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  1. captainbrendo

    EarPods - Apples newest entry into IEM

    the whole point of these earbuds is that they DO allow sound in.  I'm sure if they sealed out sound, somebody wearing them would get hit by a car and then sue apple.
  2. captainbrendo

    EarPods - Apples newest entry into IEM

    I'm definitely impressed with these little earpods.  Well, maybe not super impressed, as this is what headphones that ship with iPhones/MP3 players SHOULD should like.  These are good enough for most casual listeners to be fairly happy.  I am more of a Beyer/Grado guy for some reference.  ...
  3. captainbrendo

    Creative Aurvana Live! or Audio Technica ATH-M50: Which of the two should I get?

    I don't think that I'd recommend the aurvanas.... I've had my denon 1001's for a few years, and recabled them.  At first I really liked the sound, but now I find them very 'boxy' sounding and unatural.  I need to apply some pretty serious EQ to get these things to make music sound right to my...
  4. captainbrendo

    Dt990 600 ohms and OTL Tube amp

    anyone have any opinions with the 880s?
  5. captainbrendo

    shiit asgard voltage??

    Hodgjy,   Which amps do you find to pair better with the 880?
  6. captainbrendo

    Should I get the Maverick A1 Audiotube Hybrid Amp with Raytheon Tubes or the Schiit Asgards?

    irishsammy,   how does your a1 compare to your WA6?  I'm considering getting an A1 to go with my 880/250s.       Seems like the reviews on the A1s are super polarized....       toekneeyeah,   I'm in the same boat buying an amp in this range.  Have you considered the M-stage...
  7. captainbrendo

    DT880 Amp Choice

    'hoping thread is not totally dead'...   irishsammy, how do you find the maverick a1 compares to your WA6 with your 880s?  I'm in the market for a new amp and am considering the a1 among others
  8. captainbrendo

    Quality DAC for DT 880 and Little Dot MK III (< $450)

    vs17, how do you like the mkIII w/the 880s?  I'm in the market for a new amp and am considering that one to go with my 880s.
  9. captainbrendo

    Upgrade from iBasso D1 for dt 880

    Hi all,   I have a stock ibasso D1 v2 (w/ LT1364 opamps).  I am planning on purchasing a new amp; my budget is <$280.  I have read alot of reviews and have narrowed things down to these options.  I will be using a Macbook pro as a source listening through Beyer 880, 250 ohm headphones.  I am...
  10. captainbrendo

    Fun with the DT880, AH-D2000, and HD650

    I'm loving the 880, had it for a few years! I'd agree it is a fun can, not quite grado fun, but maybe more fun than the 650 and 701. I just eq the the 8k and 16k down the tiniest bit to kill of the brightness, or I boost the bass a little. Either one seems to make the phones a bit less bright.
  11. captainbrendo

    Best all around headphones under $140.00

    If you are worried about sound leaking due to apartment living than you will probably not want to get an open can, which is unfortunate, since some Grado SR-60s would probably fit the bill at a very competitive price. Since you like some bass and don't want sound to leak, my vote is for some...
  12. captainbrendo

    Amp for HD595 (meier audio)

    The HD-595 does improve with an amp. Even though it is 'only' 50 ohms it really does, especially in the bass. It's always been tough for me to gauge improvement in the mid-and top end due to amping since they are laid back. I've noticed the more powerful amping one puts into these cans, the...
  13. captainbrendo

    Cans for begginers (100$)

    I have the big brother to the 555, the senn 595 and really don't like it very much. I think the grado sr60 is much better for your preferences. I strongly prefer listening to the sr60, especially on floyd and classic rock. Haven't heard the sr80 or the 555.
  14. captainbrendo

    K701 vs. DT880 vs. HD 650

    Everyone really has their own idea of 'neutral'. Have you listened to other headphones? Do you know what kind of sound signature you like? Have you said it already and I just missed it? :-) I think you need to figure out what kind of sound you want in order to pick the appropriate headphone...
  15. captainbrendo

    K701 vs. DT880 vs. HD 650

    hmm.... I listened to all three and picked the dt880. I liked it the best because it was really clear and open sounding while still having some bass impact. I didn't like the 650 since it didn't have enough clarity and sounded distant great bass though. I didn't want the 701 cuz it didn't have...
  16. captainbrendo

    D1 + Optical = Bliss....

    So I just got a mini to toslink out of curiosity for my macbook pro to hook into my D1. Maybe something is weird but the optical is kicking the USB connection's butt. Especially when I crank the resample rate up to 96kHz!!! Wow! Way more expansive soundstage and less piercy highs, sounds...
  17. captainbrendo

    UE 5 Pro

    yeah, they're real good! Got lots of impactful bass! From what i've heard, def one of the better IEMs for hip hop/rap.
  18. captainbrendo

    Grado SR325i, AKG K701, or Beyer DT880?

    You have good advice already regarding the 880 and the 701. The 880 is more forward and grado like than the 701. The 701 is more spacious and has a bigger soundstage, but lacks impactfull and full bass. The 880 has more bass, but still not tons. The 880 has brighter highs to my ear with a...
  19. captainbrendo

    Headphones for quiet guitar playing?

    I've noticed that alot of cans can do a good job of doing guitar. Grados are an exception though. While they sound great on recorded guitar I don't like them on live guitar. My senn 595 and beyer dt880 work great. Beyers sound better to my ears; more bite and more presence
  20. captainbrendo

    My DT880s are killing my head!!!!!

    I have the 2005 version, so I'm not sure if it's the same, I might try to pop off the padding though. Does it just pull off or are there buttons I should see?
  21. captainbrendo

    My DT880s are killing my head!!!!!

    I don't want to be a part of team skinny head anymore!!! argh!
  22. captainbrendo

    My DT880s are killing my head!!!!!

    I actually have a pretty narrow head. It's pretty small, so the headphones really have almost no clamp force whatsoever. Thats why the senns fitted so well, because they did clamp a little. I think this took a bit of the pressure off the top of my head. I have the phones only once click out...
  23. captainbrendo

    My DT880s are killing my head!!!!!

    that was the first thing that I tried and it seemed to help a bit, but no go.... Guess I don't have a very common head.
  24. captainbrendo

    My DT880s are killing my head!!!!!

    Help!!! I like my DT880s, but after a half hour, I can feel them digging into my the top of my head. I have to readjust the headband by moving it forward or backwards every so often! Very annoying! At least my 595s were comfortable..... Anyone got a fix for me?
  25. captainbrendo

    New Portable Amp/Dac: iBasso D1 **with updates on the first page**

    I've looked through this thread, but I haven't seen anyone compare the new D1s LR opamps (1364) with the 797 or the 743. I'd like some more bass and weight in my sound on my 880s. I'm thinking of just upgrading the LR opamp since the stock opamps in the new unit are 'supposed' to be pretty...