Santa Cruz Super 8. I haven't ridden for a while though, the weather is too crappy here at the moment
  16. darkfusion

    Happy birthday PinkFloyd

    Happy Birthday Mike!
  17. darkfusion

    If you were in a band, what would you name it?

    Brainfart. or The Skull Bunnies.
  18. darkfusion

    Name your Fav. Cans???

    So far my favourite cans are the HD 600's
  19. darkfusion

    got my ipod mini *pics*

    Quote: Originally posted by mister__big Wow, I didn't know you could play Mario on the Sony Ericsson! Dammit, now I've got the itch to upgrade my T68 even though it's serving me well... That's just a wallpaper But I think you can get similar games to Mario for your phone...
  20. darkfusion

    Lightest over-the-ear phones

    How about the Sennheiser PX200's? They don't cost mega-bucks, they isolate and they're also very light!
  21. darkfusion

    iPods limited in volume in EU

    Yeah, some of the less efficiant 'phones I've tried have been almost useless with my EU Sony MD units, even in a quiet room. However the iPod manages to push the same phones to a normal listening level on a volume setting of around 3 to 3.5/4 So far my primary portable cans (D66's) seem to be...
  22. darkfusion

    I think my HD 600's may have damaged drivers...

    Quote: Originally posted by PinkFloyd Can you tell me at what position on the volume setting this occurs Darkfusion? if it makes the crackling sound at VERY low volumes as well as mid to high volume then it is not the amp going into clipping that's causing it. Pinkie. This...
  23. darkfusion

    I think my HD 600's may have damaged drivers...

    Quote: Thats called clipping... Biggie. I'm guessing it's the recording that would be causing this?